Boron Compounds

Inorganic or organic compounds that contain boron as an integral part of the molecule.
DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB00188BortezomibFor treatment of multiple myeloma in patients who have not been successfully treated with at least two previous therapies.
DB01963Phenylethane Boronic AcidNot Available
DB027973-Nitrophenylboronic AcidNot Available
DB05054AN0128Investigated for use/treatment in acne, atopic dermatitis, pediatric indications, and psoriasis and psoriatic disorders.
DB05714FlovagatranInvestigated for use/treatment in thrombosis.
DB06182TalabostatInvestigated for use/treatment in lymphoma (non-hodgkin's), leukemia (lymphoid), lung cancer, melanoma, and pancreatic cancer.
DB11326Boric acidNo FDA- or EMA-approved therapeutic indications on its own.
DB11956DelanzomibNot Available
DB12107VaborbactamIndicated in combination with meropenem for the treatment of patients 18 years of age and older with complicated urinary tract infections (cUTI) including pyelonephritis caused by the following susceptible microorganisms: _Escherichia coli_, _Klebsiella pneumoniae_, and _Enterobacter cloacae_ species complex [FDA Label].
DB13235Perboric acidIn the industry, sodium perborate is used as a disinfectant. It is also part of the ingredients for detergents, bleach powders, and personal care formulations. In cosmetic products, perboric acid and mainly its salt are used as an oxidizing agent for dyeing or permanent waving.[F66] In dentistry, sodium perborate monohydrate is used as an aid for the removal of phlegm, mucus or other secretions associated with an occasional sore in the mouth, for cleansing minor wounds, for temporary cleanse of canker sore or for the removal of foreign materials in minor wounds.[L2770] In ophthalmic preparations, sodium perborate is used as a preservative for products used for dry eye. This use is approved as this compound rapidly degrades to harmless byproducts.[T203]
DB14505Sodium borateNo FDA- or EMA-approved therapeutic indications on its own.
DB14553Borate ionNot Available
DB11723DutogliptinNot Available