Pyrimidine Nucleosides

Pyrimidines with a RIBOSE attached that can be phosphorylated to PYRIMIDINE NUCLEOTIDES.
DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB00249IdoxuridineFor use in keratoconjunctivitis and keratitis caused by herpes simplex virus.
DB00322FloxuridineFor palliative management of gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma metastatic to the liver, when given by continuous regional intra-arterial infusion in carefully selected patients who are considered incurable by surgery or other means. Also for the palliative management of liver cancer (usually administered by hepatic intra-arterial infusion).
DB00432TrifluridineTrifluridine is used for the treatment of primay keratoconjunctivitis and recurrent epithelial keratitis due to herpes simplex virus, types 1 and 2 in ophthalmic solutions. Trifluridine, in combination with tipiracil as oral tablets, is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with metastatic colorectal cancer who have been previously treated with fluoropyrimidine-, oxaliplatin- and irinotecan-based chemotherapy, an anti-VEGF biological therapy, and if RAS wild-type, an anti-EGFR therapy [FDA Label].
DB00441GemcitabineGemcitabine is indicated for the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer that has relapsed at least 6 months after completion of platinum-based therapy; metastatic ovarian cancer; inoperable, locally advanced (Stage IIIA or IIIB), or metastatic (Stage IV) non-small cell lung cancer; and locally advanced (nonresectable Stage II or Stage III) or metastatic (Stage IV) adenocarcinoma of the pancreas.
DB00495ZidovudineUsed in combination with other antiretroviral agents for the treatment of human immunovirus (HIV) infections.
DB00552PentostatinFor the treatment of hairy cell leukaemia refractory to alpha interferon.
DB00649StavudineFor the treatment of human immunovirus (HIV) infections.
DB00709LamivudineFor the treatment of HIV infection and chronic hepatitis B (HBV).
DB00879EmtricitabineIndicated, in combination with other antiretroviral agents, for the treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults and for postexposure prophylaxis of HIV infection in health care workers and others exposed occupationally or nonoccupationally via percutaneous injury or mucous membrane or nonintact skin contact with blood, tissues, or other body fluids associated with risk for transmission of the virus.
DB00928AzacitidineFor treatment of patients with the following French-American-British myelodysplastic syndrome subtypes: refractory anemia or refractory anemia with ringed sideroblasts (if accompanied by neutropenia or thrombocytopenia or requiring transfusions), refractory anemia with excess blasts, refractory anemia with excess blasts in transformation (now classified as acute myelogenous leukemia with multilineage dysplasia), and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.
DB00943ZalcitabineFor the treatment of Human immunovirus (HIV) infections in conjunction with other antivirals.
DB00987CytarabineFor the treatment of acute non-lymphocytic leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia and blast phase of chronic myelocytic leukemia.
DB01101CapecitabineFor the treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer resistant to both paclitaxel and an anthracycline-containing chemotherapy regimen. May also be used in combination with docetaxel for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer in patients who have failed to respond to, or recurred or relasped during or following anthracycline-containing chemotherapy. Capecitabine is used alone as an adjuvant therapy following the complete resection of primary tumor in patients with stage III colon cancer when monotherapy with fluroprymidine is preferred. The use or capecitabine in combination regimens for advanced gastric cancer is currently being investigated.
DB01262DecitabineFor treatment of patients with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) including previously treated and untreated, de novo and secondary MDS of all French-American-British subtypes (refractory anemia, refractory anemia with ringed sideroblasts, refractory anemia with excess blasts, refractory anemia with excess blasts in transformation, and chronic myelomonocytic leukemia) and intermediate-1, intermediate-2, and high-risk International Prognostic Scoring System groups (scores ≥0.5).
DB01265TelbivudineFor the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in adult and adolescent patients ≥16 years of age with evidence of viral replication and either evidence of persistent elevations in serum aminotransferases (ALT or AST) or histologically active disease.
DB016295-fluorouridineNot Available
DB02097CytidineNot Available
DB02281FormycinNot Available
DB02745UridineNot Available
DB03068ZebularineNot Available
DB04198Formycin BNot Available
DB043853-DeazacytidineNot Available
DB04485ThymidineNot Available
DB04627CyclouridineNot Available
DB04983DenufosolFor use as an inhaled treatment for cystic fibrosis.
DB05116ThymectacinInvestigated for use/treatment in colorectal cancer.
DB05494ElacytarabineInvestigated for use/treatment in leukemia (unspecified) and melanoma.
DB06236ElvucitabineInvestigated for use/treatment in hepatitis (viral, B) and HIV infection.
DB06433TezacitabineInvestigated for use/treatment in colorectal cancer, lung cancer, leukemia (unspecified), and gastric cancer.
DB06656TAS-106Investigated for use/treatment in solid tumors and cancer/tumors (unspecified).
DB06683ClevudineInvestigated for use/treatment in hepatitis (viral, B).
DB08934SofosbuvirSofosbuvir is used in combination therapy with other antiviral medications to treat chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infected patients with HCV genoptypes 1-6, and to treat HCV and HIV co-infected patients. Depending on the level of cirrhosis or decompensation, combination therapy can also include either ribavirin alone or ribavirin and peg-interferon alfa. When used in combination with [DB09027] as the combination product Harvoni, sofosbuvir has the following indications: treatment of genotypes 1, 4, 5, or 6 infection without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis; in combination with [DB00811] for genotype 1 infection with decompensated cirrhosis; or in combination with [DB00811] for the treatment of genotype 1 or 4 infection who are liver transplant recipients without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis. When used in combination with [DB11613] as the combination product Epclusa, sofosbuvir is indicated for the treatment of adult patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 infection without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis, or in combination with [DB00811] if associated with decompensated cirrhosis. Resistance: Reduced susceptibility to sofosbuvir has been associated with the NS5B substitution mutation S282T [A19634].
DB08937TAS-102Not Available
DB09144Uridine triacetateMarketed as the product Xuriden (FDA), uridine triacetate is indicated for the treatment of hereditary orotic aciduria. Marketed as the product Vistogard (FDA), uridine triacetate is indicated for the emergency treatment of adult and pediatric patients in the following situations: following a fluorouracil or capecitabine overdose regardless of the presence of symptoms; or who exhibit early-onset, severe or life-threatening toxicity affecting the cardiac or central nervous system, and/or early-onset, unusually severe adverse reactions (e.g., gastrointestinal toxicity and/or neutropenia) within 96 hours following the end of fluorouracil or capecitabine administration.
DB116672'-cyano-2'-deoxy-1-(beta-D-arabinofuranosyl)cytosineNot Available
DB11918GuadecitabineNot Available
DB11998SorivudineNot Available
DB12028BroxuridineNot Available
DB12045MericitabineNot Available
DB12074CensavudineNot Available
DB12423Fozivudine TidoxilNot Available
DB12470DexelvucitabineNot Available
DB12484TetrahydrouridineNot Available
DB12564Gemcitabine elaidateNot Available
DB12606NetivudineNot Available
DB12753RacivirNot Available
DB12855ApricitabineNot Available
DB12901FiacitabineNot Available
DB12906LY-2334737Not Available
DB12947DoxifluridineNot Available
DB129575-fluoro-2'-deoxycytidineNot Available
DB130302'-fluoro-5-ethylarabinosyluracilNot Available
DB13172TunicamycinNot Available
DB13421EdoxudineEdoxudine was used in Europe, in the form of a topical antiviral, for the treatment of human herpes keratitis.[A32643] Human herpes keratitis is an inflammation of the cornea in the eye caused by herpes simplex virus infection. This infection is a cause of significant morbidity whose incidence is significantly increased in the presence of recurrent infection and it can even produce corneal blindness.[A32645] Edoxudine 3% cream was also indicated for the treatment of dermal herpes simplex virus.[A32643] This virus can produce an infection ubiquitously and it is highly contagious. There are two types of herpes virus, type 1 that is mainly transmitted by oral-to-oral contact and type 2 that is sexually transmitted.[L2411]
DB139212'-C-methylcytidineNot Available
DB03312BrivudineNot Available
DB14808LumicitabineNot Available
DB15427FialuridineNot Available
DB14906AdafosbuvirNot Available
DB15206UprifosbuvirNot Available
DrugDrug NameTargetType
DB00249IdoxuridineThymidine kinasetarget
DB00322FloxuridineThymidylate synthasetarget
DB00322FloxuridineThymidine phosphorylaseenzyme
DB00322FloxuridineCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB00322FloxuridineThyroxine-binding globulincarrier
DB00432TrifluridineThymidylate synthasetarget
DB00432TrifluridineThymidine kinase, cytosolicenzyme
DB00432TrifluridineThymidine phosphorylaseenzyme
DB00432TrifluridineSolute carrier family 22 member 6transporter
DB00432TrifluridineSodium/nucleoside cotransporter 1transporter
DB00432TrifluridineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 1transporter
DB00432TrifluridineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 2transporter
DB00432TrifluridineSerum albumincarrier
DB00441GemcitabineRibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunittarget
DB00441GemcitabineUMP-CMP kinasetarget
DB00441GemcitabineThymidylate synthasetarget
DB00441GemcitabineCytidine deaminaseenzyme
DB00441GemcitabineDeoxycytidine kinaseenzyme
DB00441GemcitabineMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB00441GemcitabineMultidrug resistance-associated protein 7transporter
DB00441GemcitabineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 1transporter
DB00441GemcitabineSodium/nucleoside cotransporter 1transporter
DB00441GemcitabineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 2transporter
DB00441GemcitabineSolute carrier family 28 member 3transporter
DB00495ZidovudineSerum albumincarrier
DB00495ZidovudineCytochrome P450 2A6enzyme
DB00495ZidovudineCytochrome P450 2C8enzyme
DB00495ZidovudineCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB00495ZidovudineCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB00495ZidovudineReverse transcriptase/RNaseHtarget
DB00495ZidovudineSolute carrier family 22 member 2transporter
DB00495ZidovudineSolute carrier family 22 member 6transporter
DB00495ZidovudineSolute carrier family 22 member 7transporter
DB00495ZidovudineSolute carrier family 22 member 8transporter
DB00495ZidovudineSolute carrier family 22 member 11transporter
DB00495ZidovudineSodium/nucleoside cotransporter 1transporter
DB00495ZidovudineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 2transporter
DB00495ZidovudineMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB00495ZidovudineMultidrug resistance-associated protein 4transporter
DB00495ZidovudineMultidrug resistance-associated protein 5transporter
DB00495ZidovudineATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2transporter
DB00495ZidovudineTelomerase reverse transcriptasetarget
DB00495ZidovudineThymidine kinase, cytosolicenzyme
DB00495ZidovudineUDP-glucuronosyltransferase 2B7enzyme
DB00495ZidovudineUDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1-1enzyme
DB00552PentostatinAdenosine deaminasetarget
DB00649StavudineSolute carrier family 22 member 6transporter
DB00649StavudineReverse transcriptase/RNaseHtarget
DB00649StavudineSodium/nucleoside cotransporter 1transporter
DB00649StavudineSerum albumincarrier
DB00709LamivudineProtein Ptarget
DB00709LamivudineMultidrug resistance-associated protein 1transporter
DB00709LamivudineSolute carrier family 22 member 6transporter
DB00709LamivudineATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2transporter
DB00709LamivudineReverse transcriptase/RNaseHtarget
DB00709LamivudineSolute carrier family 22 member 1transporter
DB00709LamivudineSolute carrier family 22 member 2transporter
DB00709LamivudineSolute carrier family 22 member 3transporter
DB00709LamivudineDeoxycytidine kinaseenzyme
DB00709LamivudineUMP-CMP kinaseenzyme
DB00709LamivudinePhosphoglycerate kinase 1enzyme
DB00709LamivudineNucleoside diphosphate kinase Aenzyme
DB00709LamivudineNucleoside diphosphate kinase Benzyme
DB00709LamivudineCholine-phosphate cytidylyltransferase Aenzyme
DB00709LamivudineEthanolamine-phosphate cytidylyltransferaseenzyme
DB00709LamivudineMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB00709LamivudineMultidrug resistance-associated protein 4transporter
DB00709LamivudineCanalicular multispecific organic anion transporter 2transporter
DB00709LamivudineCanalicular multispecific organic anion transporter 1transporter
DB00709Lamivudine5'(3')-deoxyribonucleotidase, cytosolic typeenzyme
DB00709LamivudineSerum albumincarrier
DB00879EmtricitabineReverse transcriptase/RNaseHtarget
DB00879EmtricitabineDeoxycytidine kinaseenzyme
DB00879EmtricitabineSerum albumincarrier
DB00928AzacitidineDNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1target
DB00928AzacitidineCytidine deaminaseenzyme
DB00943ZalcitabineDeoxycytidine kinaseenzyme
DB00943ZalcitabineSolute carrier family 22 member 6transporter
DB00943ZalcitabineSolute carrier family 22 member 7transporter
DB00943ZalcitabineReverse transcriptase/RNaseHtarget
DB00943ZalcitabineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 1transporter
DB00943ZalcitabineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 2transporter
DB00943ZalcitabineSerum albumincarrier
DB00987CytarabineDNA polymerase betatarget
DB00987CytarabineCytidine deaminaseenzyme
DB00987CytarabineSolute carrier family 22 member 1transporter
DB00987CytarabineMultidrug resistance-associated protein 7transporter
DB00987CytarabineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 1transporter
DB00987CytarabineCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB00987CytarabineDeoxycytidine kinaseenzyme
DB00987CytarabineDeoxycytidylate deaminaseenzyme
DB01101CapecitabineThymidylate synthasetarget
DB01101CapecitabineThymidine phosphorylaseenzyme
DB01101CapecitabineCytidine deaminaseenzyme
DB01101CapecitabineLiver carboxylesterase 1enzyme
DB01101CapecitabineDihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase [NADP(+)]enzyme
DB01101CapecitabineCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB01262DecitabineDNA (cytosine-5)-methyltransferase 1target
DB01262DecitabineDeoxycytidine kinaseenzyme
DB01265TelbivudineProtein Ptarget
DB016295-fluorouridineUridine phosphorylasetarget
DB016295-fluorouridineSuperoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn]target
DB016295-fluorouridineThyroxine-binding globulincarrier
DB02097CytidineUridine-cytidine kinase 2target
DB02281FormycinS-methyl-5'-thioadenosine phosphorylasetarget
DB02281Formycin5'-methylthioadenosine/S-adenosylhomocysteine nucleosidasetarget
DB02745UridineU6 snRNA-associated Sm-like protein LSm6target
DB02745UridineNucleoside-specific channel-forming protein tsxtarget
DB02745UridineEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 1transporter
DB03068ZebularineCytidine deaminasetarget
DB04198Formycin BPurine nucleoside phosphorylase DeoD-typetarget
DB04198Formycin BHypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferasetarget
DB043853-DeazacytidineCytidine deaminasetarget
DB04485ThymidineThymidylate kinasetarget
DB04485ThymidineThymidine kinasetarget
DB04485ThymidineUridine phosphorylasetarget
DB04485ThymidineThymidine kinasetarget
DB04485ThymidineThymidine kinase 2, mitochondrialtarget
DB04485ThymidineNucleoside-specific channel-forming protein tsxtarget
DB04485ThymidineGlucose-1-phosphate thymidylyltransferasetarget
DB04485ThymidineSolute carrier family 28 member 3transporter
DB04627CyclouridineUridine phosphorylasetarget
DB04983DenufosolP2Y purinoceptor 2target
DB05116ThymectacinThymidylate synthasetarget
DB05494ElacytarabineDeoxycytidine kinasetarget
DB06433TezacitabineRibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunittarget
DB06433TezacitabineThymidine phosphorylaseenzyme
DB08934SofosbuvirMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB08934SofosbuvirATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2transporter
DB08934SofosbuvirRNA-dependent RNA-polymerasetarget
DB08934SofosbuvirLysosomal protective proteinenzyme
DB08934SofosbuvirHistidine triad nucleotide-binding protein 1enzyme
DB08934SofosbuvirUMP-CMP kinaseenzyme
DB08934SofosbuvirNucleoside diphosphate kinase Aenzyme
DB12855ApricitabineReverse transcriptase/RNaseHtarget
DB13421EdoxudineSerum albumincarrier
DB13421EdoxudineDNA polymerasetarget
DB03312BrivudineThymidine kinasetarget