Nitric Oxide Synthase, antagonists & inhibitors

DrugDrug NameDrug Description
DB01686N,N-dimethylarginineAsymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) is a naturally occurring chemical found in blood plasma. It is a metabolic by-product of continual protein modification processes in the cytoplasm of all human cells which...
DB019973-Bromo-7-NitroindazoleNot Available
DB022077-NitroindazoleNot Available
DB031006-NitroindazoleNot Available
DB06633N-chlorotaurineInvestigated for use/treatment in eye disorders/infections.
DB11324NonivamideNonivamide is used as a topical analgesic and is also used as a flavoring ingredient , , .
DB11815TilarginineTilarginine has been investigated for the basic science, treatment, and diagnostic of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Ocular Physiology, and Regional Blood Flow.
DB12237GW-274150GW274150 has been used in trials studying the treatment and prevention of Asthma, Migraine, Migraine Disorders, and Arthritis, Rheumatoid.
DB12575RonopterinRonopterin has been used in trials studying the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury.
DB02234S-EthylisothioureaS-Ethylisothiourea is a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor.
DB05383PimagedineInvestigated for use/treatment in diabetic kidney disease.
DB03953ThiocitrullineNot Available
DB03305N(G)-IminoethylornithineNot Available