Plant Exudates

Substances released by PLANTS such as PLANT GUMS and PLANT RESINS.
DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB10535Karaya gumNot Available
DB10667TragacanthNot Available
DB10852CarobNot Available
DB11120TurpentineTurpentine has been used experimentally in a bath for the treatment of disseminated sclerosis and sexual dysfunction. It also has been studied for its antibacterial activity and inhibition of osteoclast activity. Turpentine is utilized in experimental models of inflammation to induce a systemic inflammatory immune response in animals.
DB11165RosinNot Available
DB11223Tolu balsamNot Available
DB11482Balsam of PeruBalsam of Peru is found in diverse cosmetics and perfumes as well as a flavoring agent in cough syrups, lozenges, chewing gum, and candies.[F117] As a medical agent, balsam of Peru is used in the local treatment of burns and wounds as an antiseptic.[A27160] It is also used as an expectorant, heart stimulant to increase blood pressure and as a parasiticide.[T221]
DB13446Guar gumNot Available
DB14326AmberNot Available