Triazole Derivatives

DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB00251TerconazoleFor the treatment of candidiasis (a yeast-like fungal infection) of the vulva and vagina.
DB00582VoriconazoleFor the treatment of esophageal candidiasis, invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, and serious fungal infections caused by Scedosporium apiospermum and Fusarium spp.
DB01167ItraconazoleFor the treatment of the following fungal infections in immunocompromised and non-immunocompromised patients: pulmonary and extrapulmonary blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, aspergillosis, and onychomycosis.
DB01263PosaconazoleFor prophylaxis of invasive Aspergillus and Candida infections in patients, 13 years of age and older, who are at high risk of developing these infections due to being severely immunocompromised as a result of procedures such as hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) recipients with graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), or due to hematologic malignancies with prolonged neutropenia from chemotherapy. Also for the treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis, including oropharyngeal candidiasis refractory to itraconazole and/or fluconazole. Posaconazole is used as an alternative treatment for invasive aspergillosis, Fusarium infections, and zygomycosis in patients who are intolerant of, or whose disease is refractory to, other antifungals.
DB11633Isavuconazole- Indicated for patients 18 years of age and older for the treatment of invasive aspergillosis [FDA Label]. - Indicated for patients 18 years of age and older for the treatment of invasive mucormycosis [FDA Label], including patients where treatment amphotericin B is inappropriate [L1482].
DB00196FluconazoleFluconazole can be administered in the treatment of the following fungal infections[FDA label]: 1) Vaginal yeast infections caused by Candida 2) Systemic Candida infections 3) Both esophageal and oropharyngeal candidiasis 4) Cryptococcal meningitis 5) UTI (urinary tract infection) by Candida 6) Peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum) caused by Candida **A note on fungal infection prophylaxis** Patients receiving bone marrow transplantation who are treated with cytotoxic chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy may be predisposed to candida infections, and may receive fluconazole as prophylactic therapy.[FDA label] **A note on laboratory testing** Obtaining specimens for fungal culture and other important laboratory studies such as serology or pathology is advised before starting fluconazole therapy in order to isolate the organisms to be eliminated through treatment. It is permissible to start therapy before the results are available, however, adjusting the therapy once laboratory results confirm the causative organism may be necessary.[FDA label]
DrugDrug NameTargetType
DB00251TerconazoleLanosterol 14-alpha demethylasetarget
DB00582VoriconazoleCytochrome P450 2C19enzyme
DB00582VoriconazoleCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB00582VoriconazoleCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB00582VoriconazoleDimethylaniline monooxygenase [N-oxide-forming] 1enzyme
DB00582VoriconazoleDimethylaniline monooxygenase [N-oxide-forming] 3enzyme
DB00582VoriconazoleCytochrome P450 3A5enzyme
DB00582VoriconazoleCytochrome P450 3A7enzyme
DB00582VoriconazoleProstaglandin G/H synthase 1enzyme
DB00582VoriconazoleLanosterol 14-alpha demethylasetarget
DB00582VoriconazoleCytochrome P450 2B6enzyme
DB01167ItraconazoleLanosterol 14-alpha demethylasetarget
DB01167ItraconazoleLanosterol 14-alpha demethylasetarget
DB01167ItraconazoleCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB01167ItraconazoleCytochrome P450 2D6enzyme
DB01167ItraconazoleCytochrome P450 3A5enzyme
DB01167ItraconazoleCytochrome P450 3A7enzyme
DB01167ItraconazoleCytochrome P450 2B6enzyme
DB01167ItraconazoleMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB01167ItraconazoleCytochrome P450 1A1enzyme
DB01167ItraconazoleCytochrome P450 2E1enzyme
DB01167ItraconazoleSolute carrier organic anion transporter family member 2B1transporter
DB01263PosaconazoleCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB01263PosaconazoleMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB01263PosaconazoleLanosterol 14-alpha demethylasetarget
DB11633IsavuconazoleCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleCytochrome P450 3A5enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleCytochrome P450 2C8enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleCytochrome P450 2C19enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleCytochrome P450 2D6enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleCytochrome P450 2B6enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleUDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1-9enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleUDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1-8enzyme
DB11633IsavuconazoleMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB11633IsavuconazoleATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2transporter
DB11633IsavuconazoleSolute carrier family 22 member 2transporter
DB11633IsavuconazoleLanosterol 14-alpha demethylasetarget
DB11633IsavuconazolePotassium voltage-gated channel subfamily H member 2target
DB11633IsavuconazoleVoltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1Ctarget
DB11633IsavuconazoleG protein-activated inward rectifier potassium channel 2target
DB11633IsavuconazoleG protein-activated inward rectifier potassium channel 3target
DB11633IsavuconazoleATP-sensitive inward rectifier potassium channel 11target
DB11633IsavuconazolePotassium voltage-gated channel subfamily A member 5target
DB11633IsavuconazolePotassium voltage-gated channel subfamily D member 3target
DB11633IsavuconazolePotassium voltage-gated channel subfamily KQT member 1target
DB11633IsavuconazoleSodium channel protein type 5 subunit alphatarget
DB00196FluconazoleCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB00196FluconazoleCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB00196FluconazoleCytochrome P450 2C19enzyme
DB00196FluconazoleMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB00196FluconazoleLanosterol 14-alpha demethylasetarget
DB00196FluconazoleCytochrome P450 3A5enzyme