Agents Against Leishmaniasis and Trypanosomiasis

DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB00336NitrofuralFor the treatment of bacterial skin infections including pyodermas, infected dermatoses and infections of cuts, wounds, burns and ulcers due to susceptible organisms.
DB00738PentamidineFor the treatment of pneumonia due to Pneumocystis carinii.
DB04786SuraminFor treatment of human sleeping sickness, onchocerciasis and other diseases caused by trypanosomes and worms.
DB05630Sodium stibogluconateFor the treatment of various types of a protozoal infection called leishmaniasis, which may result from sandfly bites in tropical and temperate parts of the world. Also investigated for use/treatment in cancer/tumors (unspecified) and solid tumors.
DB06243EflornithineEflornithine is indicated in the treatment of facial hirsutism (excessive hair growth).
DB11820NifurtimoxNot Available
DB11989BenznidazoleFor use in the treatment of Chagas disease in children 2-12 years of age [L939].
DB12864MelarsoprolNot Available
DB13732Meglumine antimoniateNot Available
DB13268AcetarsolAcetarsol has been used for the treatment of different diseases such as syphilis, amoebiasis, yaws, trypanosomiasis, and malaria.[L2624] Acetarsol was used commonly for the treatment of vaginitis due to _Trichomonas vaginalis_ and _Candida albicans_.[A32839, A32841] When orally administered, acetarsol can be used for the treatment of intestinal amoebiasis and in the form of suppositories it has been researched for the treatment of proctitis.[L2626] Protozoan infections are parasitic diseases characterized to be caused by organisms classified in the kingdom Protozoa which is formed by a great diversity of organisms.[L2627]
DB12265FexinidazoleNot Available