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CategoryDescription# of Drugs# of Targets
Watersoluble, Nephrotropic, High Osmolar X-Ray Contrast MediaNot Available61Details
Watersoluble, Nephrotropic, Low Osmolar X-Ray Contrast MediaNot Available120Details
WaxesA plastic substance deposited by insects or obtained from plants. Waxes are esters of v...  more11Details
Wolman Disease, drug therapyNot Available10Details
Wound HealingNot Available20Details
X-Ray Contrast ActivityNot Available141Details
X-Ray Contrast Media, IodinatedNot Available275Details
X-Ray Contrast Media, Non-IodinatedNot Available10Details
XanthenesCompounds with three aromatic rings in linear arrangement with an OXYGEN in the center ...  more1559Details
Xanthine derivativesA methyl xanthine derivative from tea with diuretic, smooth muscle relaxant, bronchial ...  more32125Details
Xanthine Oxidase InhibitorsAn xanthine oxidase inhibitor is any substance that inhibits the activity of xanthine o...  more37Details
Xanthines and AdrenergicsNot Available446Details
XanthonesA group of XANTHENES that contain a 9-keto OXYGEN.14Details
XanthophyllsOxygenated forms of carotenoids. They are usually derived from alpha and beta carotene.21Details
XanthurenatesNot Available12Details
Yellow Fever VaccinesNot Available10Details
YohimbineA plant alkaloid with alpha-2-adrenergic blocking activity. Yohimbine has been used as ...  more313Details
YttriumNot Available10Details
Yttrium (90Y) CompoundsNot Available10Details
Yttrium RadioisotopesNot Available212Details
Zearalenone(S-(E))-3,4,5,6,8,10-Hexahydro-14,16-dihydroxy-3-methyl-1H-2-benzoxacyclotetradecin-1,7...  more00Details
Zinc CompoundsInorganic compounds that contain zinc as an integral part of the molecule.19405Details
ZingiberaceaeA plant genus. The root used in Thai cooking. Members contain CHALCONES.20Details
ZingiberalesThis plant order includes 8 families, 66 genera, and about 1,800 species. These herbace...  more10Details
Displaying categories 4201 - 4224 of 4224 in total