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CategoryDescription# of Drugs# of Targets
Substituted Ethylene DiaminesNot Available613Details
SuccimerA mercaptodicarboxylic acid used as an antidote to heavy metal poisoning because it for...  more00Details
SuccinatesDerivatives of SUCCINIC ACID. Included under this heading are a broad variety of acid f...  more437Details
Succinimide DerivativesNot Available36Details
SuccinimidesA subclass of IMIDES with the general structure of pyrrolidinedione. They are prepared ...  more14Details
SucroseA nonreducing disaccharide composed of GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE linked via their anomeric c...  more221Details
Sucrose-specific EnzymeNot Available10Details
Sugar AcidsMONOSACCHARIDES and other sugars that contain one or more carboxylic acid moieties.2866Details
Sugar AlcoholsPolyhydric alcohols having no more than one hydroxy group attached to each carbon atom....  more51101Details
Sugar PhosphatesNot Available3272Details
SulfadiazineOne of the short-acting SULFONAMIDES used in combination with PYRIMETHAMINE to treat to...  more11Details
SulfanilamidesCompounds based on 4-aminobenzenesulfonamide. The '-anil-' part of the name refers to a...  more2765Details
SulfatasesNot Available35Details
SulfatesInorganic salts of sulfuric acid.914Details
SulfathiazolesSulfanilamides consisting of a 4-aminobenzenesulfonamido group at the 2-position of 1,...  more25Details
Sulfhydryl CompoundsCompounds containing the -SH radical.26106Details
Sulfhydryl ReagentsChemical agents that react with SH groups. This is a chemically diverse group that is u...  more24Details
SulfidesChemical groups containing the covalent sulfur bonds -S-. The sulfur atom can be bound ...  more920Details
SulfobromophthaleinNot Available10Details
Sulfonamide AntibacterialNot Available1132Details
SulfonamidesA group of compounds that contain the structure SO2NH2.86358Details
SulfonesNot Available204674Details
Sulfonic AcidsInorganic or organic oxy acids of sulfur which contain the RSO2(OH) radical.3799Details
Sulfonium DerivativesNot Available12Details
SulfonylureasNot Available1375Details
Displaying categories 4201 - 4225 of 4681 in total