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CategoryDescription# of Drugs# of Targets
Sulfur Containing ProductsNot Available46Details
Sulfur-Containing Imidazole DerivativesNot Available212Details
Sulfuric AcidsInorganic and organic derivatives of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The salts and esters of sul...  more1521Details
Sunscreen AgentsChemical or physical agents that protect the skin from sunburn and erythema by absorbin...  more2620Details
Superoxide DismutaseNot Available00Details
Superparamagnetic Contrast MediaNot Available20Details
SupplementsNot Available54918Details
SuppositoriesNot Available10Details
Surface-Active AgentsAgents that modify interfacial tension of water; usually substances that have one lipop...  more30102Details
Surfactant ActivityNot Available30Details
Surgical AidsNot Available316Details
Surgical EquipmentNonexpendable apparatus used during surgical procedures. They are differentiated from S...  more51Details
Surgical Fixation DevicesDevices used to hold tissue structures together for repair, reconstruction or to close ...  more51Details
Surgical Procedures, OperativeNot Available15Details
Survival Motor Neuron-2-directed RNA InteractionNot Available12Details
SuspensionsNot Available10Details
Sweetening AgentsSubstances that sweeten food, beverages, medications, etc., such as sugar, saccharine o...  more1666Details
SydnonesOXADIAZOLES bearing an oxygen at the 5-position. They are mesoionic, with delocalized p...  more23Details
Sympatholytic (Adrenergic Blocking) AgentsNot Available431Details
SympatholyticsDrugs that inhibit the actions of the sympathetic nervous system by any mechanism. The ...  more1878Details
Sympathomimetic (Adrenergic) AgentsNot Available980Details
Sympathomimetic Amine AnorecticNot Available419Details
Sympathomimetic-like AgentNot Available28Details
SympathomimeticsDrugs that mimic the effects of stimulating postganglionic adrenergic sympathetic nerve...  more60265Details
Sympathomimetics Excl. Antiglaucoma PreparationsNot Available420Details
Displaying categories 4276 - 4300 of 4729 in total