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CategoryDescription# of Drugs# of Targets
Sympathomimetics in Glaucoma TherapyNot Available542Details
Sympathomimetics Used as DecongestantsNot Available623Details
Sympathomimetics, Labour RepressantsNot Available39Details
Sympathomimetics, PlainNot Available1444Details
Synthetic Anticholinergics, Esters With Tertiary Amino GroupNot Available1019Details
Synthetic Anticholinergics, Quaternary Ammonium CompoundsNot Available2225Details
Synthetic Antispasmodics, Amides With Tertiary AminesNot Available30Details
Synthetic Estrogens, PlainNot Available423Details
Systemic Hormonal Preparations, Excl. Sex Hormones and InsulinsNot Available66313Details
T Lymphocyte Costimulation Activity BlockadeNot Available12Details
T-Lymphocytes, Helper-Inducer, immunologyNot Available11Details
TachykininsA family of biologically active peptides sharing a common conserved C-terminal sequence...  more13Details
TacrolimusNot Available18Details
TamoxifenOne of the SELECTIVE ESTROGEN RECEPTOR MODULATORS with tissue-specific activities. Tamo...  more226Details
TanninsPolyphenolic compounds with molecular weights of around 500-3000 daltons and containing...  more12Details
TantalumNot Available10Details
TarsViscous materials composed of complex, high-molecular-weight compounds derived from the...  more20Details
TaurineA conditionally essential nutrient, important during mammalian development. It is prese...  more443Details
Taurocholic AcidThe product of conjugation of cholic acid with taurine. Its sodium salt is the chief in...  more339Details
Taurodeoxycholic AcidA bile salt formed in the liver by conjugation of deoxycholate with taurine, usually as...  more212Details
Taxane DerivativesNot Available344Details
TaxoidsA group of diterpenoid CYCLODECANES named for the taxanes that were discovered in the T...  more847Details
TeaNot Available00Details
Tea Tree OilNot Available10Details
TechnetiumNot Available00Details
Displaying categories 4301 - 4325 of 4729 in total