Filgrastim Completed Phase 2 Trials for Neutropenias / Sarcomas Treatment

CompletedTreatment2 IdentifierTitleDrugs
NCT00061893Vinblastine, Celecoxib, and Combination Chemotherapy in Treating Patients With Newly-Diagnosed Metastatic Ewing's Sarcoma Family of Tumors
NCT00002601Combination Chemotherapy and Peripheral Stem Cell Transplantation in Treating Patients With Sarcoma
NCT00002643Combination Chemotherapy in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Ewing's Sarcoma or Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor
NCT00002791Chemotherapy Plus Radiation Therapy Followed by Surgery in Treating Patients With Soft Tissue Sarcoma
NCT00002804Combination Chemotherapy, Surgery, and Radiation Therapy in Treating Children With Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcoma
NCT00003955Combination Chemotherapy Plus Radiation Therapy in Treating Patients With Metastatic Rhabdomyosarcoma or Sarcoma
NCT00003776Combination Chemotherapy and Surgery in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed Metastatic Osteosarcoma
NCT00043979Stem Cell Transplantation in Patients With High-Risk and Recurrent Pediatric Sarcomas
NCT00073983Gemcitabine and Docetaxel in Treating Patients With Recurrent Osteosarcoma (Closed to Accrual as of 12/21/06) or Ewing's Sarcoma or Unresectable or Locally Recurrent Chondrosarcoma
NCT00101127Docetaxel, Gemcitabine, and Filgrastim (G-CSF) or Pegfilgrastim in Treating Patients With Advanced, Persistent, or Recurrent Uterine Leiomyosarcoma
NCT00245011Samarium Sm 153 and Stem Cell Transplant Followed By Radiation Therapy Patients With Osteosarcoma
NCT02521441A Phase II, Dose-finding Study of F-627 in Patients With Breast Cancer Receiving Myelotoxic Chemotherapy.