Acetaminophen Completed Phase N/A Trials for Osteoarthritis of the Knee Treatment

CompletedTreatmentNot Available IdentifierTitleDrugs
NCT01410409Structured Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee With or Without Total Knee Replacement
NCT01535001Structured Non-operative Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis
NCT01638962The Effect on Knee Joint Loads of Analgesic Use Compared With Exercise in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis - An RCT
NCT01782885Comparison of Acetaminophen and PRP Therapy for Knee OA
NCT02237989Effects Of Native Collagen Type 2 Treatment
NCT04003350The Effect of Prolonged Multimodal Analgesic Regimen on Post Hospital Discharge Opioid Use and Pain Control After Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty