Erlotinib Terminated Phase 2 Trials for Malignant Neoplasm of Pancreas Treatment

TerminatedTreatment2 IdentifierTitleDrugs
NCT00276744Individualized Drug Treatment for Treating Patients With Pancreatic Cancer
NCT01531712Study of Neoadjuvant Treatment in Patients With Pancreatic Cancer That is Potentially Resectable
NCT00336700A Phase II Study of Gemcitabine and Erlotinib As Adjuvant Therapy In Patients With Resected Pancreatic Cancer
NCT00470535Erlotinib in Treating Patients With Stage III or Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer
NCT00564720Gemcitabine Plus Erlotinib Versus Erlotinib Plus Gemcitabine Plus Oxaliplatin, in Pancreatic Cancer
NCT00636883Oxaliplatin, Gemcitabine, and Erlotinib Study in Patients With Advanced Chemo-naïve Pancreatic Cancer
NCT00640978Erlotinib and RAD001 (Everolimus) in Patients With Previously Treated Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
NCT00766636Preoperative Chemotherapy (Gemcitabine and Erlotinib) With or Without Radiation Therapy
NCT008410357 Day's of Erlotinib Neo-adjuvant, Followed by Adjuvant Erlotinib-gemcitabine in Pancreatic Cancer Patients
NCT01108458A Phase II Study of Pertuzumab and Erlotinib for Refractory Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma