Salbutamol Completed Phase 2 Trials for Asthma / Bronchospasm Treatment

CompletedTreatment2 IdentifierTitleDrugs
NCT03364608Study to Compare PT007 to Placebo MDI and Open-Label Proventil® HFA in Adult and Adolescent Subjects With Asthma
NCT03371459Assessment of the Safety, Efficacy, PK, and Extrapulmonary Pharmacodynamics (PD) of Albuterol Sulfate Pressurized Inhalation Suspension (Hereafter Referred to as AS MDI) Compared to Proventil as an Active Control in Subjects With Asthma
NCT03012061Phase IIb Study of Umeclidinium (UMEC) Bromide Versus Placebo in Subjects With Asthma
NCT03643874Safety and Efficacy of Albuterol Administered by the Halix™ Dry Powder Inhaler in Subjects With Asthma
NCT02720081Study of MK-1029 in Participants With Persistent Asthma That Cannot Be Controlled With Montelukast (MK-1029-015)
NCT01425801Single Dose Study to Assess Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of LAS100977 in Asthmatic Patients.
NCT01576718A Study of the Effectiveness and Safety of Different Doses of Fluticasone Propionate Taken From a Dry Powder Inhaler (Puffer) in Adolescents and Adults Who Have Asthma That is Not Controlled by High Dose Inhaled Corticosteroid Asthma Medications
NCT00096616Combivent® CFC Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) in Moderate to Severe Asthma
NCT00054964Comparative Effectiveness of a Breath-operated Albuterol Inhaler in Asthma Patients With Poor Inhaler Technique
NCT00320034Evaluation of the Effect of Levalbuterol on Allergen Induced Airway Inflammation In Subjects With Atopic Asthma
NCT00684866Safety and Tolerability Study of Levalbuterol HFA and Racemic Albuterol HFA in Pediatrics Subjects With Asthma
NCT00685022Safety and Tolerability Study of Levalbuterol HFA Compared to Racemic Albuterol HFA in Subjects With Asthma
NCT00684827A Safety and Tolerability Study of Levalbuterol HFA Metered Dose Inhaler in Subjects With Asthma
NCT01058863A Dose-ranging Study to Evaluate Albuterol and Hydrofluoroalkane in Subjects Ages 12 and Older With Persistent Asthma
NCT008184544 Week 2 Way Crossover Double Blind Treatment Phase With Combivent CFC Versus Albuterol Followed by a 4 Week Open Label Combivent Respimat When All Drugs Are Used for Symptom Relief as Needed in Pts With Moderate to Severe Asthma
NCT01656811A Study of Daily Dosing With Levalbuterol, Racemic Albuterol, and Placebo in Pediatric Subjects With Asthma
NCT01641692A 3-period Crossover Study With GSK573719 as Monotherapy in Adult Subjects With Asthma
NCT01470755Study of Dose-response to Bronchodilator and Dose-finding in Child 2.5 to 6 Years - Study Golden
NCT01312961Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Dupilumab in Patients With Persistent Moderate to Severe Eosinophilic Asthma
NCT02162784Efficacy Study of SYN006 HFA MDI in Asthma Patients
NCT01899144Efficacy and Safety Comparison of Albuterol Spiromax® and ProAir® Hydrofluoroalkane (HFA) in Pediatric Patients
NCT01581177Albuterol DPI (A006) Clinical Study-B2: Efficacy, Dose-Ranging and Initial Safety Evaluation
NCT02427165Comparison of RPL554 With Placebo and Salbutamol in Asthmatic Patients
NCT02271334Evaluation of Pharmacokinetics and Safety of A006 in Healthy Volunteers
NCT02210806Albuterol DPI (A006) Clinical Study-B3:Efficacy, Dose-ranging and Safety Evaluation
NCT01174732Dose-Ranging Study of A006 DPI, in Adult Asthma Patients
NCT01584492Bronchodilator Effect of CHF1535 pMDI Versus Free Combination of Beclometasone Plus Formoterol pMDI in Asthmatic Children