Ketamine Completed Phase 4 Trials for Pain / Pain, Acute Treatment

CompletedTreatment4 IdentifierTitleDrugs
NCT02916927Intravenous Sub-dissociative Dose Ketamine Injection Versus Infusion for Analgesia in the Emergency Department
NCT01868425ACL Repair and Multimodal Analgesia
NCT02673372Geriatric Ketamine for Pain Management Study
NCT02753114Prehospital Analgesia With Intra-Nasal Ketamine
NCT01951963Sub-dissociative Ketamine for the Management of Acute Pediatric Pain
NCT01168492Analgesia During Pediatric Digestive Endoscopy: a Comparison of Two Protocols for Procedural Sedation
NCT01835262Low Dose Ketamine Versus Morphine for Moderate to Severe Pain in the Emergency Department
NCT01686009Intra-nasal Ketamine for Analgesia in the Emergency Department
NCT02306759Ketamine For Acute Treatment of Pain in Emergency Department
NCT02489630Low Dose Ketamine as an Adjunct to Opiates for Acute Pain in the Emergency Department
NCT03714620Sub-dissociative Dose Ketamine Dosing Study
NCT02817477Intranasal Ketamine for Acute Traumatic Pain