NamePolycarbophil calcium
Accession NumberDB09311
TypeSmall Molecule

Polycarbophil calcium is a drug used as a stool stabilizer. Chemically, it is a synthetic polymer of polyacrylic acid cross-linked with divinyl glycol, with calcium as a counter-ion. Polycarbophil is used to treat constipation. This drug may also be used to help relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or diarrhea. Less gas and bloating compared to psyllium laxative products, but can cause heartburn, and belly cramps. It is insoluble in water, dilute acids, and dilute alkali. The material possesses exceptionally high water-binding capacity. is not absorbed, does not interfere with the activity of digestive enzymes or intestinal absorption, possesses satisfactory stability, is physiologically inert, and does not cause gastrointestinal irritation.

Calcium Polycarbophil
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Calcium Polycarbophil 625 mgTablet625 mg/1OralReliable 1 Laboratories2015-11-01Not applicableUs
Calcium Polycarbophil 625 mgTablet625 mg/1OralRemedy Repack2016-10-06Not applicableUs
Care One FiberTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralAmerican Sales Company2004-03-30Not applicableUs
Equalactin - Tab 625mgTablet625 mgOralNumark Laboratories, Inc.1996-12-312009-07-31Canada
Equalactin LaxativeTablet625 mg/1OralNumark Brands, Inc1986-11-21Not applicableUs
Equate fiber therapyTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralWalmart Stores1996-11-05Not applicableUs
FiberTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralWestern Family Foods1998-01-19Not applicableUs
Fiber CapletsTablet625 mg/1OralMc Kesson2016-06-01Not applicableUs
Fiber CapsTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralGuardian Drug Company2010-07-15Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralRemedy Repack2007-08-16Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralRugby2010-09-01Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxTablet, film coated625 mg/1Oralbryant ranch prepack2010-09-01Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxTablet500 mg/1OralContract Pharmacy Services Pa2010-08-09Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralNcs Health Care Of Ky, Inc Dba Vangard Labs2010-09-01Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxativeTablet625 mg/1OralGericare Pharmaceuticals2004-01-01Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralKroger1997-02-07Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralH.E.B.2001-10-31Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralHyvee1998-07-06Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxativeTablet625 mg/1OralSafeway2015-05-05Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralShopko Stores Operating2013-09-19Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralSafeway2007-06-11Not applicableUs
Fiber LaxativeTablet625 mg/1OralAvera Mc Kennan Hospital2015-03-04Not applicableUs
Fiber Laxative Calcium PolycarbophilTablet625 mg/1OralMagno Humphries, Inc.2017-04-04Not applicableUs
Fiber TabsTablet500 mg/1OralMajor2010-09-09Not applicableUs
Fiber-Caps Stimulant Free Fiber LaxativeCapsule625 mg/1OralAmerincan Health Packaging2015-07-01Not applicableUs
Fiber-ON-tabletTablet500 mgOralJamp Pharma Corporation2002-05-01Not applicableCanada
FiberconTablet625 mg/1OralWyeth Pharmaceutical Division Of Wyeth Holdings Corporation, A Subsidiary Of Pfizer Inc.2004-01-05Not applicableUs
FiberTabTablet625 mg/1OralQualitest2005-03-102016-10-28Us
Fibre LaxativeTablet500 mgOralPerrigo International2003-03-25Not applicableCanada
Formucare Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralAccess Business Group2000-07-27Not applicableUs
Good Neighbor Pharmacy Fiber-Caps Fiber Laxative Stimulant FreeCapsule625 mg/1OralAmerisource Bergen Drug Corportaion2010-07-13Not applicableUs
Good Sense Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralL. Perrigo Company1997-08-01Not applicableUs
KONSYL Daily Therapy FiberTablet625 mg/1OralKonsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2012-03-12Not applicableUs
Laxative FiberTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralAccess Business Group2000-07-27Not applicableUs
Leader FiberTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralState of Florida DOH Central Pharmacy2014-01-01Not applicableUs
Leader FiberTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralCardinal Health2011-05-02Not applicableUs
Phillip's FibrecapsTablet500 mgOralBayer Inc Consumer CareNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Premier Value Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralChain Drug Consortium2015-10-28Not applicableUs
Prodiem Bulk Fibre TherapyTablet625 mgOralGlaxosmithkline Inc2003-12-03Not applicableCanada
ShopRite Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralWakfern Food Corporation2013-07-16Not applicableUs
Sunmark fiber laxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralMc Kesson2003-09-22Not applicableUs
Topcare Fiber LaxativeTablet, film coated625 mg/1OralTopco Associates1997-08-11Not applicableUs
Up and Up Fiber TherapyTablet625 mg/1OralTarget Corporation.2015-10-14Not applicableUs
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CAS number126040-58-2
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Polycarbophil is used to treat constipation and to help maintain regular bowel movements.

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Relieves constipation or diarrhea associated with bowel disorders and acute nonspecific diarrhea.

Mechanism of action

It is known as a bulk-forming laxative. It increases the bulk in the stool, an effect that helps to cause movement of the intestines. It also works by increasing the amount of water in the stool, making the stool softer and easier to pass.

Related Articles

Calcium polycarbophil is not absorbed from the intestine.

Volume of distribution

Calcium polycarbophil is not absorbed from the intestine.

Protein binding

Calcium polycarbophil is not absorbed from the intestine.


Polycarrbophil calcium is not metabolized and has limited hydrophilic activity in acidic environments.

Route of elimination

Excreted in feces.

Half life

Calcium polycarbophil is not absorbed from the intestine.


Calcium polycarbophil is not absorbed from the intestine.


The LD50 of calcium polycarbophil in young adult rats approximated 20 g/kg.

Affected organisms
  • Humans and other mammals
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General References
  1. Danhof IE: Pharmacology, toxicology, clinical efficacy, and adverse effects of calcium polycarbophil, an enteral hydrosorptive agent. Pharmacotherapy. 1982 Jan-Feb;2(1):18-28. [PubMed:6765389 ]
  2. Monograph [Link]
  3. webmd [Link]
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