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Name Weight StructureDescriptionCategories
Medical airNot AvailableThumbA mixture of gases that is primarily composed of nitrogen and oxygen used for respiratory support in a variety of conditions.Medical Gases
Coal tarNot AvailableThumbRelieving itching, irritation, redness, dryness, scaling, and flaking of the skin caused by psoriasis, seborrhea, or eczema.Keratolytic Agents / Tars
ArdeparinNot AvailableThumbFor prevention of deep vein thrombosis, which may result in pulmonary embolism, following knee surgery.Anticoagulants
IchthammolNot AnnotatedThumbIchthammol is also referred to as ammonium bituminosulfonate or ammonium bituminosulphonate. It is an ammonium salt of dark sulfonated shale oil (bituminous schists) produced via distillation of the oil followed...Dermatologicals
CholestyramineNot AvailableThumbA bile acid sequestrant used as an adjunct in the reduction of elevated serum cholesterol in patients with primary hypercholesterolemia, and for the relief of pruritus associated with partial biliary obstruction.Anion Exchange Resins / Anticholesteremic Agents / Bile Acid Sequestrants / Hypolipidemic Agents Indicated for Hyperlipidemia / Polystyrenes
Dextrose, unspecified formNot AvailableThumbA form of glucose used for caloric supply and the replenishment of fluid in total parenteral nutrition and other therapies as well as for the treatment of hypoglycemic episodes.Caloric Agents / Cardiac Function / Compounds used in a research, industrial, or household setting / Diabetes Mellitus / Hemodialysis Solution / Miscellaneous Therapeutic Agents
Ferric subsulfateNot AnnotatedThumbFerric subsulfate is a stypic or hemostatic agent that causes agglutination of surface proteins resulting in local hemostasis. It has the chemical formula Fe4(OH)2(SO4)5. It is used after superficial skin...Hemostatics / Parenteral Iron Replacement / Phosphate Binder
Vitamin DNot AvailableThumbAn ingredient found in a variety of supplements and vitamins.Bone Density Conservation Agents / Secosteroids / Vitamin D and Analogues / Vitamins / Vitamins (Fat Soluble)
Starch, cornNot AnnotatedThumbCorn starch refers to the starch extracted from the corn grain that is commonly used as a food ingredient and chemical additive. Starch is any of a group of polysaccharides...Dietary Carbohydrates / Glucans / Starch
RacementholNot AnnotatedThumbNot AnnotatedNot Annotated
ColesevelamNot AvailableThumbA bile acid sequestrant used to lower LDL-C in adults with hyperlipidemia and pediatric patients with heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia, and to improve glycemic control in type 2 diabetes.Allylamine / Anticholesteremic Agents / Bile Acid Sequestrants / Hypolipidemic Agents Indicated for Hyperlipidemia
Povidone-iodineNot AvailableThumbA topical antiseptic agent used for the treatment and prevention of infection in wounds.Iodine Products / Medicated Dressings With Antiinfectives / Medicated Shampoos
Ascorbyl phosphateNot AnnotatedThumbAscorbyl phosphate is a synthetic form of Vitamin C and is found in different salt forms such as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate and sodium ascorbyl phosphate. These salts are present in...Vitamin C and analogues / Vitamins
Propolis waxNot AnnotatedThumbPropolis wax is naturally produced by honeybees by mixing the resin or exudate collected from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources with beeswax that contains fatty acids and...Not Annotated
Polyquaternium-10 (400 cps at 2%)Not AnnotatedThumbPolyquaternium-10 is a quaternized hydroxyethyl cellulose and a polycationic polymer. It is commonly found in cosmetics and personal care products to mainly reduce static electricity and form films.Not Annotated
Linseed oilNot AnnotatedThumbLinseed oil is a rich source of α-Linolenic acid extracted from the dried, ripened seeds of the flax plant Linum usitatissimum. Other fatty acids contained in linseed oil include palmitic...Fats, Unsaturated / Plant Oils
MyrrhNot AvailableThumbFDA approved only for use in food. Historically used for indigestion, ulcers, colds, cough, asthma, bronchial congestion, arthritic pain, cancer, leprosy, and syphilis. It is also used orally as a...Not Available
CholecystokininNot AvailableThumbFor use as a diagnostic aid for evaluation of gallbladder disorders. It is also used in conjunction with secretin in pancreatic insufficiency .Tests for Pancreatic Function
Hydroxyethyl StarchNot AvailableThumbA plasma volume substitute used to treat and prevent hypovolemia.Blood Substitutes and Plasma Protein Fractions
Lactobacillus plantarumNot AnnotatedThumbLactobacillus plantarum is a member of Lactobacillus, or lactic acid bacteria, that it is widely used in the food industry as a microbial starter and probiotic microorganism. It is considered...Not Annotated
BenzalkoniumNot AvailableThumbAn antiseptic agent used as a preservative in medications or as a disinfectant in cleaning products.Anti-Infective Agents, Local / Medicated Dressings With Antiinfectives / Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
TinzaparinNot AvailableThumbA low molecular weight heparin used for the treatment of acute symptomatic deep vein thrombosis with or without pulmonary embolism when administered in conjunction with warfarin.Fibrinolytic Agents
PentastarchNot AvailableThumbA plasma volume expander used as an adjunct in the management of shock due to hemorrhage, surgery, sepsis, burns or other trauma.Plasma Substitutes / Starch
Aluminum sesquichlorohydrateNot AnnotatedThumbAn antiperspirant used to reduce sweating.Acids / Acids, Noncarboxylic / Alkalies / Aluminium Compounds / Anions / Chlorine Compounds / Electrolytes / Hydroxides / Ions / Metal cations / Metal divalent cations
Hydroxyethyl ethylcelluloseNot AnnotatedThumbHydroxyethyl ethylcellulose modulates bacterial binding to salivary pellicle; moderately effective in preventing plaque formation.Biopolymers / Carbohydrates / Compounds used in a research, industrial, or household setting / Glucans / Macromolecular Substances / Polymers / Polysaccharides
Displaying drugs 2576 - 2600 of 2639 in total