Acute Angle closure glaucoma

Also known as: Acute angle-closure glaucoma / Acute closed-angle glaucoma / Angle closure glaucoma acute / Acute angle-closure glaucoma attack / Glaucoma, Angle-Closure / Angle closure glaucoma / Angle glaucoma closed / Glaucoma closed angle

DrugDrug NameDrug Description
DB00411CarbamoylcholineA direct acting miotic agent administered ophthalmically to decrease intraocular pressure in glaucoma or after eye surgery, and to induce miosis during surgery.
DB00703MethazolamideA carbonic anhydrase inhibitor used to treat open angle glaucoma and acute angle closure glaucoma.
DB01085PilocarpineA muscarinic cholinergic agonist used on the eye to treat elevated intraocular pressure, various types of glaucoma, and to induce miosis. Also available orally to treat symptoms of dry mouth associated with Sjogren's syndrome and radiotherapy.
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