Drug hypersensitivity reaction Completed Phase Trials for Etanercept (DB00005)

Also known as: Hypersensitivity reactions / Drug Hypersensitivity / Hypersensitivity Reaction / Drug hypersensitivity reactions / Drug hypersensitivity (& [NOS]) / Drug hypersensitivity NOS / Drug allergy / Allergy / Hypersensitivity NOS / Allergy NOS / Hypersensitivity reaction (NOS) / Reaction hypersensitivity (NOS) / Allergic reaction / Hypersensitivity / Allergic reaction NOS / Reaction allergic (NOS) / Allergic reaction (NOS) / HYSN / Hypersensitivity symptom

DBCOND0022247 (Drug hypersensitivity reaction)CompletedNot Available
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NCT01276314Evaluation of TNF-α Blockade Effect in Patients With Severe Cutaneous Adverse Drug ReactionsTreatment