>1 micromole per liter toxic plasma methotrexate concentrations

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DB08898GlucarpidaseGlucarpidase is the recombinant form of the Pseudomonas sp. (strain RS-16) enzyme carboxypeptidase G2 that is produced in Escherichia coli. In patients, glucarpidase inactivates methotrexate, and other antifolates, by hydrolyzing glutamate on the carboxyl terminal of these compounds. Therefore since methotrexate is eliminated enzymatically and not by the kidneys, glucarpidase is indicated in patients on methotrexate treatment who have kidney dysfunction, and are experiencing an abnormally high plasma concentration of methotrexate (>1 micromole per liter). Glucarpidase is marketed under the brand name Voraxaze®.
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