Menopause Completed Phase Trials for Estradiol (DB00783)

Also known as: Menopausal

DBCOND0025857 (Menopause)CompletedNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00608062Sex Hormones and Atherosclerosis Prevention in Perimenopausal WomenBasic Science
NCT02691936Comparison of Vaginal Laser Therapy to Vaginal Estrogen TherapyTreatment
NCT00029757Buccal Estrogen in Toothpaste Study: Systemic Absorption of Estradiol When Administered Mixed With Toothpaste in Postmenopausal or Surgically Menopausal WomenTreatment
NCT01076621Observational Study to Investigate the Occurrence of Bleeding in Postmenopausal Women Treated With Estradiol/NETA for 12 Months
NCT01418209MsFLASH-03: Comparative Efficacy of Low-Dose Estradiol and Venlafaxine XR for Treatment of Menopausal SymptomsTreatment
NCT01507454VagifemĀ® Used for the Treatment of Atrophic Vaginitis Due to Oestrogen Deficiency