Stage IIIB Breast Cancer Completed Phase 2 Trials for Tamoxifen (DB00675)

DBCOND0028549 (Stage IIIB Breast Cancer)Completed2 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00118157Lapatinib and Tamoxifen in Treating Patients With Locally Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer That Did Not Respond to Previous TamoxifenTreatment
NCT00003199Combination Chemotherapy and Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant Followed By Aldesleukin and Sargramostim in Treating Patients With Inflammatory Stage IIIB or Metastatic Stage IV Breast CancerTreatment
NCT00119262Bevacizumab and Combination Chemotherapy in Patients With Lymph Node Positive Breast CancerTreatment