Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma Completed Phase 2 Trials for Bevacizumab (DB00112)

DBCOND0028874 (Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma)Completed2 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00072566Bevacizumab and Low-Dose Cyclophosphamide in Treating Patients With Recurrent Ovarian Epithelial or Primary Peritoneal CancerTreatment
NCT00407563Bevacizumab With Abraxane in Patients With Recurrent Ovarian/ Peritoneal CancerTreatment
NCT00868192Trial of Pemetrexed and Bevacizumab for Recurrent Ovarian Primary Peritoneal CarcinomaTreatment
NCT01031381Study of RAD001 and Bevacizumab in Recurrent Ovarian, Peritoneal, and Fallopian Tube CancerTreatment
NCT01091259Irinotecan and Bevacizumab for Recurrent Ovarian CancerTreatment