Liver Cirrhosis Recruiting Phase Trials for Carvedilol (DB01136)

Also known as: Cirrhosis, Liver / Cirrhosis / Cirrhosis (of liver) NOS / Cirrhosis of liver / Cirrhosis liver / Hepatic cirrhosis NOS / Hepatic cirrhosis

DBCOND0028911 (Liver Cirrhosis)RecruitingNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT04111133Ivabradine in Cirrhotic CardiomyopathyTreatment
NCT03736265Carvedilol for Prevention of Esophageal Varices ProgressionPrevention
NCT01212250Carvedilol for Pre-primary Prophylaxis of Esophageal Varices in CirrhosisPrevention
NCT03114813Can MRI Evaluate Beta-blocker Response in Portal Hypertension?