Hepatic Impairment Completed Phase 1 Trials for Fostemsavir (DB11796)

Also known as: Liver impairment / Diseases of liver (K70-K77) / Hepatic pathology / Fector hepaticus / [X]Diseases of the liver / Hepatopathy / Hepatic disease NOS / Hepatic disorder (NOS) / Disorder hepatic / Hepatic disorder NOS / Disease hepatocellular / Disorder liver / Hepatic disease / Hepatic disease (NOS) / Liver disorder / Liver Diseases / Unspecified disorder of liver

DBCOND0031585 (Hepatic Impairment)Completed1
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NCT02467335Single-dose Pharmacokinetics of BMS-626529, Administered as BMS-663068, in Subjects With Hepatic Impairment Compared to Healthy SubjectsBasic Science