Oesophageal Carcinoma Terminated Phase 2 Trials for Docetaxel (DB01248)

Also known as: Carcinoma of Esophagus / Esophageal Carcinoma / Carcinoma, Esophageal / Esophagus Carcinoma / Carcinoma of oesophagus NOS / Carcinoma of oesophagus / Oesophageal carcinoma NOS / Esophageal carcinoma NOS

DBCOND0032513 (Oesophageal Carcinoma)Terminated2
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NCT01608464Pre-op Chemo-RT w/CDDP/5FU vs Chemo w/ Docetaxel/Irinotecan in PET Non Responder Resectable Esophagus CancerTreatment