Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Also known as: Restless Legs Syndrome / Restless Legs / Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) / Restless Leg Syndrome / Restless Leg Disorder / Legs restless / Syndrome restless legs

DrugDrug NameDrug Description
DB00915AmantadineAn antiviral that is used in the prophylactic or symptomatic treatment of influenza A. It is also used as an antiparkinsonian agent, to treat extrapyramidal reactions, and for postherpetic neuralgia. The mechanisms of its effects in movement disorders are not well understood but probably reflect an increase in synthesis and release of dopamine, with perhaps some inhibition of dopamine uptake.
DB00564CarbamazepineAn anticonvulsant used to control grand mal and psychomotor or focal seizures. Its mode of action is not fully understood, but some of its actions resemble those of phenytoin; although there is little chemical resemblance between the two compounds, their three-dimensional structure is similar.
DB01068ClonazepamA benzodiazepine used to treat various seizures, including myotonic or atonic seizures, photosensitive epilepsy, and absence seizures, although tolerance may develop [FDA Label] [L5572, F3763, F3787, F3796]. The agent has also been indicated for treating panic disorder [FDA Label] [A175438, L5572, F3763, F3787, F3796]. The mechanism of action appears to involve the enhancement of gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor responses [FDA Label] [A175438, A175441, L5572, F3763, F3787, F3796]. Since being first patented in 1960 and then released for sale from Roche in the US in 1975 [T469, T472], clonazepam has experienced a storied history in the treatment of the aforementioned medical conditions. Now available as a generic medication, the agent continues to see exceptionally high use as millions of prescriptions are written for the medication internationally every year. Unfortunately, however, like most benzodiazepines, clonazepam use has also been associated with recreational use and drug abuse [FDA Label] [L5572, F3763, F3787, F3796].
DB00996GabapentinGabapentin (brand name Neurontin) is a medication originally developed for the treatment of epilepsy. Presently, gabapentin is widely used to relieve pain, especially neuropathic pain. Gabapentin is well tolerated in most patients, has a relatively mild side-effect profile, and passes through the body unmetabolized.
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbilGabapentin enacarbil is marketed under the name Horizant. It is a prodrug of gabapentin, and indicated in adults for the treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and postherpetic neuralgia (PHN).
DB01592IronA metallic element found in certain minerals, in nearly all soils, and in mineral waters. It is an essential constituent of hemoglobin, cytochrome, and other components of respiratory enzyme systems. Its chief functions are in the transport of oxygen to tissue (hemoglobin) and in cellular oxidation mechanisms. Depletion of iron stores may result in iron-deficiency anemia. Iron is used to build up the blood in anemia.
DB01235LevodopaLevodopa is a prodrug of dopamine that is administered to patients with Parkinson's due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier[Label]. Levodopa can be metabolised to dopamine on either side of the blood-brain barrier and so it is generally administered with a dopa decarboxylase inhibitor like carbidopa to prevent metabolism until after it has crossed the blood-brain barrier[Label,A177781]. Once past the blood-brain barrier, levodopa is metabolized to dopamine and supplements the low endogenous levels of dopamine to treat symptoms of Parkinson's[Label]. The first developed drug product that was approved by the FDA was a levodopa and carbidopa combined product called Sinemet that was approved on May 2, 1975[A177781,L6133].
DrugDrug NameTargetType
DB00915AmantadineD(2) dopamine receptortarget
DB00915AmantadineMatrix protein 2target
DB00915AmantadineAromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylaseenzyme
DB00915AmantadineAmine oxidase [flavin-containing] Benzyme
DB00915AmantadineSolute carrier family 22 member 2transporter
DB00915AmantadineSolute carrier family 22 member 1transporter
DB00915AmantadineGlutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 3Atarget
DB00915AmantadineNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-7target
DB00915AmantadineNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-4target
DB00915AmantadineNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-3target
DB00564CarbamazepineSodium channel protein type 5 subunit alphatarget
DB00564CarbamazepineCytochrome P450 2C8enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineCytochrome P450 2B6enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineCytochrome P450 1A2enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineCytochrome P450 2C19enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB00564CarbamazepineCytochrome P450 3A5enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineCytochrome P450 3A7enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineUDP-glucuronosyltransferase 2B7enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineRalA-binding protein 1transporter
DB00564CarbamazepineCanalicular multispecific organic anion transporter 1transporter
DB00564CarbamazepineNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-4target
DB00564CarbamazepineNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit beta-2target
DB00564CarbamazepineNuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 2target
DB00564CarbamazepineUDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1-1enzyme
DB00564CarbamazepineThyroxine-binding globulincarrier
DB01068ClonazepamTranslocator proteintarget
DB01068ClonazepamCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB01068ClonazepamSerum albumincarrier
DB01068ClonazepamCytochrome P450 2E1enzyme
DB01068ClonazepamArylamine N-acetyltransferase 2enzyme
DB01068ClonazepamGABA-A receptor (anion channel)target
DB01068ClonazepamNuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 2target
DB00996GabapentinAdenosine receptor A1target
DB00996GabapentinVoltage-dependent N-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1Btarget
DB00996GabapentinVoltage-dependent calcium channel subunit alpha-2/delta-1target
DB00996GabapentinVoltage-dependent calcium channel subunit alpha-2/delta-2target
DB00996GabapentinBranched-chain-amino-acid aminotransferase, cytosolicenzyme
DB00996GabapentinNMDA receptortarget
DB00996GabapentinGamma-aminobutyric acid type B receptor subunit 1target
DB00996GabapentinGamma-aminobutyric acid type B receptor subunit 2target
DB00996GabapentinCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbilVoltage-dependent calcium channel subunit alpha-2/delta-1target
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbilVoltage-dependent calcium channel subunit alpha-2/delta-2target
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbilSodium-coupled monocarboxylate transporter 1transporter
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbilSodium-dependent multivitamin transportertransporter
DB01592IronTransferrin receptor protein 1target
DB01592IronEgl nine homolog 1target
DB01592IronHistone deacetylase 8target
DB01592IronAlpha-hemoglobin-stabilizing proteintarget
DB01592IronHemoglobin subunit alphatarget
DB01592IronFrataxin, mitochondrialtarget
DB01592IronFerritin heavy chaintarget
DB01592IronFlap endonuclease 1target
DB01592IronEndonuclease 8-like 1target
DB01592IronEndonuclease 8-like 2target
DB01592IronDNA polymerase betatarget
DB01235LevodopaD(1A) dopamine receptortarget
DB01235LevodopaD(2) dopamine receptortarget
DB01235LevodopaAromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylaseenzyme
DB01235LevodopaSolute carrier family 15 member 1transporter
DB01235LevodopaMonocarboxylate transporter 10transporter
DB01235LevodopaD(3) dopamine receptortarget
DB01235LevodopaD(4) dopamine receptortarget
DB01235LevodopaD(1B) dopamine receptortarget
DB01235LevodopaLarge neutral amino acids transporter small subunit 1transporter
DB01235LevodopaLarge neutral amino acids transporter small subunit 2transporter
DB01235LevodopaSerum albumincarrier
DrugDrug NamePhaseStatusCount
DB04922Gabapentin enacarbil1Completed2
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbil1Completed1
DB00083Botulinum toxin type A1 / 2Completed1
DB12273Ecopipam1 / 2Active Not Recruiting1
DB00083Botulinum toxin type A2Completed1
DB08917Ferric carboxymaltose2Completed2
DB08917Ferric carboxymaltose2Recruiting1
DB04922Gabapentin enacarbil2Completed3
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbil2Completed1
DB12208Iron isomaltoside 10002Withdrawn1
DB09153Sodium chloride2Completed1
DB09153Sodium chloride2Withdrawn1
DB00126Ascorbic acid2 / 3Completed1
DB01156Bupropion2 / 3Completed1
DB00153Ergocalciferol2 / 3Not Yet Recruiting1
DB01367Rasagiline2 / 3Terminated1
DB11094Vitamin D2 / 3Not Yet Recruiting1
DB00163Vitamin E2 / 3Completed1
DB08917Ferric carboxymaltose3Active Not Recruiting1
DB00996Gabapentin3Not Yet Recruiting1
DB04922Gabapentin enacarbil3Completed5
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbil3Completed5
DB00268Ropinirole3Not Yet Recruiting1
DB08917Ferric carboxymaltose4Completed1
DB04922Gabapentin enacarbil4Completed1
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbil4Completed3
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbil4Not Yet Recruiting1
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbil4Terminated1
DB00413Pramipexole4Not Yet Recruiting1
DB11094Vitamin D4Recruiting1
DB014811-TestosteroneNot AvailableUnknown Status1
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbilNot AvailableActive Not Recruiting1
DB08872Gabapentin enacarbilNot AvailableCompleted1
DB01235LevodopaNot AvailableUnknown Status1
DB00413PramipexoleNot AvailableCompleted3
DB00268RopiniroleNot AvailableCompleted3