Neoplasms, Colorectal Completed Phase 3 Trials for Bevacizumab (DB00112)

Also known as: Colorectal Neoplasms / Colorectal Neoplasm / Neoplasms,Colorectal

DBCOND0036298 (Neoplasms, Colorectal)Completed3 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT01996306A Phase III Study of 2nd-line XELIRI ± Bevacizumab vs. FOLFIRI ± Bevacizumab in mCRCTreatment
NCT02776683Open-label, Single Arm Trial of BI 695502 in Patients With Previously Untreated Metastatic Colorectal CancerTreatment
NCT00101686Trial Of Irinotecan In Combination With Three Methods Of Administration Of Fluoropyrimidine.Treatment
NCT00973609Optimal Maintenance Therapy With Bevacizumab After Induction in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (CRC)Treatment