Multiple Myeloma (MM) Completed Phase Trials for Plerixafor (DB06809)

Also known as: MULTIPLE MYELOMA (MM) / Multiple myeloma / Myeloma, Multiple / Multiple Myelomas / Multiple Myeloma(MM) / Plasma cell myelomas / Myelomatosis multiple / Peripheral plasma cell myeloma / Myelomatosis / Multiple myeloma myelomatosis / Plasma cell myeloma / Myeloma / Multiple myeloma with failed remission

DBCOND0040908 (Multiple Myeloma (MM))CompletedNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00741780Long-Term Follow-up Study for Multiple Myeloma Patients Who Received Study Treatment (Plerixafor or Placebo) in the AMD3100-3102 Study (NCT00103662).