Myeloid Leukemias Not Yet Recruiting Phase Trials for Azacitidine (DB00928)

Also known as: Leukemia, Myeloid / Myeloid leukaemia / Myeloid Leukemia / Leukemia myeloid / Non-lymphoblastic leukaemia NOS / Leukemic granulocytic / Non-lymphoblastic leukemia NOS / Unspecified myeloid leukaemia / Unspecified myeloid leukemia / Leukaemia myelogenous / Leukemia myelogenous / Myelocytic leukaemia / Myelocytic leukemia / Leukemia granulocytic NOS / Leukaemia granulocytic NOS / Leukaemia granulocytic / Leukemia granulocytic / Leukaemia myeloid / Myeloid leukemia NOS / Myeloid leukaemia NOS

DBCOND0042450 (Myeloid Leukemias)Not Yet RecruitingNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT02489929Evaluation of Cytidine Deaminase for Patient Suffering of a Myelodysplastic Syndrom or an AML Treated by AzacytidineDiagnostic