Premature Births Recruiting Phase Trials for Progesterone (DB00396)

Also known as: PreTerm Birth / Premature Birth / Birth premature / Premature birth, NOS / Early onset of delivery / Premature delivery / Premature baby / Baby premature / Immature baby / 28 completed weeks or more but less than 37 completed weeks (196 completed days but less than 259 completed days) of gestation. / Prematurity / Infant premature

DBCOND0043809 (Premature Births)RecruitingNot Available IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT03863613Pessary Versus Cerclage With or Without Progesterone in TwinsPrevention
NCT03227705Canadian Study on the Association of Pessary With ProgesteroneOther
NCT03251729Cerclage On LOw Risk Singletons: Cervical Cerclage for Prevention of Spontaneous Preterm Birth in Low Risk Singleton Pregnancies With Short CervixTreatment
NCT02329535Comparing Double Dose of Vaginal Progesterone to no Treatment for Prevention of Preterm Birth in Twins and Short CervixPrevention