Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Recruiting Phase 4 Trials for Clopidogrel (DB00758)

Also known as: Cardio Vascular Disease / Cardiovascular Diseases / Cardio-vascular Disease / Cardiovascular Disease / Cardio-vascular Diseases / Diseases, Cardiovascular / Cardiovascular disease, unspecified / Heart diseases / Cardiovascular disorder / Cardiovascular disorder NOS / Disorder cardiovascular (NOS) / Cardiovascular disorder (NOS)

DBCOND0057913 (Cardiovascular Disease (CVD))Recruiting4 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT01823185Bedside Testing of CYP2C19 Gene for Treatment of Patients With PCI With Antiplatelet TherapyTreatment
NCT01777503The Elderly ACS II TrialTreatment