Lung Cancers Completed Phase 3 Trials for Irinotecan (DB00762)

Also known as: LUng Cancer / Cancer, Lung / Lung neoplasm malignant / Lung cancer NOS / Cancer of lung / Ca lung

DBCOND0072929 (Lung Cancers)Completed3 IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT00045162S0124: Cisplatin Combined With Irinotecan or Etoposide For Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung CancerTreatment
NCT00144053A Phase Ⅲ Randomized Study of Mitomycin/Vindesine/Cisplatin Versus Irinotecan/Carboplatin Versus Paclitaxel/Carboplatin With Concurrent Thoracic Radiotherapy for Unresectable Stage Ⅲ Non-Small-Cell Lung CancerTreatment