Ocular Hypertension Withdrawn Phase 4 Trials for Timolol (DB00373)

Also known as: Hypertension Ocular / Intraocular pressure high / Intraocular hypertension / Intraocular pressure raised / Ocular Hypertension (OHT) / Ocular Hypertension (OH) / Hypertension, Ocular / Elevated Intraocular Pressure / Intraocular pressure increased / IOP increased / Raised IOP / Ocular tension increased / Tension ocular increased / Pressure intraocular increased / Increased intraocular pressure

DBCOND0074237 (Ocular Hypertension)Withdrawn4
clinicaltrials.gov IdentifierTitlePurposeDrugs
NCT01927406The Secondary Beneficial Effects of Prostaglandin Analog Treatment in Thyroid Eye Disease Patients.Prevention
NCT01510132Travacom Post Marketing Surveillance StudyTreatment
NCT01696383Assessing the Efficacy of DuoTrav as a Replacement Therapy in Glaucoma Patients in RussiaTreatment