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Posted February 17, 2012:

We have added links to the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Guide to Pharmacology databases. You can see an example from L-Histidine.

Posted September 24, 2011:

We have upgraded the DrugBank Structure Search backend. It’s faster, more accurate, and stable. Give it a try: find all structures similar to Acenocoumarol

Posted June 14, 2011:

We have added new download files which link Drug and target/carrier/enzyme/transporter entries in DrugBank to external database IDs (such as PubChem) and links (such as Wikipedia). These files are in CSV format which can be loaded into Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet application.

Posted May 25, 2011:

The older DrugBank version 1, 2, and 2.5 downloads are now available. Each compressed zip file contains all the sequences, structures, and drugcards for the earlier versions.

Posted May 11, 2011:

We have been having some stability issues lately, but I believe we have corrected most of the issues by adding some caching to the server which serves the structure information to DrugBank.

Posted February 15, 2011:

We have reorganized the DrugCard entry into what we believe is a cleaner, more logical view.

  1. The information on metabolites and reaction parameters now appears below the metabolism (previously biotransformation) section in the Pharmacology category.
  2. Pharmacology has been renamed pharmacodynamics
  3. Pathways now appear in the Pharmacology section
  4. Dosages now appear in the Pharmacoeconomics section

Keep in mind, these are purely interface changes and have no effect on the XML being generated.

Posted February 10, 2011:

We have added a commenting system for Drug Cards on DrugBank (see Rituximab for example). At the bottom of every Drug Card entry you will see a comments section. The comments are currently moderated. We will be approving and responding to comments on a daily basis.

Posted February 05, 2011:

The Data Extractor now supports wildcard matching for every field. For example if you wanted to match all drugs with a name starting with “Acet” you could search “Acet*” in the name field in the data extractor. Each field now supports the full query language described in Advanced Search Help. You can use booleans, exact matches, and groupings.

Posted February 02, 2011:

The Sequence Search is now back up and running. I am working on a text only report and it should be finished by tomorrow. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. — Craig

Posted January 21, 2011:

Due to high server load, the structure search results limit was scaled back to 1000. If this is a problem for anyone, please contact us and we can perhaps find an alternate solution.

Posted January 01, 2011:

DrugBank 3 has been released! We are still working out a few issues (with the data extractor and sequence search). Everything should be working properly by the end of the week. Thanks for everyone's patience in this transition, we are really excited about this new release!

Posted December 12, 2009:

You can now set the maximum number of results returned from a structure search on the ChemQuery page. The limit used to be 100, which missed some important drugs in the search results.

Posted October 20, 2009:

We have implemented the ChemAxon solution for structure searches. You can now perform similarity (tanimoto), substructure, and exact searches via the ChemQuery function. This system replaces an outdated structure search and is faster and more accurate. We have only added the most basic features for this release, so if you would like to see more/different features added, please let us know.

Posted July 14, 2009:

We have added a new page containing links to other useful drug and small molecule databases. The other databases page will be updated as new datases are released.

Posted January 28, 2009:

2 new fields have been added to the drug cards: * The predicted logS (via ALOGPS) is essentially the log units of molar solubility, and is one less field you will need to calculate. * The InChIKey has been added as a unique structural identifier. We will soon be adding the ability to link to a drug via the InChIKey.

Posted December 16, 2008:

We have added a basic search interface for doing complex queries on specific fields. You can read more about it on the Text Query. Or for a quick example, try this query (find all anti-depressive agents which are also approved)!

Posted September 15, 2008:

The downloads page has been updated with files from release 2.5. You can now access files from the previous DrugBank releases as well, although keep in mind that the drug card format has changed.

Posted September 01, 2008:

We have added a new SNP summary tool called SNPJam. This application is linked to by all targets and metabolizing enzymes. It provides a comprehensive view of the SNPs for a specific gene without being overwhelming.

Posted August 01, 2008:

SNP-ADR – A table of how drugs are related to specific SNPs in regards to adverse reactions. This table will be kept up to date as new information becomes available.
SNP-FX – A table of how drugs are related to specific SNPs in regards to specific effects. This table will be kept up to date as new information becomes available.