DrugDB00675 (Tamoxifen)
Interacting Gene/EnzymeCytochrome P450 2D6
Gene NameCYP2D6
UniProt IDP10635
Defining Change(s)
-1426C>TNot Available
variable number of A’s in the region -1258 to -1237aNot Available
-1235A>GNot Available
-1000G>ANot Available
1039C>TNot Available
1661G>CNot Available
gene conversion to CYP2D7 in exon 9Not Available
4180G>CNot Available
Allele NameCYP2D6*36
Genotype(s)Not Available
Type(s)Effect Inferred
GroupsNon-functional CYP2D6
DescriptionPoor response to drug treatment, shorter time to relapse
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