The DrugBank database is a unique bioinformatics and cheminformatics resource that combines detailed drug data with comprehensive drug target information.

The latest release of DrugBank (version 5.0.11, released 2017-12-20) contains 10,995 drug entries including 2,502 approved small molecule drugs, 942 approved biotech (protein/peptide) drugs, 109 nutraceuticals and over 5,106 experimental drugs. Additionally, 4,901 non-redundant protein (i.e. drug target/enzyme/transporter/carrier) sequences are linked to these drug entries. Each DrugCard entry contains more than 200 data fields with half of the information being devoted to drug/chemical data and the other half devoted to drug target or protein data.

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  1. Acetaminophen
  2. Acetylsalicylic acid
  3. Salbutamol
  4. Metformin
  5. Morphine
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Letermovir recieved approval from the FDA on November 8th, 2017 for use in prophylaxis of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients. It represents the first entry into a new class of CMV anti-infectives, DNA terminase complex inhibitors. Letermovir has recieved both priority and orphan drug status from the FDA. It is currently marketed under the brand name Prevymis.

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DrugBank is offered to the public as a freely available resource.

Use and re-distribution of the data, in whole or in part, for commercial purposes (including internal use) requires a license. We ask that users who download significant portions of the database cite the DrugBank paper in any resulting publications.

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