Hepatitis A virus strain HM175 antigen (formaldehyde inactivated)Product ingredient for Hepatitis A Vaccine

Hepatitis A virus strain HM175 antigen (formaldehyde inactivated)
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Hepatitis A Vaccine

Two types of HAV vaccines are currently available internationally: 1. Formaldehyde-inactivated vaccines: Inactivated HAV vaccines are used in most countries. Monovalent inactivated HAV vaccines are available in paediatric dose (0.5 ml) for children aged 1 year to 15 years, and in adult dose (1 ml). 2. Live attenuated vaccines (based on H2 or LA-1 HAV strains): These vaccines are manufactured and used mainly in China and India.

Inactivated hepatitis A vaccines are safe and highly effective. Traditionally, a two-dose schedule is recommended, particularly in travellers at substantial risk of contracting hepatitis A and in immunocompromised individuals. However, in healthy individuals, comparable effectiveness has been achieved with a single dose.

The Chinese live attenuated hepatitis A vaccines have been shown to be safe and highly protective (95%) against clinical infection for at least 3 years. Among the adverse effects from Hepatitis A vaccine injection are fatigue, fever > 99.5°F (37.5°C), induration, redness, and swelling of the injection site and malaise. Anorexia and nausea could be possible side effects.

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Hepatitis A vaccine (inactivated) strain HM175 / Hepatitis A virus inactivated antigen, A
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