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Accession NumberDB00868  (APRD00629)
TypeSmall Molecule

Benzonatate is a non-narcotic oral antitussive (cough suppressant) drug which works by anesthetizing the tissues of the lungs and pleura responsible for the cough reflex. It is chemically related to other ester anesthetics such as procaine. It has an anesthetic (numbing) action similar to that of benzocaine and “numbs” the stretch sensors in the lungs. It is the stretching of these sensors with breathing that causes the cough. It was approved by the FDA in 1958.

2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-[2-(2-Methoxyethoxy)ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethoxy]ethyl 4-butylaminobenzoateNot AvailableNot Available
2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26-Nonaoxaoctacosan-28-yl P-(butylamino)benzoateNot AvailableNot Available
3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27-Nonaoxaoctacosyl 4-butylaminobenzoateNot AvailableNot Available
4-(Butylamino)benzoic acid 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27-nonaoxaoctacos-1-yl esterNot AvailableNot Available
BenzononatineNot AvailableNot Available
Nonaethyleneglycol monomethyl ether P-N-butylaminobenzoateNot AvailableNot Available
P-Butylaminobenzoic acid omega-O-methylnonaethyleneglycol esterNot AvailableNot Available
Prescription Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing End
Tessaloncapsule100 mgoralPfizer Laboratories1958-02-10Not AvailableUs
Generic Prescription Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing End
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralKAISER FOUNDATION HOSPITALS2010-06-21Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralLiberty Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralBarr Laboratories Inc.2008-01-252015-03-31Us
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralNcs Health Care Of Ky, Inc Dba Vangard Labs2010-11-14Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralNcs Health Care Of Ky, Inc Dba Vangard Labs2007-09-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralMajor Pharmaceuticals Inc2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralMajor Pharmaceuticals Inc2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled200 mgoralMajor Pharmaceuticals2010-06-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralBlenheim Pharmacal, Inc.2010-11-01Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralStat Rx USA2007-07-30Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralRebel Distributors Corp2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralRebel Distributors Corp2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralAidarex Pharmaceuticals LLC2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralAidarex Pharmaceuticals LLC2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralRebel Distributors Corp2010-01-13Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralPd Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralLake Erie Medical & Surgical Supply DBA Quality Care Products LLC2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralLake Erie Medical DBA Quality Care Products LLC2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralPliva Inc.1993-04-012015-08-31Us
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralUnit Dose Services2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralUnit Dose Services2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatetablet100 mgoralNorthwind Pharmaceuticals, LLC2014-12-08Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralNorthwind Pharmaceuticals, LLC2014-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralNorthwind Pharmaceuticals2015-01-15Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralREMEDYREPACK INC.2013-05-22Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralREMEDYREPACK INC.2013-10-29Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralREMEDYREPACK INC.2013-05-29Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralREMEDYREPACK INC.2013-05-29Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralREMEDYREPACK INC.2014-06-16Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralH.J. Harkins Company, Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralH.J. Harkins Company, Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralPhysicians Total Care, Inc.1995-12-27Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralPhysicians Total Care, Inc.2001-04-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralCardinal Health2007-09-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralCardinal Health2010-11-14Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralPd Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralPd Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralCaraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd.2008-04-07Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralCaraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd.2008-04-07Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralClinical Solutions Wholesale2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralClinical Solutions Wholesale2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Zonatusscapsule150 mgoralAtley Pharmaceuticals2010-02-26Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralGolden State Medical Supply, Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralGolden State Medical Supply, Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralSt Marys Medical Park Pharmacy2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralREMEDYREPACK INC.2014-10-02Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralREMEDYREPACK INC.2014-11-10Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralDIRECT RX2014-01-01Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralProficient Rx LP2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralProficient Rx LP2010-06-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralProficient Rx LP2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralbryant ranch prepack1993-04-01Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralbryant ranch prepack2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralReady Meds2010-06-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralAmneal Pharmaceuticals of NY LLC2010-06-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled200 mgoralAmneal Pharmaceuticals of NY LLC2010-06-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralCadila Healthcare Limited2007-09-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralCadila Healthcare Limited2007-09-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled200 mgoralMed Vantx, Inc.2010-06-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralMed Vantx, Inc.2008-01-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralRed Pharm Drug Inc.2010-01-13Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralRed Pharm Drug Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralRed Pharm Drug Inc.2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralAscend Laboratories LLC2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralAscend Laboratories LLC2007-07-25Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule150 mgoralAscend Laboratories LLC2015-02-09Not AvailableUs
Zonatusscapsule150 mgoralVertical Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2011-11-01Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralAmerican Health Packaging2011-10-032016-06-30Us
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralZydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc.2007-09-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralZydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc.2007-09-04Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralPreferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2008-04-07Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule200 mgoralPreferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2014-08-01Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule, liquid filled100 mgoralPreferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2012-04-05Not AvailableUs
Benzonatatecapsule100 mgoralLife Line Home Care Services, Inc.2012-01-12Not AvailableUs
Over the Counter ProductsNot Available
International Brands
Brand mixtures
Brand NameIngredients
CelltiusBenzonatate and Ambroxol
SaltsNot Available
CAS number104-31-4
WeightAverage: 603.7419
Monoisotopic: 603.361861543
Chemical FormulaC30H53NO11
2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26-nonaoxaoctacosan-28-yl 4-(butylamino)benzoate
DescriptionThis compound belongs to the class of organic compounds known as benzoic acid esters. These are ester derivatives of benzoic acid.
KingdomOrganic compounds
Super ClassBenzenoids
ClassBenzene and substituted derivatives
Sub ClassBenzoic acids and derivatives
Direct ParentBenzoic acid esters
Alternative Parents
  • Benzoate ester
  • Aminobenzoic acid or derivatives
  • Benzylether
  • Phenylalkylamine
  • Substituted aniline
  • Benzoyl
  • Secondary aliphatic/aromatic amine
  • Aniline
  • Carboxylic acid ester
  • Secondary amine
  • Monocarboxylic acid or derivatives
  • Ether
  • Dialkyl ether
  • Carboxylic acid derivative
  • Hydrocarbon derivative
  • Organooxygen compound
  • Organonitrogen compound
  • Carbonyl group
  • Amine
  • Aromatic homomonocyclic compound
Molecular FrameworkAromatic homomonocyclic compounds
External Descriptors
IndicationFor the symptomatic relief of cough. Has also been applied locally in the oral cavity in adults by releasing the drug from the liquid-filled capsules to provide oropharyngeal anesthesia for conscious intubation.
PharmacodynamicsBenzonatate, a non-narcotic antitussive agent chemically related to tetracaine and other ester-type local anesthetics, is used to suppress cough associated with both acute and chronic respiratory conditions. The drug acts peripherally by anesthetizing the stretch receptors located in the respiratory passages, lungs, and pleura through the dampening of their activity, which reduces the cough reflex.
Mechanism of actionBenzonatate acts peripherally, anesthetizing the stretch receptors of vagal afferent fibers in the alveoli of the lungs, bronchi, and pleura. Since these receptors are responsible for mediating the cough reflex, anesthetizing these receptors result in the inhibiton of cough production. Benzonatate also suppresses transmission of the cough reflex at the level of the medulla where the afferent impulse is transmitted to the motor nerves. When applied locally, Benzonatate binds within the intracellular portion of voltage-gated sodium channels, decreasing the rate of membrane depolarization and increasing the threshold for electrical excitability.
AbsorptionNot Available
Volume of distributionNot Available
Protein bindingNot Available

Benzonatate is hydrolyzed to para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) by plasma esterases

Route of eliminationNot Available
Half life3-8 hours
ClearanceNot Available
ToxicityRestlessness, tremors, seizures and unconsciousness.
Affected organisms
  • Humans and other mammals
PathwaysNot Available
SNP Mediated EffectsNot Available
SNP Mediated Adverse Drug ReactionsNot Available
Predicted ADMET features
Human Intestinal Absorption+0.9932
Blood Brain Barrier+0.9355
Caco-2 permeable+0.6067
P-glycoprotein substrateSubstrate0.6531
P-glycoprotein inhibitor INon-inhibitor0.5978
P-glycoprotein inhibitor IINon-inhibitor0.9434
Renal organic cation transporterNon-inhibitor0.7646
CYP450 2C9 substrateNon-substrate0.875
CYP450 2D6 substrateNon-substrate0.7017
CYP450 3A4 substrateNon-substrate0.6026
CYP450 1A2 substrateNon-inhibitor0.9045
CYP450 2C9 substrateNon-inhibitor0.907
CYP450 2D6 substrateNon-inhibitor0.9232
CYP450 2C19 substrateNon-inhibitor0.9025
CYP450 3A4 substrateNon-inhibitor0.9275
CYP450 inhibitory promiscuityLow CYP Inhibitory Promiscuity0.932
Ames testNon AMES toxic0.7269
BiodegradationReady biodegradable0.6331
Rat acute toxicity2.2423 LD50, mol/kg Not applicable
hERG inhibition (predictor I)Weak inhibitor0.9013
hERG inhibition (predictor II)Non-inhibitor0.6129
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Dosage forms
Capsuleoral100 mg
Capsuleoral150 mg
Capsuleoral200 mg
Capsule, liquid filledoral100 mg
Capsule, liquid filledoral200 mg
Tabletoral100 mg
Unit descriptionCostUnit
Tessalon 200 mg capsule2.76USD capsule
Benzonatate 200 mg capsule2.03USD capsule
Tessalon Perles 100 mg capsule1.62USD capsule
Zonatuss 150 mg capsule1.59USD capsule
Tessalon perle 100 mg capsule1.4USD capsule
Benzonatate 100 mg capsule0.85USD capsule
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PatentsNot Available
Experimental Properties
water solubilitySoluble in most organic solvents except aliphatic hydrocarbonsNot Available
logP2.45HANSCH,C ET AL. (1995)
Predicted Properties
Water Solubility0.00159 mg/mLALOGPS
pKa (Strongest Basic)3.47ChemAxon
Physiological Charge0ChemAxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count11ChemAxon
Hydrogen Donor Count1ChemAxon
Polar Surface Area121.4 Å2ChemAxon
Rotatable Bond Count33ChemAxon
Refractivity161.54 m3·mol-1ChemAxon
Polarizability67.87 Å3ChemAxon
Number of Rings1ChemAxon
Rule of FiveYesChemAxon
Ghose FilterYesChemAxon
Veber's RuleYesChemAxon
MDDR-like RuleYesChemAxon
Mass Spec (NIST)Not Available
SpectraNot Available
Synthesis Reference

Matter, M.; U.S. Patent 2,714,608; August 2, 1955; assigned to Ciba Pharmaceutical Products, Inc.

General Reference
  1. Cohen V, Jellinek SP, Stansfield L, Truong H, Baseluos C, Marshall JP: Cardiac arrest with residual blindness after overdose of tessalon® (benzonatate) perles. J Emerg Med. 2009 Nov 4. Pubmed
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ATC CodesR05DB01
AHFS CodesNot Available
PDB EntriesNot Available
FDA labelNot Available
MSDSNot Available
Drug InteractionsSearched, but no interactions found.
Food InteractionsNot Available


1. Sodium channel protein type 5 subunit alpha

Kind: protein

Organism: Human

Pharmacological action: unknown

Actions: antagonist


Name UniProt ID Details
Sodium channel protein type 5 subunit alpha Q14524 Details


  1. Thimann DA, Huang CJ, Goto CS, Feng SY: Benzonatate toxicity in a teenager resulting in coma, seizures, and severe metabolic acidosis. J Pediatr Pharmacol Ther. 2012 Jul;17(3):270-3. doi: 10.5863/1551-6776-17.3.270. Pubmed

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