Agents useful in the treatment or prevention of COCCIDIOSIS in man or animals.
DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB00359SulfadiazineFor the treatment of rheumatic fever and meningococcal meningitis
DB04263GeneticinNot Available
DB04866HalofuginoneFor the treatment of scleroderma, cancer, and restenosis.
DB06145SpiramycinMacrolide antibiotic for treatment of various infections.
DB11394DecoquinateNot Available
DB11398DiclazurilNot Available
DB11423LasalocidNot Available
DB11430MonensinNot Available
DB11432NarasinNot Available
DB11458RoxarsoneNot Available
DB11480ZoaleneNot Available
DB11544SalinomycinNot Available