Folic Acid

A member of the vitamin B family that stimulates the hematopoietic system. It is present in the liver and kidney and is found in mushrooms, spinach, yeast, green leaves, and grasses (POACEAE). Folic acid is used in the treatment and prevention of folate deficiencies and megaloblastic anemia.
DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB00116Tetrahydrofolic acidFor nutritional supplementation, also for treating dietary shortage or imbalance.
DB00650LeucovorinFor the treatment of osteosarcoma (after high dose methotrexate therapy). Used to diminish the toxicity and counteract the effects of impaired methotrexate elimination and of inadvertent overdosages of folic acid antagonists, and to treat megaloblastic anemias due to folic acid deficiency. Also used in combination with 5-fluorouracil to prolong survival in the palliative treatment of patients with advanced colorectal cancer.
DB11596LevoleucovorinLevoleucovorin is indicated for use as rescue therapy following high-dose methotrexate in the treatment of osteosarcoma or for diminishing the toxicity associated with inadvertent overdosage of folic acid antagonists. Levoleucovorin, as the product Fusilev (FDA, dosed at one-half the usual dose of racemic d,l-leucovorin), has an additional indication for use in combination chemotherapy with 5-fluorouracil in the palliative treatment of patients with advanced metastatic colorectal cancer (although they should not be mixed in the same infusion as a precipitate may form).
DB12769LometrexolNot Available