Accession NumberDB09353
TypeSmall Molecule

Sulfur is a chemical element that is present in all living tissues. After calcium and phosphorus, it is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. Sulfur is also found in garlic, onions and broccoli.

People take sulfur by mouth for shortness of breath, allergies, swelling in the back of the throat (pharyngitis), high cholesterol, clogged arteries, menopause, and upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold. Sulfur seems to have an antibacterial activity. It has been also used for acne.

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Product Ingredients
IngredientUNIICASInChI KeyDetails
Sulfur chlorideNJ7YR2EV0D 10025-67-9PXJJSXABGXMUSU-UHFFFAOYSA-NDetails
Approved Prescription ProductsNot Available
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Approved Over the Counter Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing End
5s Blemish TreatmentCream3 %TopicalShiseido Company Ltd.2000-09-152003-07-01Canada
Acne Blemish Cream(sulfur Cream)Cream4 %TopicalBonne Bell Llc1987-12-311999-07-07Canada
Acne Lotionsulfur SulfurLotion30 mg/mLTopicalAllure Labs, Inc.2014-06-10Not applicableUs
Acne Treatment Sulfur Wash Rodan and FieldLiquid3 g/100mLTopicalRodan & Fields2011-06-08Not applicableUs
Acnefree Therapeutic Sulfur MaskCream35 g/gTopicalValeant Pharmaceuticals North America2014-09-09Not applicableUs
Almay Trouble Spotter Acne Pimple MedicationCream5 %TopicalAlmay Toronto Inc.1993-12-311996-09-09Canada
Amino Mask BioelementsCream5 g/100mLTopicalBioelements2013-06-14Not applicableUs
Anti Acne Natural Volcanic SulfurSoap10 g/100gTopicalPt Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories2012-10-01Not applicableUs
Anti-bac Concentrate Bioelements, Inc.Cream5 mL/100mLTopicalBioelements2010-09-092017-06-23Us
Arisulfur Acne TreatmentSoap10 g/100gTopicalA+Plus Medical Center Limited2013-05-28Not applicableUs
ArmaritaLiquid.12 mg/3mLVaginalJg Select Inc2012-08-02Not applicableUs
Bareminerals Blemish TherapyPowder30 mg/gTopicalBare Escentuals Beauty, Inc.2013-12-31Not applicableUs
Belli Acne Control Spot TreatmentCream30 mg/mLTopicalAbt Belli Materna Inc2012-01-02Not applicableUs
Bioelements Amino MaskCream5 mL/100mLTopicalBioelements2012-04-26Not applicableUs
Blemish BusterLiquid10 mL/100mLTopicalGuthy Renker, Llc.2010-05-11Not applicableUs
Clarifying Colloidal Sulfur MaskCream50 mg/gTopicalDr. Dennis Gross Skincare?, Llc2012-08-01Not applicableUs
Clear Logix Oil Absorbent Acne MaskLotion10 %TopicalAdvanced Research Laboratories1999-03-312002-07-17Canada
Clearcalm 3 Acne Treatment MaskCream5 g/100gTopicalRen Ltd.2010-05-30Not applicableUs
Clearcalm 3 Anti-acne StarterCream5 g/100gTopicalRen Ltd.2012-02-01Not applicableUs
Clinicians ComplexLotion100 mg/gTopicalCosmed, Inc.2013-12-11Not applicableUs
Clixit (tm) Acne EraserCream.28 g/2.8gTopicalRenu Laboratories, Inc.2015-10-25Not applicableUs
Clixit Acne EraserLotion100 mg/mLTopicalClixit, Llc2017-03-15Not applicableUs
Concealing Spot TreatmentLotion50 mg/mLTopicalDermalogica2014-04-22Not applicableUs
Correct and Perfect Spot TreatmentCream32.5 mg/gTopicalDr. Dennis Gross Skincare?, Llc2006-09-05Not applicableUs
Ddf Sulfur Therapeutic Sulfur Acne TreatmentPaste100 mg/gTopicalProcter And Gamble2013-05-012016-10-01Us
De LA Cruz Sulfur Acne MedicationOintment10 g/100gTopicalDLC Laboratories, Inc.2014-08-11Not applicableUs
Dermaklear Akne Treatment With SulfurSoap5 g/85gTopicalSchwabe North America, Inc2004-07-01Not applicableUs
Dhc Acne Spot TherapyCream6 mg/.2gTopicalDHC USA Incorporated2011-08-012018-11-12Us
Dr Dennis Gross Correct and PerfectCream.4875 g/15mLTopicalBentley Laboratories, LLC2010-05-01Not applicableUs
Dr Dennis Gross Trifix Acne ClearingLotion1.5 g/50mLTopicalBentley Laboratories, LLC2010-01-01Not applicableUs
Dr. S. Wongs Acne Treatment SulphurSoap3 g/100gTopicalInternational Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2010-05-24Not applicableUs
Dry Lo - Sulphur Drying LotionLotion10 %TopicalFlageoli Limited1998-06-152008-08-26Canada
Earths Care Acne Spot TreatmentCream10 g/100gTopicalDLC Laboratories, Inc.2013-01-18Not applicableUs
Earths Care Acne Treatment MaskCream5 g/100gTopicalDLC Laboratories, Inc.2013-01-18Not applicableUs
Elfmineral Blemish Kit BoxPowder3 g/100gTopicalHangzhou Facecare Cosmetics Co., Ltd.2010-12-01Not applicableUs
End-zitLotion, augmented.05 g/gTopicalAbbe Laboratories, Inc.2004-04-20Not applicableUs
End-zitLotion, augmented.05 g/mLTopicalAbbe Laboratories, Inc.2004-04-20Not applicableUs
End-zitLotion, augmented.05 g/gTopicalAbbe Laboratories, Inc.2004-04-20Not applicableUs
End-zitLotion, augmented.05 g/gTopicalAbbe Laboratories, Inc.2004-04-20Not applicableUs
Eradikate Acne TreatmentLiquid10 g/100mLTopicalKate Somerville Skincare Llc2014-06-15Not applicableUs
Eradikate Facial MaskLotion5 g/100mLTopicalKate Somerville Skincare Llc2014-06-15Not applicableUs
Eyes Lips Face Mineral Blemish Kit BoxPowder3 g/100gTopicalJ. A. Cosmetics U.S. INC2010-12-01Not applicableUs
FacematterLotion100 mg/gTopicalCosmed, Inc.2013-12-112015-12-04Us
Feix Bioazufre / BiosulphurSoap2 g/100gTopicalSpai Sons Pharmaceutical International Cosmetics2006-05-01Not applicableUs
Glytone Acne Facial MasqueCream64 mg/gTopicalGenesis2014-05-122017-08-04Us
Grandpas Thylox Acne Treatment With SulfurSoap3 g/100gTopicalBradford Soap Works, Inc.2007-02-202016-10-13Us
Holywood BeautySoap3 g/100gTopicalBradford Soap Works, Inc.2007-02-202016-10-13Us
Hydropeptide Spot CorrectionOintment1.5 g/15mLTopicalBentley Laboratories, LLC2014-05-17Not applicableUs
Joesoef Skincare Anti AcneLotion6.3 1/95mLTopicalPt Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories2006-10-01Not applicableUs
Kiehls Since 1851 Dermatologist Solutions Breakout Control Targeted Acne Spot TreatmentLotion100 mg/mLTopicalL'oreal2016-11-01Not applicableUs
Liquimat Acne Treatment and Cover-UPLiquid3 g/100mLTopicalSummers Laboratories2013-10-30Not applicableUs
Malin and Goetz Acne TreatmentCream10 g/100mLTopicalMalin + Goetz2012-11-05Not applicableUs
Malin Goetz Acne Treatment NighttimeLotion1.4 g/14mLTopicalBentley Laboratories, LLC2013-11-01Not applicableUs
Margarite Zinc CreamCream1.12 g/28gTopicalRenu Laboratories, Inc.2013-10-15Not applicableUs
Matrix Active Acne Treat.Soap3 %TopicalMatrix Essentials Inc.1995-12-312001-05-29Canada
Mineral Blemish KitPowder3 1/100gTopicalJ. A. Cosmetics U.S. INC2013-10-10Not applicableUs
MottoPatch9 mg/9mgTransdermalMotto Elektro Ltd.2013-03-10Not applicableUs
Nerd Acne TreatmentLotion.9 g/30mLTopicalPanco Cosmetics Corp.2016-03-01Not applicableUs
Oligostim SoufreTablet0.015 mgOralDolisos Laboratoires S.A.1998-06-112007-08-01Canada
Overnight Spot TreatmentLiquid10 g/mLTopicalCos Medical Technologies2015-11-04Not applicableUs
Palmers Skin SuccessSoap3 g/100gTopicalBradford Soap Works, Inc.2016-06-15Not applicableUs
Pharmassist Clarifex Ph Mud Crm 3.0%Cream3 %TopicalNu Skin International, Inc.1993-12-311996-08-22Canada
Postacne Lotion - 2%Lotion2 %TopicalDermik Laboratories1998-11-192003-07-22Canada
Postacne Lotion 2%Lotion2 %TopicalRhone Poulenc Rorer1993-12-311999-08-11Canada
Proactiv Clear Purifying MaskGel6 mg/100mLTopicalGuthy Renker, Llc.2008-02-01Not applicableUs
Proactiv Concealer PlusLotion8 mg/100mLTopicalGuthy Renker, Llc.1998-12-01Not applicableUs
Proactiv Plus Skin Purifying MaskLotion6 g/100gTopicalGuthy Renker, Llc.2012-12-31Not applicableUs
Proactiv Refining MaskCream.06 g/gTopicalGuthy Renker, Llc.1998-12-01Not applicableUs
Proactiv Skin Purifying MaskLotion6 g/100gTopicalThe Proactiv Company, Llc2016-03-08Not applicableUs
Proactiv Solution Refining MaskCream6 g/100gTopicalGuthy Renker, Llc.2013-08-01Not applicableUs
Pureness Brand Spot CreamCream3 %TopicalShiseido Company Ltd.1985-12-311996-09-10Canada
Quick Dry Acne TreatmentLotion10 g/100mLTopicalDr. Thrower's Skincare, Inc.2014-11-17Not applicableUs
Renu Laboratories Acne Sulphur LSuspension1.4 g/14gTopicalRenu Laboratories, Inc.2015-04-16Not applicableUs
Renu Laboratories DryingSuspension1.4 g/14gTopicalRenu Laboratories, Inc.2015-04-06Not applicableUs
Rodan and Fields Unblemish 1 Wash Acne Medicated CleanserCream3 mL/100mLTopicalCosmetic Enterprises2009-01-01Not applicableUs
Shiseido Pureness Blemish Control Cream-3%Cream3 %TopicalShiseido Company Ltd.1996-10-102004-07-12Canada
SoufrePowderTopicalLab Valmo EnregistrÉ, Division Of Technilab Inc.1974-12-312000-08-24Canada
Soufre 100%PowderOral; TopicalProduits Marc O (1987) Inc., Division Of Technilab Inc.1962-12-312000-08-24Canada
Spai-sons Acid Anti-dandruffShampoo.4 mL/100mLTopicalSpai Sons Pharmaceutical International Cosmetics2012-06-30Not applicableUs
Spai-sons Marigold Oily SkinCream.1 g/100gTopicalSpai Sons Pharmaceutical International Cosmetics2012-06-30Not applicableUs
Spot CorrectionCream30 mg/mLTopicalHydro Peptide Llc2017-01-11Not applicableUs
Sul-ray Acne Treatment Sop 5%Soap5 %TopicalAlvin Last, Inc.1987-12-311997-02-20Canada
SulfaclearSoap.33 g/1TopicalBurke Therapeutics, LLC2017-01-26Not applicableUs
SulfurOintment10 g/100gTopicalCaribe Natural, Llc2015-05-05Not applicableUs
SulfurOintment10 g/100gTopicalGrisi Hnos, S.A De C.V2012-12-01Not applicableUs
SulfurOintment10 g/100gTopicalWorld Perfumes, Inc2015-05-05Not applicableUs
SulfurSoap10 g/100gTopicalGrisi Hnos, S.A De C.V2012-12-01Not applicableUs
Sulfur 8 & Scalp Cond.origOintment2 %TopicalJ. Strickland & Co.1997-01-022001-06-27Canada
Sulfur CleanserLiquid.03 g/gTopicalCo Valence, Inc.2013-12-132016-10-13Us
Sulpho-lac MedicatedSoap5 g/100gTopicalBradford Soap Works, Inc.2007-02-202016-10-13Us
Sulphur Ont 10%Ointment10 %TopicalStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1965-12-312000-07-27Canada
Therapeutic Sulfur MaskCream35 g/1000gTopicalUniversity Medical Pharmaceuticals Corp2011-09-06Not applicableUs
ThyloxSoap3 g/100gTopicalBradford Soap Works, Inc.2016-06-01Not applicableUs
Treatment 101 Acne Clearing TreatmentLiquid.003 mg/.06mgTopicalCare Pluss Pharma S.A. De C.V.2012-08-06Not applicableUs
UnmaskedCream8 %TopicalFlageoli Limited2002-01-152007-08-30Canada
X Out Spot CorrectorLotion6 g/100mLTopicalGuthy Renker, Llc.2012-12-31Not applicableUs
Zo Skin Health Offects Sulfur Masque Acne TreatmentCream100 mg/gTopicalZo Skin Health Inc2015-05-01Not applicableUs
Unapproved/Other Products Not Available
International BrandsNot Available
Brand mixtures
Acne Aid GelStiefel Laboratories, Inc.
Acne Clearning Treatment FaceCare Pluss Pharma S.A. De C.V.
Acne Treatment Maximum Strength CvsCvs Health
Acnomel Skin Tone CreamNumark Laboratories, Inc.
Actinac PwrRoussel Canada Inc.
Actinac PwsHoechst Roussel Canada Inc.
Adult AcnomelNumark Brands, Inc
Anti-acne Formula for MenClinique Laboratories Dist
Anti-acne Formula-lightClinique Laboratories Dist
Anti-acne Formula-mediumClinique Laboratories Dist
AvarMission Pharmacal
Avar Cleansing PadsMission Pharmacal
Avar LsMission Pharmacal
Avar Ls Cleansing PadsMission Pharmacal
Avar-EMission Pharmacal
Avar-E GreenMission Pharmacal
Avar-E LsMission Pharmacal
Bp Cleansing WashAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Calcium Magnesium Sulfur Silicon - TabPro Shop Inc.
Clarifying MaskHalogent, LLC (DBA Exposed Skin Care)
Clearasil Daily Clear Adult Tinted Acne TreatmentReckitt Benckiser
Clearasil Daily Clear Tinted Adult TreatmentReckitt Benckiser
Clearasil Skin Tone Acne Crm MedicationRichardson Vicks, Division Of The Procter & Gamble Company
Clearasil Vanishing Acne Crm MedicationRichardson Vicks, Division Of The Procter & Gamble Company
Clearskin 2 Tinted Blemish CrmAvon Products, Inc.
CleniaUpsher Smith Laboratories
Cvs Acne TreatmentCvs Health
Derma-forcePrairie Naturals
Dermoscribe Seborrheic DermatitisDermoscribe Pty Ltd
Exact-RX Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfer 10%/5% CleanserExact Rx, Inc.
Feix FacialSpai Sons Pharmaceutical International Cosmetics
Glytone Acne Spot TreatmentGenesis
Glytone Acne Treatment Flesh Tinted AcneGenesis
Jason Dandruff Relief TreatmentThe Hain Celestial Group
Mazon Medicated ShampooDannorth Natural Laboratories Inc
Medrol Acne LotionPfizer
Neo-medrol Acne LotionPfizer
Pazol XsStratus Pharmaceuticals
Pernox CrmWestwood Squibb, Division Of Bristol Myers Squibb Canada Inc.
Pernox Crm LemonWestwood Squibb, Division Of Bristol Myers Squibb Canada Inc.
Perrigo Sodium Sulfacetamide and SulfurPerrigo New York Inc.
Persol Acne CreamCarter Horner Corp.
Persol Forte Acne CreamCarter Horner Corp.
Prascion CleanserPrasco, Laboratories
Prascion FcPrasco, Laboratories
Prascion RaPrasco, Laboratories
Red Better Spot Corrector Non-drying Acne BalmSkin Sciences Laboratory Inc.
RezamidSummers Laboratories
RosulaAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc
Rosula WashAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc
Sastid Soap for Stubborn AcneStiefel Laboratories, Inc.
Sebulex LiqWestwood Squibb, Division Of Bristol Myers Squibb Canada Inc.
Sebutone ShampooWestwood Squibb, Division Of Bristol Myers Squibb Canada Inc.
Sodium Polysulthionate and Folic AcidSolubiomix
Sodium Polysulthionate, 5-methyltetrahydrofolateSolubiomix
Sodium Polysulthionate, 5-mthfSolubiomix
Sodium Sulfacetamide - Sulfur Cleansing PadsAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide - Sulfur WashAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 10 and Sulfur 5Perrigo New York Inc.
Sodium Sulfacetamide 10 Sulfur 2 CleanserAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 10 Sulfur 2 CreamAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 10 Sulfur 5Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 10 Sulfur 5 CleanserAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 9 Sulfur 4.5 WashAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 9.8% and Sulfur 4.8%Rosemar Labs, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 9.8% and Sulfur 4.8% CleanserRosemar Labs, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 9.8% and Sulfur 4.8% CreamRosemar Labs, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide 9.8%, Sulfur 4.8%Bi Coastal Pharma International Llc
Sodium Sulfacetamide and SulfurSeton Pharmaceuticals
Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur 10 Percent and 2 Percent CleanserMethod Pharmaceuticals
Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur 10 Percent and 5 Percent CleanserMethod Pharmaceuticals
Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur CleanserBi Coastal Pharma International Llc
Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur External CreamCameron Pharmaceuticals
Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur External LiquidCameron Pharmaceuticals
Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur Topical SuspensionRochester Pharmaceuticals
Sodium Sulfacetamide and Sulfur WashAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sodium Sulfacetamide, SulfurAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Sterex Crm PlusInternational Dermatologicals Inc.
Sterex Lot PlusInternational Dermatologicals Inc.
Sterex ShpInternational Dermatologicals Inc.
Sulfacet R LotionRhone Poulenc Rorer
Sulfacet-RValeant Canada Lp Valeant Canada S.E.C.
Sulfacetamide Sodium and SulfurBi Coastal Pharma International Llc
Sulfacetamide Sodium, SulfurBiocomp Pharma, Inc.
Sulfacleanse 8/4Pru Gen Pharmaceuticals
SulfixJourney Medical Corporation
Sulfoxyl Lotion RegularStiefel Laboratories, Inc.
SumadanMedimetriks Pharmaceuticals
Sumadan WashMedimetriks Pharmaceuticals
Sumadan XltMedimetriks Pharmaceuticals
Sumaxin Cleansing PadsMedimetriks Pharmaceuticals
Sumaxin CpMedimetriks Pharmaceuticals
Sumaxin TsMedimetriks Pharmaceuticals
Thunas Eczema OntThuna Herbal Remedies Ltd.
Virti-sulfVirtus Pharmaceuticals
Zencia WashStratus Pharmaceuticals
CAS numberNot Available
WeightAverage: 256.52
Monoisotopic: 255.77656552
Chemical FormulaS8

Topically it is indicated for dandruff, acne, Hayfever, common cold, scaly and red skin patches (seborrheic dermatitis). Poison ivy, and sumac infections.

Structured Indications

Sulfur is converted to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) through reduction, partly by bacteria. H2S has a lethal action on bacteria (possibly including Propionibacterium acnes) which plays a role in acne, fungi, and parasites such as scabies mites.

Mechanism of action

Sulfur acts as a keratolytic agent and also it has antibacterial activity. It also kills fungi, scabies mites and other parasites. Precipitated sulfur and colloidal sulfur are used, in form of lotions, creams, powders, soaps, and bath additives, for the treatment of acne vulgaris, acne rosacea, and seborrhoeic dermatitis.

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Intended for local use only, no systemic absorption.

Volume of distribution

Intended for local use only, no systemic absorption.

Protein binding

Intended for local use only, no systemic absorption.


Intended for local use only, no systemic absorption.

Route of elimination

Intended for local use only, no systemic absorption.

Half life

Intended for local use only, no systemic absorption.


Intended for local use only, no systemic absorption.


rat oral LD50 of greater than 5,000 mg/kg (3, 10); and greater than 8,437 mg/kg.

Affected organisms
  • Humans and other mammals
PathwaysNot Available
Pharmacogenomic Effects/ADRs Not Available
Drug Interactions Not Available
Food InteractionsNot Available
Synthesis ReferenceNot Available
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ATC CodesD10AB02
AHFS CodesNot Available
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Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials
2, 3CompletedTreatmentBMI >27 kg/m2 / Pregnancy / Psychiatric Disorder NOS1
4Unknown StatusTreatmentTreatment of Acne Vulgaris Grade II in a Short Period of Time1
ManufacturersNot Available
PackagersNot Available
Dosage forms
CreamTopical4 %
LotionTopical30 mg/mL
CreamTopical35 g/g
Powder, for solutionTopical
CreamTopical5 %
CreamTopical5 g/100mL
SoapTopical10 g/100g
LiquidVaginal.12 mg/3mL
Aerosol, foamTopical
PowderTopical30 mg/g
CreamTopical30 mg/mL
CreamTopical5 mL/100mL
LiquidTopical10 mL/100mL
CreamTopical50 mg/g
LotionTopical10 %
CreamTopical5 g/100g
LotionTopical100 mg/g
CreamTopical.28 g/2.8g
LotionTopical50 mg/mL
CreamTopical32.5 mg/g
PasteTopical100 mg/g
SoapTopical5 g/85g
CreamTopical6 mg/.2g
CreamTopical.4875 g/15mL
LotionTopical1.5 g/50mL
CreamTopical10 g/100g
PowderTopical3 g/100g
Lotion, augmentedTopical.05 g/g
Lotion, augmentedTopical.05 g/mL
LiquidTopical10 g/100mL
LotionTopical5 g/100mL
SoapTopical2 g/100g
CreamTopical64 mg/g
SoapTopical3 g/100g
OintmentTopical1.5 g/15mL
LotionTopical6.3 1/95mL
LotionTopical100 mg/mL
LiquidTopical3 g/100mL
CreamTopical10 g/100mL
LotionTopical1.4 g/14mL
CreamTopical1.12 g/28g
SoapTopical3 %
PowderTopical3 1/100g
PatchTransdermal9 mg/9mg
LotionTopical.9 g/30mL
TabletOral0.015 mg
LiquidTopical10 g/mL
CreamTopical3 %
LotionTopical2 %
GelTopical6 mg/100mL
LotionTopical8 mg/100mL
LotionTopical6 g/100g
CreamTopical.06 g/g
CreamTopical6 g/100g
LotionTopical10 g/100mL
SuspensionTopical1.4 g/14g
CreamTopical3 mL/100mL
Liquid; shampooTopical
PowderOral; Topical
PowderOral; Topical
ShampooTopical.4 mL/100mL
CreamTopical.1 g/100g
SoapTopical5 %
SoapTopical.33 g/1
OintmentTopical10 g/100g
OintmentTopical2 %
LiquidTopical.03 g/g
SoapTopical5 g/100g
OintmentTopical10 %
CreamTopical35 g/1000g
LiquidTopical.003 mg/.06mg
CreamTopical8 %
LotionTopical6 g/100mL
CreamTopical100 mg/g
PricesNot Available
PatentsNot Available
StateNot Available
Experimental PropertiesNot Available
Predicted Properties
Physiological Charge0ChemAxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count0ChemAxon
Hydrogen Donor Count0ChemAxon
Polar Surface Area0 Å2ChemAxon
Rotatable Bond Count0ChemAxon
Refractivity46.05 m3·mol-1ChemAxon
Polarizability20.4 Å3ChemAxon
Number of Rings1ChemAxon
Rule of FiveYesChemAxon
Ghose FilterYesChemAxon
Veber's RuleYesChemAxon
MDDR-like RuleYesChemAxon
Predicted ADMET featuresNot Available
Mass Spec (NIST)Not Available
Spectrum TypeDescriptionSplash Key
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, PositiveNot Available
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, PositiveNot Available
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, PositiveNot Available
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 10V, NegativeNot Available
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 20V, NegativeNot Available
Predicted LC-MS/MSPredicted LC-MS/MS Spectrum - 40V, NegativeNot Available
DescriptionThis compound belongs to the class of chemical entities known as other non-metal sulfides. These are inorganic compounds containing a sulfur atom of an oxidation state of -2, in which the heaviest atom bonded to the oxygen belongs to the class of other non-metals.
KingdomChemical entities
Super ClassInorganic compounds
ClassHomogeneous non-metal compounds
Sub ClassOther non-metal organides
Direct ParentOther non-metal sulfides
Alternative ParentsInorganic sulfides
SubstituentsOther non-metal sulfide / Inorganic sulfide
Molecular FrameworkNot Available
External Descriptorshomomonocyclic compound, elemental sulfur (CHEBI:29385 )
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