Gastrointestinal Problems

Also known as: Gastrointestinal Problem

DrugDrug NameDrug Description
DB00115CyanocobalaminCyanocobalamin (commonly known as Vitamin B12) is a highly complex, essential vitamin, owing its name to the fact that it contains the mineral, cobalt. This vitamin is produced naturally by bacteria [A175276], and is necessary for DNA synthesis and cellular energy production. Vitamin B12 has many forms, including the cyano-, methyl-, deoxyadenosyl- and hydroxy-cobalamin forms. The _cyano_ form, is the most widely used form in supplements and prescription drugs [A175255], [FDA label]. Several pharmaceutical forms of cyanocobalamin have been developed, including the tablet, injection, and nasal spray forms [FDA label], [L5542], [L5545]. This drug was initially approved by the FDA in 1942 [FDA label].
DrugDrug NamePhaseStatusCount
DB00126Ascorbic acid1 / 2Completed1
DB00338Omeprazole1 / 2Completed1
DB09287Polyethylene glycol1 / 2Completed1
DB00761Potassium chloride1 / 2Completed1
DB14482Sodium ascorbate1 / 2Completed1
DB09153Sodium chloride1 / 2Completed1
DB09472Sodium sulfate1 / 2Completed1
DB00512Vancomycin1 / 2Completed1
DB01024Mycophenolic acid4Completed1