Accession NumberDB00115  (NUTR00004, APRD00326, EXPT00965)
TypeSmall Molecule
GroupsApproved, Nutraceutical

Cyanocobalamin (commonly known as Vitamin B12) is the most chemically complex of all the vitamins. Cyanocobalamin's structure is based on a corrin ring, which, although similar to the porphyrin ring found in heme, chlorophyll, and cytochrome, has two of the pyrrole rings directly bonded. The central metal ion is Co (cobalt). Cyanocobalamin cannot be made by plants or by animals, as the only type of organisms that have the enzymes required for the synthesis of cyanocobalamin are bacteria and archaea. Higher plants do not concentrate cyanocobalamin from the soil and so are a poor source of the substance as compared with animal tissues. Cyanocobalamin is naturally found in foods including meat (especially liver and shellfish), eggs, and milk products. [HMDB]

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 complex
Vitamin B12 NOS
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Approved Prescription Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing End
Aj-cyanocobalaminSolution1000 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousAgila Jamp Canada IncNot applicableNot applicableCanada
B-12 1000 Inj 1000mcg/mlLiquid1 mgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousOmega Laboratories Ltd1985-12-31Not applicableCanada
Bedoz 1000injLiquid1 mgIntramuscularLab Nadeau LtÉe, Division Of Technilab Inc.1951-12-312005-08-05Canada
Cataplex B12 Tab 6mcgTablet6 mcgOralStandard Process Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Cobex Inj 1000mcg/mlSolution1 mgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousKripps Pharmacy Ltd.1979-12-31Not applicableCanada
Crystalline Vitamin B12-liq Im Sc 1000mcg/mlLiquid1 mgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousGermiphene Corporation1996-12-311999-06-28Canada
Cyanocobalamin Injection USPLiquid1000 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousTeligent OuNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Cyanocobalamin Injection USPSolution1000 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousTeligent OuNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Cyanocobalamin Injection USP 1000mcg/mlLiquid1 mgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousTaro Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1987-12-31Not applicableCanada
Cyanocobalamin Injection, USPSolution1000 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousMylan Pharmaceuticals2014-07-25Not applicableCanada
Cyanocobalamin Injection, USPLiquid1 mgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousSterimax Inc1992-12-31Not applicableCanada
Jamp-cyanocobalaminSolution1000 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousJamp Pharma Corporation2014-03-12Not applicableCanada
NascobalSpray500 ug/1NasalPar Pharmaceutical2009-08-13Not applicableUs
Rubion 1000Liquid1 mgIntramuscularDesbergers LtÉe, Division Of Technilab Inc.1951-12-312004-08-09Canada
Rubramin 1000mcg/mlLiquid1 mgIntramuscular; Intravenous; SubcutaneousSquibb Canada Inc., Division Of Bristol Myers Squibb Canada Inc.1955-12-311999-08-09Canada
Scheinpharm B12 InjectionLiquid1000 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousSchein Pharmaceutical Canada Inc.1996-12-112004-07-26Canada
Vitamin B-12 TabletTablet250 mcgOralLeiner Health ProductsNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Vitamin B12Liquid100 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousSandoz Canada Incorporated2000-08-29Not applicableCanada
Vitamin B12Liquid1 mgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousSandoz Canada Incorporated1978-12-31Not applicableCanada
Vitamin B12Solution1000 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousMylan Pharmaceuticals2005-07-262015-11-03Canada
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin Injection, USP 1000 Mcg/mlLiquid1000 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousAlveda Pharmaceuticals IncNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Vitamin B12 Inj 1000mcg/mlSolution1 mgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousHospira, Inc.1981-12-31Not applicableCanada
Vitamin B12 Inj 100mcg/mlSolution100 mcgIntramuscular; SubcutaneousHospira, Inc.1981-12-31Not applicableCanada
Approved Generic Prescription Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing End
B12 Inject KitKitIntramuscular; SubcutaneousOaklock, Llc2015-06-19Not applicableUs
B12 Inject KitKitIntramuscular; SubcutaneousOaklock, Llc2015-07-08Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousSomerset Therapeutics, Llc2017-07-04Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscularAmerican Regent1990-09-30Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousGavis Pharma Llc2015-12-112016-12-28Us
CyanocobalaminInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousWest Ward Pharmaceutical1971-10-20Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousWest Ward Pharmaceutical1971-10-20Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousGeneral Injectables & Vaccines2010-03-01Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscularCardinal Health1990-09-30Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousWest Ward Pharmaceutical1971-10-20Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscularGeneral Injectables & Vaccines2010-07-01Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscularAmerican Regent1996-11-07Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousA S Medication Solutions2000-10-182017-06-20Us
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousPhysicians Total Care, Inc.2003-09-18Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousAPP Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2000-10-18Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousSomerset Therapeutics, Llc2016-06-16Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscularAmerican Regent2003-05-29Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection, solution1000 ug/mLIntramuscularCardinal Health2003-05-29Not applicableUs
CyanocobalaminInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousA S Medication Solutions1971-10-202017-06-20Us
CyanocobalamineInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousMylan Institutional2017-07-06Not applicableUs
CyanocobalamineInjection1000 ug/mLIntramuscular; SubcutaneousMylan Institutional2017-07-06Not applicableUs
Vitamin Deficiency Injectable System - B12KitIt3 Medical Llc2016-05-01Not applicableUs
Approved Over the Counter Products
NameDosageStrengthRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing End
B-12 1000mcg Continuous Released TabTablet, extended release1 mgOralGahler Enterprises Ltd.1981-12-312000-10-03Canada
B-plexTablet50 mcgOralBeverly International Nutrition1986-12-311998-08-01Canada
B12 1000mcgTablet1000 mcgOralNatural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd.2000-09-012007-08-07Canada
B12 250mcg CyanocobalaminTablet250 mcgOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2001-10-012009-09-28Canada
Forphyll 3mcgTablet3 mcgOralTherapeutic Foods Co.1989-12-152004-07-22Canada
Gsf Tab 24mcgTablet24 mcgOralNutri Dyn Products Ltd.1980-12-311996-09-09Canada
Puro Sang Tab 1mcgTablet1 mcgOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1966-12-312001-07-26Canada
Vit B12 Ctr Srt 1200mcgTablet, extended release1.2 mgOralBioenergy Inc.1979-12-311998-06-03Canada
Vit B12 Tab 500mcgTablet500 mcgOralPure Life International Prods Inc.1992-12-312001-08-07Canada
Vitamin B 12 Tab 25mcgTablet.025 mgOralSwiss Herbal Remedies Ltd.1971-12-312003-09-10Canada
Vitamin B-12 500 Mcg - TabletsTablet500 mcgOralHealth Wise Nutrition Inc.1997-08-151998-08-25Canada
Vitamin B12Tablet100 mcgOralNatures Sunshine Products, Inc.1998-10-142007-07-30Canada
Vitamin B12Capsule1000 mcgOralSisu Inc.1999-08-032006-07-31Canada
Vitamin B12 50mcg TabTablet50 mcgOralNutricorp International1993-12-312009-08-05Canada
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 1000mcg CapletTablet1 mgOralHealth Wise Nutrition Inc.1994-12-311998-08-25Canada
Vitamin B12 100 McgTablet100 mcgOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2002-05-312008-07-17Canada
Vitamin B12 100 Mcg TabletsTablet100 mcgOralPurity Life Health Products A Division Of Sunopta Inc.2002-06-012007-07-26Canada
Vitamin B12 1000 McgTablet1000 mcgOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2005-03-282007-08-07Canada
Vitamin B12 1000 McgCapsule1000 mcgOralFlora Manufacturing And Distributing Ltd.2002-03-152004-08-04Canada
Vitamin B12 100mcgTablet100 mcgOralGreat Earth Companies, Inc.1998-08-252002-10-02Canada
Vitamin B12 250mcgTablet250 mcgOralNobel Pharm Enr.1997-12-012001-10-15Canada
Vitamin B12 250mcg TabletsTablet250 mcgOralVita Health Products Inc1997-09-082002-07-31Canada
Vitamin B12 500 McgCapsule500 mcgOralFlora Manufacturing And Distributing Ltd.2002-03-152004-08-04Canada
Vitamin B12 500mcgTablet500 mcgOralGreat Earth Companies, Inc.1998-08-252002-10-02Canada
Vitamin B12 Cap 500mcg USPCapsule500 mcgOralQuest Vitamins A Div Of Purity Life Health Products1980-12-312001-07-06Canada
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamine 500 McgTablet500 mcgOralPremier Plus Supplements Inc.2000-04-252003-07-16Canada
Vitamin B12 Srt 1000mcgTablet, extended release1 mgOralAnabolic Laboratories Inc.1981-12-311996-10-02Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 100mcgTablet100 mcgOralPharmavite1987-12-311998-09-08Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 100mcgTablet100 mcgOralNutristar Health Products (1987) Inc.1983-12-311996-09-09Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 250mcgTablet250 mcgOralHall Laboratories, Ltd.1981-12-312003-09-11Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 250mcgTablet250 mcgOralGahler Enterprises Ltd.1984-12-312007-08-07Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 250mcgTablet250 mcgOralNutristar Health Products (1987) Inc.1987-12-311996-09-09Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 250mcgTablet250 mcgOralPharmavite1991-12-312003-07-30Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 25mcgTablet25 mcgOralVita Health Products Inc1957-12-312005-07-20Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 25mcgTablet25 mcgOralWampole Brands1980-12-312004-06-29Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 25mcgTablet25 mcgOralShoppers Drug Mart Inc.1980-12-311997-08-15Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 25mcgTablet25 mcgOralVita Health Products Inc1982-12-312004-07-26Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 500mcgTablet500 mcgOralPharmavite1987-12-312006-07-05Canada
Vitamin B12 Tab 5mcgTablet5 mcgOralTherapeutic Foods Co.1980-04-021996-09-09Canada
Vitamin B12 Tablets 250mcgTablet250 mcgOralLondon Drugs Limited1996-10-111997-08-20Canada
Vitamine B-12 Tab 100mcgTablet100 mcgOralSwiss Herbal Remedies Ltd.1990-12-312007-07-31Canada
Vitamine B12 25 Mcg - TabletTablet25 mcgOralNobel Pharm Enr.1995-12-312001-10-15Canada
Vitamine B12 250mcgTablet250 mcgOralLaboratoire Lalco Inc.1998-06-052006-09-07Canada
Vitamine B12 Tab 25mcgTablet25 mcgOralLaboratoire Lalco Inc.1986-12-312002-09-05Canada
Vitamine B12 Tab 3mcg ChewableTablet3 mcgOralLab Gernetic Int Ltee1985-12-311997-02-21Canada
Unapproved/Other Products Not Available
International Brands
BedozNot Available
Cobolin-MNot Available
CrystamineNot Available
CyanojectNot Available
CyominNot Available
DicopacNot Available
Neuroforte-RNot Available
PrimabaltNot Available
Rubramin PCNot Available
Vitabee 12Not Available
Brand mixtures
NameIngredientsDosageRouteLabellerMarketing StartMarketing End
Active FETabletOralGm Pharmaceuticals2013-11-11Not applicableUs
Adult Infuvite Multiple VitaminsInjection, solutionIntravenousSandoz2005-05-18Not applicableUs
AlphaligoTabletOralClinique Lafontaine Inc, Division Les Importations Ortho1998-03-062008-08-07Canada
Alsimine W Vitamins A DCapsule; LiquidOralAlsi Cie Ltee1978-12-312003-05-21Canada
Am CapsCapsuleOralNew Vision Nutritionals Company1998-10-012002-11-20Canada
American Eagle Energizer Plus Vitamin Supplement DrinkLiquidOralP.S.W.C. Co., Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
American Plus Energy & Vitamin DrinkLiquidOralP.S.W.C. Co., Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Animi-3CapsuleOralPbm Pharmaceuticals Inc.2011-06-01Not applicableUs
Animi-3 with Vitamin DCapsuleOralPbm Pharmaceuticals Inc.2011-06-01Not applicableUs
Av-VITE FBTabletOralAv Kare, Inc.2015-11-052016-01-20Us
B 50 CapsulesCapsuleOralRheingold Food International Ltd.1987-12-312007-07-26Canada
B C Antistress CapCapsuleOralLes Laboratoires Bio SantÉ Inc.1992-12-311996-09-10Canada
B Complex 25mg Vitamin SupplementTabletOralGarden State Nutritionals1998-08-312000-06-07Canada
B Complex 50 Vitamin CapCapsuleOralBioforce Canada Inc.1994-12-311997-07-22Canada
B Complex 50+ CapletTabletOralHealth Wise Nutrition Inc.1994-12-312002-07-18Canada
B Complex Plus C 300mg TabTabletOralNutricorp International2000-08-012009-08-05Canada
B Complex TabletsTabletOralGolden Neo Life Diamite International, Limited1979-12-312000-08-06Canada
B Complex W C and B12 InjLiquidIntramuscular; IntravenousE L Stickley And Co Ltd.1963-12-311996-09-09Canada
B Complex W C Forte CapCapsuleOralEverest Pharmaceuticals Ltd.1980-12-311999-07-14Canada
B Complex W Vit C W Non-med Yeast&liver TabTabletOralPharmavite1991-12-311997-09-04Canada
B Complex W Vitamin C Fortis CapCapsuleOralShoppers Drug Mart Inc.1984-12-311998-08-14Canada
B Complex With C 300mgCapsuleOralVita Health Products Inc1985-12-312008-08-05Canada
B Complex With C 550mgCapsuleOralVita Health Products Inc1990-12-312002-07-31Canada
B Compound 50mg TabTabletOralGahler Enterprises Ltd.1987-12-312009-09-28Canada
B Stress C + Iron & ViteTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1990-12-312004-07-26Canada
B VirolElixirOralRolmex International Inc.1975-12-312008-07-09Canada
B Vitamin Compound With B12 ThunasLiquidOralThuna Herbal Remedies Ltd.1984-05-312002-10-16Canada
B With C 500 CapCapsuleOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1995-12-312006-07-27Canada
B-100 CapsCapsuleOralNow Foods2005-05-192008-07-11Canada
B-100 Complex TabletsTablet, extended releaseOralViva Pharmaceutical Inc.2001-06-052009-12-18Canada
B-100 Hi Potency B Vitamins TabTabletOralNatrol, Inc.1994-12-312009-05-07Canada
B-50 ComplexTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1977-12-312004-07-26Canada
B-50 Complex TabTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1988-12-311998-07-22Canada
B-50 Hi Potency B Vitamins TabTabletOralNatrol, Inc.1994-12-312006-09-26Canada
B-complexTabletOralEnrich International1999-11-112001-09-28Canada
B-complex 100TabletOralGreat Earth Companies, Inc.1998-08-252002-10-02Canada
B-complex 50TabletOralGreat Earth Companies, Inc.1998-08-252002-10-02Canada
B-complex TabTabletOralNatures Sunshine Products, Inc.1995-12-312009-08-07Canada
B-complex TabletsTabletOralShaklee Corporation1983-12-312000-01-24Canada
B-complex With Vitamin C, Biotin, Folic AcidTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2001-11-232009-09-28Canada
B-complex-50 TabTabletOralJr Carlson Labs Inc1998-10-252005-09-15Canada
B-plexTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.1999-10-202000-01-28Canada
B-plus - TabTabletOralChampion's Choice Advanced Nutrition Inc.1997-06-111999-08-28Canada
B50 B Complex TabTabletOralNutristar Health Products (1987) Inc.1983-12-311996-09-09Canada
B50 ComplexCapsuleOralPreferred Nutrition Inc.2003-10-292005-08-04Canada
B6, B12 & Folic AcidCapsuleOralNatural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd.2001-12-192009-09-28Canada
B6, B12 & Folic Acid Multi-vitamin TabletsTabletOralWampole Brands2000-02-242009-06-19Canada
BacminTablet, coatedOralMarnel Pharmaceuticals, Llc2000-04-01Not applicableUs
Balanced B 125 SrtTablet, extended releaseOralAnabolic Laboratories Inc.1981-12-311996-10-02Canada
Balanced B-100 B-complex Vitamins TabTabletOralPharmavite1991-12-312003-07-30Canada
Balanced B-50 B-complex Vitamins TabTabletOralPharmavite1995-12-312000-08-24Canada
Balanced B-50 B-complex Vitamins, Timed ReleTabletOralPharmavite1995-12-312006-07-05Canada
Balanced B-50 ComplexTabletOralLeiner Health ProductsNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Balanced B-complex Vit + Vit C&e TabTabletOralPharmavite1991-12-312006-07-05Canada
Balanced B100TabletOralHall Laboratories, Ltd.1981-12-312003-09-11Canada
Balanced B50 ComplexTabletOralHall Laboratories, Ltd.1981-12-312003-09-11Canada
Beminal With C Fortis CapCapsuleOralWyeth Ayerst Canada Inc.1994-12-312001-08-03Canada
Bev 29 TabTabletOralBeverly International Nutrition1987-12-311998-08-01Canada
Bev B-150TabletOralBeverly International Nutrition1986-12-311998-08-01Canada
BiferaRxTabletOralMeda Pharmaceuticals Ltd2012-10-31Not applicableUs
Bio-b12CapsuleOralThorne Research Inc.1997-09-092006-08-04Canada
BioFerr 90Tablet, film coatedOralBiocomp Pharma, Inc.2014-07-01Not applicableUs
Biovim TabTabletOralLe Naturiste J.M.B. Inc.1977-12-312008-07-31Canada
Bugs Bunny and Friends Multiple VitaminsTabletOralBayer Inc Consumer Care1996-12-312004-04-15Canada
Bugs Bunny Chew Multi Vit Plus IronTabletOralMiles Inc. Pharmaceutical Division1983-12-311996-09-09Canada
C-B ComplexTabletOralAvacare, Division Of Jeunique International Inc.1984-12-311996-09-09Canada
C-forceCapsuleOralPrairie Naturals1997-04-012002-06-21Canada
C-Nate DHACapsule, gelatin coatedOralCenturion Labs2013-01-01Not applicableUs
C.R.D.-forceCapsuleOralPrairie Naturals2001-09-192006-09-20Canada
Calcium Folic Acid Plus D ChewableWaferOralAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC2010-03-23Not applicableUs
Carbassist TabletsTabletOralWyeth Ltd.1978-12-312006-07-24Canada
Cda-21 Vitamins With Non-medicinal Probiotic ComplexCapsuleOralRx Vitamins Inc.2006-08-012007-10-25Canada
Cedevita Plus Vitamin SupplementPowderOralPliva, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food And Cosmetic Industry, Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Cedevita Sugar-free Vitamin SupplementPowderOralPliva, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food And Cosmetic Industry, Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Central-vite 18 EssentialTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-04-242002-07-31Canada
Century CompleteTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-03-172002-07-31Canada
Chela-chromium 200TabletOralNu Life Nutrition Ltd.1986-12-312000-03-03Canada
Chew.multiple Vits.with Extra C for ChildrenTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1996-09-191999-09-03Canada
Chewable Multiple Vit Plus Iron for ChildrenTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1996-09-191999-09-03Canada
Chewable Multiple Vitamins for ChildrenTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1996-09-191999-09-03Canada
Chewable Multiple Vitamins Plus Extra CTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1993-12-311999-09-03Canada
Chewable Multiple Vitamins Plus Iron TabTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1993-12-311999-09-03Canada
Chewable Multiple Vitamins TabTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1993-12-311999-09-03Canada
Chewable MultivitaminsTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2002-05-312008-07-17Canada
Chewable Multivitamins Plus IronTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2002-05-312007-08-07Canada
Children Choice Multivit Chewable TabTabletOralSwiss Herbal Remedies Ltd.1990-12-312009-08-04Canada
Children Choice Multivitamin W Iron Chew TabTabletOralSwiss Herbal Remedies Ltd.1991-12-312009-08-04Canada
Children's Chewable Multi Vit W IronTabletOralShoppers Drug Mart Inc.1982-12-311997-08-15Canada
Children's Chewable Multi VitaminsTabletOralShoppers Drug Mart Inc.1982-12-311997-08-15Canada
Children's Chewable Multi Vitamins With Iron TabletsTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-05-202008-08-05Canada
Children's Chewable Multi-vitaminTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2000-03-012007-08-07Canada
Children's Chewable Multi-vitamin Complete With MineralsTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2000-03-012001-07-18Canada
Children's Chewable Multiple IronTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1997-10-102002-07-31Canada
Children's Chewable Multiple Vitamins - TabTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1997-10-102002-07-31Canada
Children's Chewable Multiple Vitamins (chewable Tablets)TabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1999-08-162009-07-30Canada
Children's Chewable Multiple Vitamins With Extra Vitamin C (chewable Tablets)TabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1999-08-162009-07-30Canada
Children's Chewable Multiple Vitamins With Iron Tablets (chewable Tablets)TabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1999-08-162009-07-30Canada
Children's Vitamins ChewableTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1990-12-312002-07-31Canada
Children's Vitamins W Iron ChewableTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1990-12-312002-07-31Canada
Childrens Chew Multi Vitamin TabTabletOralNutristar Health Products (1987) Inc.1983-12-311996-09-09Canada
Childrens Chewable Multiple VitaminsTabletOralKsl Pharmaceuticals1994-12-311999-08-12Canada
Childrens Chewable Multiple Vitamins Plus FeTabletOralKsl Pharmaceuticals1994-12-312000-08-29Canada
Childrens Chewable Multiple Vitamins TabTabletOralPharmavite1987-12-312000-08-24Canada
Childrens Chewable MultivitaminsTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1987-12-311997-05-30Canada
Childrens Chewable Multivitamins W IronTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1987-12-311997-05-30Canada
Childrens Chewable Vitamin TabTabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1993-12-312006-07-27Canada
Childrens Chewable VitaminsTabletOralD.C. Labs Limited1974-12-312003-07-11Canada
Childrens Multiple Vit and Min Chew TabTabletOralCountry Health Laboratories Ltd.1982-12-312008-07-17Canada
ChromagenCapsuleOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2017-01-23Not applicableUs
CitraNatal BloomTablet, film coatedOralMission Pharmacal2017-08-01Not applicableUs
Complete Mega BTabletOralGahler Enterprises Ltd.1985-12-312001-07-26Canada
Complete Multivitamins and Minerals for ChildrenTabletOralQuest Vitamins A Div Of Purity Life Health Products2001-01-312004-06-29Canada
Complex-75CapsuleOralFrega Inc.1990-12-311999-08-06Canada
Complexe B 75mgTabletOralPharmalab Inc.1994-12-312001-07-30Canada
Complexe B Compose 75TabletOralLes Laboratoires Bio SantÉ Inc.1983-12-311996-09-10Canada
Complexe B-75TabletOralFrega Inc.1998-06-292008-02-13Canada
Concept DHACapsule, liquid filledOralUs Pharmaceutical Corporation2009-06-24Not applicableUs
Concept OBCapsuleOralUs Pharmaceutical Corporation2009-01-01Not applicableUs
Cool BCapsuleOralSisu Inc.2002-01-092008-07-25Canada
Daily Energy Brand B-complexCapsuleOralEnzymatic Therapy, Inc.2004-01-012008-07-25Canada
Derma-forceCapsuleOralPrairie Naturals1997-04-012006-09-20Canada
Dia-viteTabletOralR & D Laboratories Inc.1997-08-132003-07-16Canada
DiaplexTabletOralNephro Tech, Inc.2002-07-102004-07-23Canada
DivistaCapsuleOralUs Pharmaceutical Corporation2010-07-10Not applicableUs
Dynam Ampoule Et TabletLiquid; TabletOralCardinaux Enrg Les Produits Naturels1989-12-311996-09-09Canada
E.S.T. ComplexTabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.2000-12-062004-06-30Canada
Efferlife Multivitamins and MineralsTablet, effervescentOralNaturale Science Inc.2001-10-012006-10-10Canada
Energy 80 Prolonged Release TabTablet, extended releaseOralSportscience Labs Inc.1981-12-312002-06-20Canada
Enviroflex - TabTabletOralEnviro Tech International Canada1997-09-151999-07-26Canada
EscaviteTablet, chewableOralGm Pharmaceuticals2012-02-01Not applicableUs
Essential B TabletsTabletOralGeneral Nutrition Canada Inc.1997-04-182006-08-03Canada
Everyday Multiple VitaminsTabletOralD.C. Labs Limited1972-12-312003-07-11Canada
Everyday Multiple Vitamins With IronTabletOralD.C. Labs Limited1972-12-312003-07-11Canada
Extra P.N. Vitamin-mineral Drink MixPowderOralChanges InternationalNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Ez-flexTabletOralMetagenics, Inc.1997-06-302007-09-07Canada
FaBB TabletsTabletOralMidlothian Laboratories2009-01-01Not applicableUs
FE C Tab PlusTabletOralBoca Pharmacal, Inc.2011-03-312015-12-29Us
Fem - ControlTabletOralMetagenics, Inc.1998-01-312005-08-19Canada
Feminex 300 TabTabletOralSantÉ Naturelle (Ag) LtÉe1986-12-311997-09-09Canada
Feminique W Iron and Calcium TabTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1992-12-311998-08-13Canada
Femitab TabTabletOralLe Groupe Prodeal Ltee1988-12-312009-08-05Canada
FeRivaCapsuleOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2012-12-30Not applicableUs
FeRiva FACapsule, gelatin coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2014-12-18Not applicableUs
FeRivaFACapsule, gelatin coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2014-01-02Not applicableUs
Ferralet 90Tablet, film coatedOralMission Pharmacal2010-02-042017-08-24Us
Fib-C MeltsTabletOralApm Products Pty Ltd.2003-08-152004-09-10Canada
Flexadyn TabTabletOralNutri Dyn Products Ltd.1976-12-311996-09-09Canada
Flinstones Multiple Plus IronTabletOralMiles Inc. Pharmaceutical Division1971-12-311996-09-09Canada
Flintstones Multiple VitaminsTabletOralBayer Inc Consumer Care1995-12-312004-06-28Canada
Flintstones Multiple Vitamins Plus IronTabletOralBayer Inc Consumer Care1995-12-312004-06-28Canada
Flintstones Multiple Vitamins TabTabletOralMiles Inc. Pharmaceutical Division1970-12-311996-09-09Canada
Flintstones W Extra C TabTabletOralMiles Inc. Pharmaceutical Division1981-12-311996-09-09Canada
Floravit - SyrSyrupOralFlora Manufacturing And Distributing Ltd.1995-05-282009-08-05Canada
FlorivaTablet, chewableOralBon Geo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2015-09-10Not applicableUs
Floriva PlusSolution / dropsOralBon Geo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2015-12-28Not applicableUs
FolbicTabletOralNcs Health Care Of Ky, Inc Dba Vangard Labs2010-02-19Not applicableUs51991 0384 90 nlmimage10 9c07ce0e
FolcapsTabletOralMidlothian Laboratories2009-01-01Not applicableUs
Folet OneCapsule, liquid filledOralPronova Corporation2014-06-01Not applicableUs
Folic Acid PlusTabletOralVita Health Products Inc2000-04-012002-07-31Canada
Folic Acid With Vitamin B12 and Vitamin CCapsuleOralFlora Manufacturing And Distributing Ltd.2003-12-312009-08-05Canada
Folic Acid-b12 TabTabletOralStandard Process Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Foltabs 800TabletOralMayne Pharma2009-01-012019-06-30Us
FoltrateTablet, film coatedOralPoly Pharmaceuticals2010-08-26Not applicableUs
For Kids Only Chewable Multivit. Plus IronTabletOralKsl Pharmaceuticals1996-12-312002-07-31Canada
For Kids Only Chewable Multivitamins - TabTabletOralKsl Pharmaceuticals1996-12-312002-07-31Canada
Formula Ch. Les.TabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.2002-06-032004-06-30Canada
Formula CnCapsuleOralBalance Plus, Inc.2000-02-092004-08-17Canada
Formula D.S.TabletOralGolden Pride InternationalNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Formula IntCapsuleOralBalance Plus, Inc.2000-02-092004-08-17Canada
Formula LfTabletOralNumark Laboratories, Inc.2003-12-152009-07-31Canada
Formula Pro-BCapsuleOralBalance Plus, Inc.2000-03-082004-08-17Canada
Formula Statin SupportCapsuleOralBalance Plus, Inc.2000-04-192004-08-17Canada
Fortamines 10 CapsulesCapsuleOralRougier Pharma Division Of Ratiopharm Inc1974-12-311999-09-27Canada
Fortamines-10 ComprimesTabletOralRougier Pharma Division Of Ratiopharm Inc1979-12-312003-09-22Canada
Fortaplex InjLiquidIntramuscular; IntravenousKripps Pharmacy Ltd.1979-12-31Not applicableCanada
FortiplexTabletOralSantÉ Naturelle (Ag) LtÉe1984-12-312001-07-06Canada
Forty Plus Vitamin SupplementTabletOralGarden State Nutritionals1998-10-162000-06-07Canada
Fusion Activator Formula TabTabletOralL & S Research Corporation1993-12-311996-09-09Canada
G.A.S. ComplexTabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.2000-12-062004-06-30Canada
Gestamine ComprimesTabletOralLab Nadeau LtÉe, Division Of Technilab Inc.1957-12-311999-09-28Canada
Gesticare DHAKitJazz Pharmaceuticals Commercial Corp.2008-10-01Not applicableUs
Glyco-aide TabTabletOralAvant Garde, Les SupplÉments1995-12-311998-07-08Canada
Golf Vitamin and Mineral SupplementLiquidOralMuscle Marketing Usa Inc.2001-02-242008-06-27Canada
H. Formula - TabTabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.1998-01-051999-08-06Canada
Harvest Of Values All B Complex TabTabletOralHillestad Pharmaceuticals Usa1997-09-242009-09-22Canada
Hemarexin TabTabletOralLab Bio Chimique Inc.,Division Of Technilab Pharma Inc.1997-12-172004-08-03Canada
HematogenCapsuleOralNnodum Pharmaceuticals2007-05-10Not applicableUs63044 0631 19 nlmimage10 23409194
Hematogen FACapsuleOralNnodum Pharmaceuticals2005-01-01Not applicableUs
Hematogen ForteCapsule, gelatin coatedOralNnodum Pharmaceuticals2007-05-10Not applicableUs
HemeNatal OBTabletOralWh Nutritionals, Llc2012-03-08Not applicableUs
HemetabTabletOralWh Nutritionals, Llc2012-05-01Not applicableUs
Heparos Ampoules BuvablesLiquidOralDesbergers LtÉe, Division Of Technilab Inc.1987-12-311999-09-17Canada
Hi Potency B Complex W Chelated MineralsTabletOralKlaire Labs Inc.1984-12-312004-01-19Canada
Hi Potency B52 B Complex TabTabletOralCountry Health Laboratories Ltd.1982-12-312001-07-27Canada
Hi Potency Balanced B-100 Complex - TabTabletOralLeiner Health ProductsNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Hi Potency Stress B Tension With CTabletOralLee Adams Laboratories1982-12-312010-08-05Canada
High Potency Vitamin B Complex + C TabTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1996-10-112004-07-26Canada
Hill.viteTabletOralHillestad Pharmaceuticals Usa2001-11-142009-09-22Canada
Homosistrol CapsulesCapsuleOralMacromed Pharmicia Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Hormodausse Plus Calc Et D TabTabletOralLaboratoires Charton Laboratories1988-12-311999-01-16Canada
Hypo Vites TabTabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1977-12-312006-07-27Canada
Iberet 500Tablet, extended releaseOralAbbott1965-12-312007-07-31Canada
Iferex 150 ForteCapsuleOralNnodum Pharmaceuticals2007-10-28Not applicableUs
Inatal AdvanceTablet, coatedOralNnodum Pharmaceuticals2005-06-10Not applicableUs
INATAL UltraTablet, coatedOralNnodum Pharmaceuticals2005-06-20Not applicableUs
Infuvite Adult Multiple VitaminsInjection, solutionIntravenousSandoz2005-05-18Not applicableUs
Insur-all Vitamin SupplementTabletOralGarden State Nutritionals1998-10-162000-06-07Canada
Iron 25mg With Vit B-cmplx, Vit C, Cu & MoCapsuleOralQuest Vitamins A Div Of Purity Life Health Products1996-07-232002-07-29Canada
Iron Plus Manganese, B12, Folic Acid & CTabletOralNatural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd.1988-12-312005-08-15Canada
Iron Plus TabTabletOralSwiss Herbal Remedies Ltd.1973-12-312008-08-15Canada
Iron Polysaccharides Folic Acid DHATablet, film coatedOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2013-12-202017-08-11Us
Iron Vitamins B6,b12,c,folic Acid TabTabletOralLaboratoire Lalco Inc.1989-12-311997-07-31Canada
Iron With Vitamins TabTabletOralEnrich International1994-12-312001-09-28Canada
Isotonix Advanced B-complex Vitamins With Potassium and MagnesiumPowderOralMarket America2004-01-272009-07-20Canada
Isotonix Vitamin B-folic Acid-mineral SupplePowderOralMarket America1996-12-312004-07-12Canada
Kanga Sport Vitamins B & C Plus MineralsTablet, effervescentOralLacombe Drugs (1992) LtdNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Kanga-B Vitamin B Group + CTablet, effervescentOralLacombe Drugs (1992) LtdNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Kanga-kid Multi-vitamin & MineralTablet, effervescentOralLacombe Drugs (1992) LtdNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Kanga-kid Vitamins & IronTablet, effervescentOralLacombe Drugs (1992) LtdNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Kanga-V Multivitamins & MineralsTablet, effervescentOralLacombe Drugs (1992) LtdNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Kc Vitamin and Mineral SupplementLiquidOralMuscle Marketing Usa Inc.2001-02-242008-06-27Canada
Kid's Choice Children's Chewable Vitamins - TabTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-04-162002-07-31Canada
Kids Stuff TabletsTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-04-202002-07-31Canada
Kids Stuff With Iron TabletsTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-04-202002-07-31Canada
KindervitesSolution / dropsOralHerbalife International Of America1984-12-312002-09-17Canada
L.I.P. ComplexTabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.2000-12-062004-06-30Canada
Leritone JuniorCapsuleOralInstitut De Recherche Biologique Yves Ponroy Canada Inc.1998-03-301999-07-21Canada
Lipo-B-C TabTabletOralMetagenics, Inc.1989-12-311996-10-02Canada
LipovitanLiquidOralP.S.W.C. Co., Inc.1999-01-212005-10-19Canada
Liqui B ComplexLiquidOralTwin Laboratories Inc.1995-12-311999-11-10Canada
Liqui B Complex PlusLiquidOralTwin Laboratories Inc.1995-12-311999-11-10Canada
Liqui Infant VitaminsLiquidOralTwin Laboratories Inc.1995-12-311999-11-10Canada
Liqui VitaLiquidOralTwin Laboratories Inc.1995-12-311999-11-10Canada
Liquid B Complex 50LiquidOralJamieson Laboratories Ltd1985-12-311997-08-13Canada
Livron Plus AmpouleLiquidOralMedic Laboratory LtÉe1980-12-311996-09-09Canada
Livron Plus TabTabletOralMedic Laboratory LtÉe1980-12-311996-09-09Canada
Low Potency B Complex TabTabletOralFlora Manufacturing And Distributing Ltd.1983-12-311999-10-18Canada
Lysamine Diet Supp Amp-tabLiquid; TabletOralWelcker Lyster Ltd., Division Of Technilab Inc.1983-12-311999-09-17Canada
M.V.I. 12LiquidIntravenousAventis Pharma Ltd.1992-12-312002-07-29Canada
M.V.I. PaediatricLiquidIntravenousAventis Pharma Ltd.1988-12-312002-07-29Canada
M.V.I. PediatricInjection, powder, lyophilized, for solutionIntravenousHospira Worldwide, Inc.1983-04-06Not applicableUs
Maltlevol 12 LiqLiquidOralCarter Horner Corp.1978-12-312002-02-07Canada
MangadynTabletOralNutri Dyn Products Ltd.1982-12-311997-08-22Canada
MaxFeTabletOralPronova Corporation2014-06-01Not applicableUs
Maxi 10 TabTabletOralDesbergers LtÉe, Division Of Technilab Inc.1979-12-311999-09-17Canada
Mega 13 Multivitamin FormulaCapsuleOralVita Health Products Inc1988-12-311998-07-22Canada
Menocal TabTabletOralLes Aliments Nutri Source Inc.1994-12-312009-08-05Canada
Meplex T 750TabletOralMedic Laboratory LtÉe1966-12-311996-09-09Canada
Mini-B TabTabletOralTwin Laboratories Inc.1995-12-311999-11-10Canada
Mor-vites TabTabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1992-12-312006-07-27Canada
Mr. Tumee Multi-vitaminTablet, chewableOralVitamec Usa2003-04-152006-09-29Canada
Multi - N.T.O.x Formula - TabTabletOralAbundance Naturally LtdNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Multi 12 InjectionLiquidIntravenousSandoz Canada Incorporated1994-12-31Not applicableCanada
Multi BTabletOralSeroyal International Inc.1988-12-312009-07-06Canada
Multi Enfants TabTabletOralVitalab1992-12-311997-07-22Canada
Multi Nt-OXTabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.1999-02-012001-07-10Canada
Multi RolLiquid; TabletOralRolmex International Inc.1975-12-311997-08-08Canada
Multi Vitamin - MineralTabletOralEnrich International1999-11-112001-09-28Canada
Multi Vitamin & MineralsTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2002-01-042008-07-17Canada
Multi Vitamin and FluorideSolution / dropsOralLibertas Pharma, Inc.2011-05-21Not applicableUs
Multi Vitamin Drops with FluorideSolution / dropsOralSeton Pharmaceuticals2014-04-18Not applicableUs
Multi Vitamin Plus IronTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2002-03-132009-09-28Canada
Multi Vitamin with FluorideTablet, chewableOralQualitest2009-10-092016-10-13Us
Multi Vitamin-mineral FormulaTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1997-04-031998-01-16Canada
Multi Vitamines - LiqLiquidOralLand Art Inc.1995-12-312008-06-26Canada
Multi Vitamins & MineralsTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2000-01-122001-04-12Canada
Multi Vite Liq AdultLiquidOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1981-12-312001-07-26Canada
Multi Vite Liq JuniorLiquidOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1981-12-312001-07-26Canada
Multi-11SolutionIntravenousSandoz Canada Incorporated2002-01-28Not applicableCanada
Multi-12 PediatricLiquidIntravenousSabex Inc1998-04-092009-11-26Canada
Multi-12/k1 PediatricLiquidIntravenousSandoz Canada Incorporated2000-11-07Not applicableCanada
Multi-Vit with FluorideSolutionOralA S Medication Solutions1997-04-182017-06-20Us
Multi-VitaminLiquidOralLLC Federal Solutions2013-08-12Not applicableUs
Multi-vitamin Dietary SupplementTabletOralGarden State Nutritionals1998-09-222000-06-07Canada
Multi-Vitamin FluorideLiquidOralStratus Pharmaceuticals2014-09-01Not applicableUs
Multi-Vitamin Fluoride DropsSolutionOralH.J. Harkins Company2011-05-04Not applicableUs
Multi-Vitamin With FluorideTablet, chewableOralGolden State Medical Supply2010-12-17Not applicableUs
Multi-vitamines Enfants ComprimeTabletOralHerbes Universelles Inc.1997-09-292009-07-15Canada
Multi-vitaminsTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.1999-12-222008-07-17Canada
Multi-vitamins With MineralsTabletOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2001-04-122009-09-28Canada
Multiple Vitamin Plus Minerals TabTabletOralHall Laboratories, Ltd.1981-12-312003-09-11Canada
Multiple Vitamin TabTabletOralAdams Laboratories1983-12-312009-12-02Canada
Multiple VitaminsTabletOralGfr Pharma Ltd.2002-10-102007-07-20Canada
Multiple Vitamins & Minerals TabletsTabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.2002-12-182006-07-27Canada
Multiple Vitamins and Minerals TabTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1987-12-311997-05-30Canada
Multiple Vitamins Plus Iron for WomenTabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1999-08-162006-07-27Canada
Multiple Vitamins TabTabletOralHall Laboratories, Ltd.1981-12-312003-09-11Canada
Multiple Vitamins W Minerals TabTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1976-12-312002-07-31Canada
Multiple Vitamins With IronTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1987-12-312002-07-31Canada
Multiple Vitamins With Minerals TabletsTabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1999-07-162009-07-30Canada
MultisolLiquidOralLes Laboratoires Vachon Inc.1979-12-311997-02-06Canada
Multivit Et Fer Ampoules Et ComprimesLiquid; TabletOralNobel Pharm Enr.1988-12-311998-08-14Canada
Multivit-liqLiquidOralPharmalab Inc.1995-12-311997-08-08Canada
MultivitaminTabletOralLaboratoires Confab IncNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Multivitamin Drops with FluorideSolution / dropsOralSancilio & Company, Inc.2017-04-10Not applicableUs
Multivitamin with fluorideTablet, chewableOralA S Medication Solutions2011-12-202017-06-20Us
Multivitamines Et MinerauxTabletOralLe Groupe M. Vachon Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Multivitamines Et Mineraux Junior RegulierTabletOralLaboratoire Riva Inc1996-10-082008-07-30Canada
Multivitamines Et Mineraux Reguliers / Regular Multivitamins and MineralsTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-10-062004-07-26Canada
Multivitamines Plus Fer Pour Enfants (chewable Tablets)TabletOralLaboratoire Lalco Inc.1998-07-032002-09-05Canada
Multivitamines Pour Enfants (chewable Tablets)TabletOralLaboratoire Lalco Inc.1998-07-032002-09-05Canada
Multivitamins and Minerals - CompleteTabletOralVita Health Products Inc2000-02-012006-07-31Canada
Multivitamins and Multiminerals Formula Regular TabletTabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.2001-11-222009-07-30Canada
Multivitamins for ChildrenTabletOralQuest Vitamins A Div Of Purity Life Health Products2001-01-312004-06-29Canada
Multivitamins W IronTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1987-12-311997-05-30Canada
MvcTablet, chewableOralSancilio & Company Inc.2009-12-20Not applicableUs
MVC-FluorideTablet, chewableOralSancilio & Company Inc.2011-12-07Not applicableUs
Myferon 150 ForteCapsuleOralMartin Ekwealor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.1996-12-01Not applicableUs
Myhephron Dialysis and Stress SupplementCapsuleOralMartin Ekwealor Pharmaceu2016-08-01Not applicableUs
Mynephrocaps Dialysis/stress Vitamin SupplementCapsuleOralMartin Ekwealor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2013-12-16Not applicableUs
N.E.U. ComplexTabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.2000-12-042004-06-30Canada
N.U.T. ComplexTabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.2000-12-062004-06-30Canada
Nata KompleteTabletOralWh Nutritionals, Llc2011-06-252016-12-06Us
NataFortTabletOralMission Pharmacal2011-08-25Not applicableUs
NataviteTabletOralSchein Pharmaceutical Canada Inc.1997-07-292004-07-26Canada
Neo Bex ElixirElixirOralNeolab Inc1984-12-311997-08-12Canada
NephrocapsCapsule, liquid filledOralCardinal Health2010-01-14Not applicableUs
Nestabs ONECapsule, gelatin coatedOralWomens Choice Pharmaceuticals, Llc2017-07-20Not applicableUs
Neutral C + Coenzyme Q10 Plus Vitamins & MineralsCapsuleOralNew Vision Nutritionals Company1998-06-072002-11-20Canada
NiferexTabletOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2017-01-23Not applicableUs
Niron KompleteTabletOralWh Nutritionals, Llc2011-06-252016-12-06Us
NuFeraTabletOralCarwin Associates, Inc2015-12-16Not applicableUs
Nutrifer Plus TabletsTabletOralWyeth Ayerst Canada Inc.1994-12-311999-09-23Canada
Nutrilite Double XTabletOralNutrilite, A Division Of Access Business Group, Llc2002-12-152008-06-24Canada
Nutrol-B-complexTabletOralRolmex International Inc.1999-06-282008-07-09Canada
O-Cal FA multivitaminTabletOralPharmics, Inc.1970-01-15Not applicableUs
O-Cal Prenatal VitaminTabletOralPharmics, Inc.2002-01-23Not applicableUs
OnccorTabletOralSimone Protective Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
One A Day Advance AdultsTabletOralBayer Inc Consumer Care2002-09-122007-08-02Canada
One A Day Advance Adults 50+TabletOralBayer Inc Consumer Care2002-09-122007-08-02Canada
One A Day Advance FemTabletOralBayer Inc Consumer Care1999-03-012001-02-22Canada
One A Day TabTabletOralCountry Health Laboratories Ltd.1982-12-312001-07-27Canada
Orange Flavored Crystal Chews TabTabletOralJeunique International Inc.1998-02-172006-07-20Canada
Orti BCapsuleOralSeroyal International Inc.1983-12-312008-10-09Canada
P.N.P. Vitamin DrinkLiquidOralChanges InternationalNot applicableNot applicableCanada
P.R.O. ComplexTabletOralAbundance Marketing Ltd.2000-12-062004-06-30Canada
Paramettes Multivits Plus Iron Tab (teens)TabletOralWhitehall Robins Inc.1993-12-311996-09-09Canada
Paramettes SyrupSyrupOralWyeth Ayerst Canada Inc.1994-12-312002-07-31Canada
Pediatric Infuvite Multiple VitaminsInjection, solutionIntravenousSandoz2001-02-21Not applicableUs
Pediatric Infuvite Multiple Vitamins for InfusionInjection, solutionIntravenousSandoz2001-02-21Not applicableUs
Phosthenine Vitamines Et Fer (ampoules Buvable)LiquidOralLaboratoires Cortunon Inc.1997-01-232007-07-23Canada
Phytofortis + Calcium A-DLiquid; TabletOralPhyto Health Corporation1983-12-312003-11-27Canada
Phytoplex B LiqLiquidOralPhyto Health Corporation1973-12-312004-08-30Canada
PhytopureCapsuleOralLaboratoire Lalco Inc.1993-12-312001-10-15Canada
PM CapsCapsuleOralNew Vision Nutritionals Company1998-10-012002-11-20Canada
PNV Ferrous Fumarate Docusate Folic AcidTabletOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2014-04-22Not applicableUs
PNV Prenatal Plus MultivitaminTabletOralClinical Solutions Wholsesale2013-04-012017-07-03Us
PNV Prenatal VitaminTablet, chewableOralSancilio & Company Inc.2011-12-20Not applicableUs
PNV Prenatal Vitamin Plus Vitamin ATabletOralSancilio & Company Inc.2012-12-07Not applicableUs
Pnv-dhaCapsule, gelatin coatedOralAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC2009-11-02Not applicableUs
PNV-FirstTablet, coatedOralAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC2013-05-17Not applicableUs
PNV-SelectTablet, film coatedOralAcella Pharmaceuticals, LLC2009-11-02Not applicableUs
Polymine Avec Zinc Et CuivreTabletOralLes Laboratoires Vachon Inc.1985-12-312007-07-12Canada
Pour Ma SantéTabletOralProdemdis Enr.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Prefera OB plus DHATabletOralAlaven Pharmaceutical2009-04-01Not applicableUs
PreferaOBTablet, coatedOralMeda Pharmaceuticals Ltd2015-04-28Not applicableUs
PreferaOB ONECapsule, liquid filledOralMeda Pharmaceuticals Ltd2015-04-28Not applicableUs
PreferaOB plus DHATabletOralAlaven Pharmaceutical2010-11-15Not applicableUs
PregvitTabletOralDuchesnay Inc.2003-08-252016-07-05Canada
Pregvit Folic 4TabletOralDuchesnay Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Pregvit Folic 5TabletOralDuchesnay Inc.2006-03-172016-07-05Canada
PreNatal 19Tablet, coatedOralNationwide Laboratories2013-06-01Not applicableUs
Prenatal Mega AntioxidantTabletOralUsana Health Services, Inc.2012-04-11Not applicableUs
Prenatal PlusTablet, film coatedOralBlenheim Pharmacal, Inc.2010-12-09Not applicableUs65162 0668 50 nlmimage10 120e0910
Prenatal Plus IronTablet, film coatedOralMajor2011-06-07Not applicableUs
PreNatal Vitamins PlusTabletOralbryant ranch prepack2011-04-15Not applicableUs
Prenatal Vitamins Plus Low IronTabletOralPatrin Pharma2013-04-01Not applicableUs39328 0106 10 nlmimage10 df476fdb
Prenatal, DHAKitPure Tek Corporation2017-08-10Not applicableUs
Prenate AMTablet, coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2013-06-15Not applicableUs
Prenate EliteTablet, coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2012-08-06Not applicableUs
PRENATE EnhanceCapsule, gelatin coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2013-09-17Not applicableUs
Prenate EssentialCapsule, gelatin coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2014-07-18Not applicableUs
Prenate PixieTablet, film coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2014-08-14Not applicableUs
PRENATE RestoreCapsule, gelatin coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2013-09-17Not applicableUs
Prenate StarTablet, coatedOralAvion Pharmaceuticals, Llc2014-06-05Not applicableUs
PrePLUSTabletOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2014-04-04Not applicableUs
PreQue 10TabletOralActavis Pharma Company2011-11-01Not applicableUs
PreTABTabletOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2014-04-092017-08-08Us
Prevital TabTabletOralBio Vita1991-12-312000-07-20Canada
PureVit DualFe PlusCapsuleOralPure Tek Corporation2011-06-01Not applicableUs
Q.T. Vitamin and Mineral Drink MixPowderOralGarden State NutritionalsNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Reaphirm Plant Source DHACapsule, gelatin coatedOralEverett Laboratories, Inc.2011-12-05Not applicableUs
Red American Eagle Vitamin Supplement DrinkLiquidOralP.S.W.C. Co., Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
ReebokLiquidOralClearly Canadian Beverage Corporation2003-05-152009-08-06Canada
Reno CapsCapsuleOralNnodum Pharmaceuticals2008-11-30Not applicableUs63044 0622 01 nlmimage10 7d3cbea5
ReplaviteTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1999-10-202002-07-31Canada
Revit Plus CapCapsuleOralIcn Pharmaceuticals1972-12-311998-08-13Canada
Revitex Ampoules Et ComprimesLiquid; TabletOralLes Produits Gerbex Inc.1988-12-312005-06-29Canada
Revival 1 TabTabletOralBio Vita1991-12-311999-08-12Canada
Right Choice A.M. Multi Formula - CapletTabletOralBody Wise International LlcNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Se-Natal 19TabletOralSeton Pharmaceuticals2009-07-01Not applicableUs
Se-Natal 19 ChewableTablet, chewableOralSeton Pharmaceuticals2009-07-01Not applicableUs
Se-Natal OneTabletOralSeton Pharmaceuticals2009-04-162016-10-13Us
Se-Tan PLUSCapsule, gelatin coatedOralSeton Pharmaceuticals2009-10-01Not applicableUs
Sibergin B - CapCapsuleOralPharmavite1996-09-031998-09-08Canada
Somarexin and C 1000Liquid; TabletOralLaboratoire Lalco Inc.1977-12-312008-07-29Canada
Sopalamine/3b Plus CTabletOralTechnilab Pharma Inc.1987-12-312001-09-05Canada
Sopalamine/3b TabTabletOralTechnilab Pharma Inc.1987-12-312001-09-05Canada
Spd TabTabletOralSeroyal International Inc.1988-12-311996-09-10Canada
Spectrum 2 CapCapsuleOralNf Formulas Inc.1988-12-312008-06-26Canada
Stress B Capsules With Vitamin CCapsuleOralRheingold Food International Ltd.1987-12-312007-07-26Canada
Stress B Complex With C, E & IronTabletOralPharmavite1999-10-312005-07-15Canada
Stress B With 1000 Mg Vitamin CTabletOralHolista Health (Canada) Inc.2002-11-132008-07-17Canada
Stress B&c TabTabletOralBioforce Canada Inc.1985-12-311997-04-04Canada
Stress Complex 600 Avec Vit E Cuivre ZincTabletOralFrega Inc.1995-12-312008-02-13Canada
Stress Ctr SrtTablet, extended releaseOralBioenergy Inc.1979-12-311998-06-03Canada
Stress FormulaTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-05-202005-07-20Canada
Stress Formula + IronTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1998-05-202006-07-31Canada
Stress Formula B-comp + 500mg Vit C TabTabletOralQuest Vitamins A Div Of Purity Life Health Products1987-12-312002-07-29Canada
Stress Formula Multi-B Comp + 500mg Vit C CapCapsuleOralQuest Vitamins A Div Of Purity Life Health Products1987-12-312001-07-06Canada
Stress Formula Multivitamin Tablets USPTabletOralLeiner Health ProductsNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Stress Formula TabTabletOralNatures Sunshine Products, Inc.1986-12-312009-09-09Canada
Stress Formula Vit B With C ComplexTabletOralWatkins Incorporated1985-12-312000-01-15Canada
Stress Forte Plus Lipotropic FactorsTabletOralDouglas Laboratories1995-12-312009-09-29Canada
Stress TabTabletOralVita Health Products Inc1981-12-312005-07-20Canada
Stress Vitamin B With C Complex TabletsTabletOralPurity Life Health Products A Division Of Sunopta Inc.2002-06-012007-07-26Canada
StressmatesTabletOralTwin Laboratories Inc.1995-12-311999-11-10Canada
Strovite Forte CapletTablet, coatedOralEverett Laboratories, Inc.1996-10-01Not applicableUs
Strovite One CapletsTabletOralEverett Laboratories, Inc.2001-05-04Not applicableUs
Sun-rype VitaburstLiquidOralSun Rype Products Ltd.2004-08-102008-03-13Canada
Super B Compound W 500mg Vit CTabletOralGahler Enterprises Ltd.1986-12-312000-08-01Canada
Super B12 + Folic AcidTabletOralSeroyal International Inc.1998-12-312009-07-06Canada
Super Charged EnergyPowderOralSimone Protective Pharmaceuticals, Inc.Not applicableNot applicableCanada
Super Daily No 2TabletOralW.R. Enterprises Inc.1990-12-312003-07-30Canada
Super PantoplexTabletOralNu Life Nutrition Ltd.1987-12-312000-03-03Canada
Super Stress CapsulesCapsuleOralRheingold Food International Ltd.1987-12-311997-08-22Canada
Super Stress Mega B Plus 1000mg Vit C TabTabletOralQuest Vitamins A Div Of Purity Life Health Products1987-12-312001-07-06Canada
Super Vitalex Ampoule BuvableLiquidOralCarmaran LtÉe1984-12-312001-08-31Canada
Super-pote Vitamin SupplementTabletOralGarden State Nutritionals1998-09-252000-06-07Canada
Supravite 10ml AmpouleLiquidOralNobel Pharm Enr.1991-12-312002-09-06Canada
Supravite Bouteille 250mlLiquidOralNobel Pharm Enr.2002-10-312008-07-29Canada
Supravite C 1000Liquid; TabletOralNobel Pharm Enr.1981-12-312002-09-06Canada
Supravite Stress Avec Vit ETabletOralPharmalab Inc.1985-12-311997-08-08Canada
Supravite Stress Avec Vit E Cuivre Et ZincTabletOralPharmalab Inc.1985-12-311997-08-08Canada
Supravite Stress Avec Vit E Et FerTabletOralPharmalab Inc.1985-12-311997-08-08Canada
Surbex 500 FilmtabTabletOralAbbott1979-12-312008-06-06Canada
Surbex-500 With IronTabletOralAbbott1986-12-312008-06-06Canada
Surbex-500 With ZincTabletOralAbbott1986-12-312008-06-06Canada
SveetsLozengeOralSensible Delights Specialty Foods1998-09-162000-09-19Canada
Swical-energy-2LiquidOralLes Laboratoires Swisse Inc.1997-06-092006-02-14Canada
T.R.I. B-plex SrcCapsule, extended releaseOralAnabolic Laboratories Inc.1979-12-312004-03-15Canada
Tandem OBCapsuleOralUs Pharmaceutical Corporation2006-06-17Not applicableUs
Tandem PlusCapsuleOralUs Pharmaceutical Corporation2006-06-17Not applicableUs
Tar-endCapsuleOralNatures Sunshine Products, Inc.1999-05-252006-07-10Canada
Time Release B 100 Compound - TabletTabletOralHealth Wise Nutrition Inc.1996-10-222002-07-18Canada
Timed Release B Complex 100 SrtTablet, extended releaseOralJamieson Laboratories Ltd1994-12-311997-08-13Canada
Timed Release B-complex 100Tablet, extended releaseOralGreat Earth Companies, Inc.1998-08-252002-10-02Canada
Timed Release B-complex 50Tablet, extended releaseOralGreat Earth Companies, Inc.1998-08-252002-10-02Canada
Tini-cal AmpoulesLiquidOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1966-12-312001-07-26Canada
Tl-hem 150Tablet, film coatedOralTrigen Laboratories, Inc.2011-01-01Not applicableUs
Toni Com LiqLiquidOralVitalab1990-12-312009-07-14Canada
Tonicol Et A-D-C Ampoules/comprimesLiquid; TabletOralDistributions Multi Pro Inc.1988-12-311999-07-21Canada
TozalCapsule, gelatin coatedOralFocus Laboratories, Inc.2013-06-012016-10-13Us
Trace Minerals Et/and B12 TabTabletOralTherapeutic Foods Co.1989-12-312003-07-16Canada
TriAdvanceTabletOralTrigen Laboratories, Inc.2010-09-102017-09-16Us
Tricare PrenatalTablet, coatedOralMedecor Pharma, Llc2002-11-11Not applicableUs
TriconCapsuleOralNnodum Pharmaceuticals2005-05-20Not applicableUs
Trinatal GTTabletOralTrigen Laboratories, Inc.2011-07-052017-09-13Us
Ultra EnerforceLiquidOralNutribon (1986) Inc.2002-01-292005-02-16Canada
Usana Megavitamin Tablets - TabTabletOralUsana Health Sciences, Inc.1996-12-302000-09-11Canada
Viamon Ampoules Et ComprimesLiquid; TabletOralLab Nadeau LtÉe, Division Of Technilab Inc.1977-12-311999-09-28Canada
Vigem 12 LiquidLiquidOralPharmavite Laboratories (1987) Inc.1958-12-311999-10-19Canada
Vimeral TabTabletOralIcn Pharmaceuticals1979-12-312005-04-26Canada
Virt-CapsCapsule, gelatin coatedOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2014-04-012017-08-11Us
Virt-PnTablet, coatedOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2012-07-122017-08-09Us
Virt-Pn DHACapsule, gelatin coatedOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2012-07-122017-08-08Us
Virt-PN PlusCapsule, gelatin coatedOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2013-03-012017-08-08Us
Virt-ViteTabletOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2014-01-042017-09-09Us
Virt-Vite PlusTabletOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2014-01-142017-08-11Us
Vit B Complex CtrTablet, extended releaseOralBioenergy Inc.1979-12-311998-06-03Canada
Vit B Complex Plus Vit C 550mgCapsuleOralHall Laboratories, Ltd.1981-12-312003-09-11Canada
Vita B + C 500 TabTabletOralLaboratoire Romilo1993-12-311999-08-18Canada
Vita B Complex TabTabletOralNutrimetics International (Canada) Inc.1985-12-312000-07-19Canada
Vita Day TabTabletOralJamieson Laboratories Ltd1993-12-311997-08-13Canada
Vita-BTabletOralNutri Dyn Products Ltd.1984-12-311997-08-22Canada
Vita-B-75 CapCapsuleOralLes Laboratoires Vachon Inc.1989-12-311998-09-28Canada
Vita-folic-B CapsCapsuleOralLes Laboratoires Vachon Inc.1990-12-311997-08-08Canada
Vita-worth B-complex TabletsTabletOralGeneral Nutrition Canada Inc.1997-04-182005-08-05Canada
Vitabanks Vitamin TabTabletOralVitabank Inc.1990-12-311997-05-30Canada
Vitachrom GcTabletOralNikken Usa, Incorporated2000-08-302007-10-01Canada
Vitaday TabTabletOralPharmetics (2011) Inc.1977-12-311999-08-13Canada
Vitafer - LiqLiquidOralFrega Inc.1995-12-311997-12-10Canada
Vitaflex Dietary SuplementTabletOralHome Shopping Network DirectNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Vitafol CapletCapsuleOralEverett Laboratories, Inc.1985-05-01Not applicableUs
Vitafol NanoTablet, coatedOralEverett Laboratories, Inc.2014-07-14Not applicableUs
Vitafol OB CapletTabletOralExeltis Usa, Inc.2002-12-02Not applicableUs
Vitafol OneCapsule, gelatin coatedOralEverett Laboratories, Inc.2011-06-13Not applicableUs
Vitafol PlusCapsule, liquid filledOralEverett Laboratories, Inc.2012-04-23Not applicableUs
Vitafol UltraCapsule, liquid filledOralExeltis Usa, Inc.2013-09-23Not applicableUs
Vitalife - CapsuleCapsuleOralHolista Health (Canada) Inc.1996-11-132002-08-06Canada
Vitamin B + C CapCapsuleOralFinlandia Consultants1990-12-311997-12-02Canada
Vitamin B Complex + C 300mg CapCapsuleOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1987-12-311997-05-30Canada
Vitamin B Complex + C 600mg TabTabletOralRandle Pharmaceutical Inc.1987-12-311997-05-30Canada
Vitamin B Complex 100 TabTabletOralBioforce Canada Inc.1994-12-311997-04-04Canada
Vitamin B Complex 50TabletOralGfr Pharma Ltd.2002-10-102004-06-15Canada
Vitamin B Complex Plus 300mg Vitamin CTabletOralHall Laboratories, Ltd.1996-11-282003-09-11Canada
Vitamin B Complex SupplTabletOralAvacare, Division Of Jeunique International Inc.1985-12-312006-07-20Canada
Vitamin B Complex TabTabletOralNutristar Health Products (1987) Inc.1981-12-311996-09-09Canada
Vitamin B Complex W C 300mg TabTabletOralLee Adams Laboratories1982-12-312009-12-02Canada
Vitamin B Complex W C TabTabletOralAlbi Imports Ltd.1979-12-312004-09-24Canada
Vitamin B Compound TabTabletOralNutrilite, A Division Of Access Business Group, Llc1982-12-311996-09-09Canada
Vitamin B Compound W C Tab 500mgTabletOralAdams Laboratories1979-12-312009-10-21Canada
Vitamin B Compound W Vit C 250mg TabTabletOralSwiss Herbal Remedies Ltd.1972-12-312003-09-10Canada
Vitamin B Compound With Vitamin C Fortis Capsule DtcCapsuleOralD.C. Labs Limited1973-12-312005-07-19Canada
Vitamin B TabletsTabletOralWeider Health Products1985-12-311999-09-09Canada
Vitamin B-12 With Folic Acid TabletsTabletOralGeneral Nutrition Canada Inc.1997-04-182005-08-05Canada
Vitamin B12 Plus Tablets W Folic AcidTabletOralNu Life Nutrition Ltd.1986-12-312005-03-15Canada
Vitamin B12-folic AcidTabletOralSeroyal International Inc.1988-12-312009-07-06Canada
Vitamin B6 & B12 With Folic AcidCapsuleOralWn Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2002-05-222009-09-28Canada
Vitamine 110 LiqLiquidOralFrega Inc.1993-12-312008-07-09Canada
Vitamine Du Groupe B Plus Fer - LiqLiquidOralPharmalab Inc.1995-12-312008-07-14Canada
Vitogen B Compound W C Fortis CapsulesCapsuleOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1972-12-311997-10-14Canada
Vitogen B Stress C Vit E Zinc & CopTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1984-12-312002-07-31Canada
Vitogen B Stress C600TabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1981-12-312002-07-31Canada
Vitogen Multiple Vitamins TabTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1966-12-311997-10-14Canada
Vitogen Multiple Vitamins W IronTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1976-12-311997-10-14Canada
Vitreat Chewable Vitamin TabTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1972-12-311997-08-08Canada
Vitreat Chewable Vitamins Plus IronTabletOralStanley Pharmaceuticals, A Division Of Vita Health Products Inc.1977-12-311997-08-08Canada
VP-heme OBTablet, film coatedOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2013-10-14Not applicableUs
VP-HEME OneCapsule, gelatin coatedOralVirtus Pharmaceuticals2013-03-01Not applicableUs
Vtb Vitamin and Mineral SupplementTabletOralGarden State NutritionalsNot applicableNot applicableCanada
Women's FormulaTabletOralPro Ma Systems1998-10-312007-09-25Canada
Zoo ChewsTabletOralHall Laboratories, Ltd.1981-12-312003-09-11Canada
CAS number68-19-9
WeightAverage: 1355.3652
Monoisotopic: 1354.5674053
Chemical FormulaC63H88CoN14O14P
[[email protected]]1([[email protected]@H]2[[email protected]]([[email protected]@H](N3C4=CC(=C(C)C=C4[N+]([Co-3]456(N7C8=C(C9=[N+]4C(C([[email protected]@H]9CCC(N)=O)(C)C)=CC4=[N+]5C(=C(C5=[N+]6[[email protected]@]([[email protected]]7([[email protected]@H]([[email protected]@]8(C)CCC(=O)NC[[email protected]@]([H])(C)OP([O-])(=O)O2)CC(N)=O)[H])([[email protected]@]([[email protected]@H]5CCC(N)=O)(C)CC(N)=O)C)C)[[email protected]@]([[email protected]@H]4CCC(N)=O)(C)CC(N)=O)C)C#N)=C3)C)O1)O)CO

For treatment of pernicious anemia (due to lack of or inhibition of intrinsic factor) and for prevention and treatment of vitamin B 12 deficiency.

Structured Indications

Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) is a water-soluble organometallic compound with a trivalent cobalt ion bound inside a corrin ring. It is needed for nerve cells and red blood cells, and to make DNA. Vitamin B12 deficiency is the cause of several forms of anemia.

Mechanism of action

Vitamin B12 is used in the body in two forms: Methylcobalamin and 5-deoxyadenosyl cobalamin. The enzyme methionine synthase needs methylcobalamin as a cofactor. This enzyme is involved in the conversion of the amino acid homocysteine into methionine. Methionine in turn is required for DNA methylation. 5-Deoxyadenosyl cobalamin is a cofactor needed by the enzyme that converts L-methylmalonyl-CoA to succinyl-CoA. This conversion is an important step in the extraction of energy from proteins and fats. Furthermore, succinyl CoA is necessary for the production of hemoglobin, the substances that carries oxygen in red blood cells.

TargetKindPharmacological actionActionsOrganismUniProt ID
Methionine synthaseProteinyes
HumanQ99707 details
Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase, mitochondrialProteinyes
HumanP22033 details
Methionine synthase reductaseProteinunknown
HumanQ9UBK8 details
Methylmalonic aciduria type A protein, mitochondrialProteinunknown
HumanQ8IVH4 details
Methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type C proteinProteinunknown
HumanQ9Y4U1 details
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductaseProteinunknown
HumanP42898 details
Related Articles

Readily absorbed in the lower half of the ileum.

Volume of distributionNot Available
Protein binding

Very high (to specific plasma proteins called transcobalamins); binding of hydroxocobalamin is slightly higher than cyanocobalamin.



Route of eliminationNot Available
Half life

Approximately 6 days (400 days in the liver).

ClearanceNot Available

Anaphylactic reaction (skin rash, itching, wheezing)-after parenteral administration. ORL-MUS LD50 > 8000 mg/kg

Affected organisms
  • Humans and other mammals
PathwaysNot Available
Pharmacogenomic Effects/ADRs Not Available
Drug Interactions
DrugInteractionDrug group
ChloramphenicolThe therapeutic efficacy of Cyanocobalamin can be decreased when used in combination with Chloramphenicol.Approved, Vet Approved
ColchicineThe serum concentration of Cyanocobalamin can be decreased when it is combined with Colchicine.Approved
Food InteractionsNot Available
Synthesis Reference

Robert H. Allen, "Preparation of samples for vitamin B12 and/or folate assay and assay." U.S. Patent US4451571, issued October, 1982.

General References
  1. Wickramasinghe SN: Morphology, biology and biochemistry of cobalamin- and folate-deficient bone marrow cells. Baillieres Clin Haematol. 1995 Sep;8(3):441-59. [PubMed:8534956 ]
  2. Sharabi A, Cohen E, Sulkes J, Garty M: Replacement therapy for vitamin B12 deficiency: comparison between the sublingual and oral route. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2003 Dec;56(6):635-8. [PubMed:14616423 ]
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  4. Andres E, Noel E, Goichot B: Metformin-associated vitamin B12 deficiency. Arch Intern Med. 2002 Oct 28;162(19):2251-2. [PubMed:12390080 ]
  5. Gilligan MA: Metformin and vitamin B12 deficiency. Arch Intern Med. 2002 Feb 25;162(4):484-5. [PubMed:11863489 ]
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ATC CodesB03AE01 — Iron, vitamin b12 and folic acidB03BA51 — Cyanocobalamin, combinationsB03BA01 — Cyanocobalamin
AHFS Codes
  • 88:08.00
PDB EntriesNot Available
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Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials
0CompletedTreatmentBMI >30 kg/m2 / Hypertensive1
1CompletedNot AvailableHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections / Infection, Human Immunodeficiency Virus I / Mycobacterium avium complex infection1
1CompletedDiagnosticHealthy Volunteers1
1CompletedOtherHeart Rate / Heart Rate Variability / Inflammatory Reaction1
1CompletedTreatmentCancers / Metastases1
1CompletedTreatmentFocus: Bioavailability1
1Not Yet RecruitingBasic ScienceAging / Mineral deficiency / Vitamin Deficiency1
1, 2RecruitingTreatmentPostpartum Anemia1
1, 2SuspendedTreatmentSchizoaffective Disorders / Schizophrenic Disorders1
1, 2TerminatedTreatmentPsoriasis1
2Active Not RecruitingTreatmentLung Cancers / Neoplasms Metastasis1
2CompletedPreventionDepressive Disorders / Depressive State1
2CompletedPreventionHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections1
2CompletedTreatmentCancer, Breast1
2CompletedTreatmentNon-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC)1
2RecruitingPreventionPeripheral T-cell lymphoma unspecified refractory / Relapsed Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma1
2RecruitingPreventionVincristine Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (VIPN)1
2RecruitingTreatmentHIV Disease1
2RecruitingTreatmentHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections1
2Unknown StatusTreatmentAnemias1
2Unknown StatusTreatmentMalignant Neoplasm of Nasopharynx1
2, 3CompletedTreatmentAtherosclerosis1
2, 3CompletedTreatmentAutistic Disorder1
2, 3CompletedTreatmentCardiovascular Disease (CVD) / Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) / Mortality1
3CompletedPreventionCerebral Infarctions / Myocardial Infarction (MI) / Strokes1
3CompletedPreventionCerebrovascular Stroke / Coronary Artery Disease / Myocardial Infarction (MI)1
3CompletedPreventionComplications, Pregnancy / Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections1
3CompletedTreatmentAlzheimer's Disease (AD)1
3CompletedTreatmentChronic Plaque Psoriasis1
3CompletedTreatmentDiarrheal Illnesses / Growth Faltering / Respiratory Illness1
3CompletedTreatmentHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections / Tuberculosis, Pulmonary1
3RecruitingTreatmentBladder Cancers / Transitional Cell Carcinoma / Ureteral Cancer1
3Unknown StatusNot AvailableAnemias / Low Birth Weight / Neonatal Mortality1
3Unknown StatusTreatmentAlzheimer's Disease (AD) / Down Syndrome (DS)1
4CompletedTreatmentDiabetic Peripheral Neuropathic Pain1
4CompletedTreatmentHyperemesis Gravidarum / Morning Sickness / Nausea / Pregnancy / Vomiting1
4CompletedTreatmentVitamin B 12 Deficiency1
4RecruitingTreatmentHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections1
4Unknown StatusDiagnosticVitamin B12 Deficiency1
4WithdrawnTreatmentNephritis / Proteinuria / Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)1
Not AvailableActive Not RecruitingTreatmentVitamin B 12 Deficiency1
Not AvailableCompletedNot AvailableHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections1
Not AvailableCompletedNot AvailableVitamin B12 Deficiency1
Not AvailableCompletedDiagnosticCoronary Artery Disease / Major Surgery1
Not AvailableCompletedDiagnosticVitamin B12 Absorption1
Not AvailableCompletedPreventionDeep-Vein Thrombosis / Prophylaxis of Pulmonary embolism1
Not AvailableCompletedPreventionNeural Tube Defects (NTDs)1
Not AvailableCompletedScreeningOther Diseases or Conditions1
Not AvailableCompletedSupportive CareNon-thyroidal Illness Syndrome1
Not AvailableCompletedTreatmentAcute Myocardial Infarction (AMI)1
Not AvailableCompletedTreatmentAngelman's syndrome / Nervous System Diseases1
Not AvailableCompletedTreatmentAutistic Disorder1
Not AvailableCompletedTreatmentEnd Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) / Hyperhomocysteinaemia1
Not AvailableCompletedTreatmentHealthy Volunteers1
Not AvailableCompletedTreatmentHuman Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infections1
Not AvailableCompletedTreatmentSleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm1
Not AvailableNot Yet RecruitingTreatmentBreast Cancer Metastatic / Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC)1
Not AvailableTerminatedTreatmentRecurrent Aphthous Stomatitis1
Not AvailableWithdrawnPreventionStrokes / Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA)1
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Dosage forms
Capsule; liquidOral
TabletOral1000 mcg
KitIntramuscular; Subcutaneous
LiquidIntramuscular1 mg
TabletOral6 mcg
SolutionIntramuscular; Subcutaneous1 mg
InjectionIntramuscular; Subcutaneous1000 ug/mL
Injection, solutionIntramuscular1000 ug/mL
Injection, solutionIntramuscular; Subcutaneous1000 ug/mL
LiquidIntramuscular; Subcutaneous1 mg
Tablet, film coatedOral
LiquidIntramuscular; Intravenous
TabletOral24 mcg
Tablet, extended releaseOral
Tablet, effervescentOral
Injection, powder, lyophilized, for solutionIntravenous
Liquid; tabletOral
Solution / dropsOral
Tablet, chewableOral
SprayNasal500 ug/1
Injection, solutionIntravenous
Tablet, coatedOral
TabletOral1 mcg
LiquidIntramuscular; Intravenous; Subcutaneous1 mg
LiquidIntramuscular; Subcutaneous1000 mcg
Capsule, extended releaseOral
Tablet, extended releaseOral1.2 mg
TabletOral500 mcg
Capsule, gelatin coatedOral
Capsule, liquid filledOral
TabletOral.025 mg
CapsuleOral1000 mcg
LiquidIntramuscular; Subcutaneous100 mcg
SolutionIntramuscular; Subcutaneous1000 mcg
TabletOral50 mcg
TabletOral1 mg
CapsuleOral500 mcg
SolutionIntramuscular; Subcutaneous100 mcg
Tablet, extended releaseOral1 mg
TabletOral250 mcg
TabletOral5 mcg
TabletOral100 mcg
TabletOral25 mcg
TabletOral3 mcg
Unit descriptionCostUnit
Nascobal 500 mcg/0.1ml Solution 2.3ml Bottle277.97USD bottle
Cyanocobalamin crystals161.18USD g
Infuvite pediatric vial2.58USD ml
Cyanocobalamin 1000 mcg/ml vial1.44USD vial
Cyanocobalamin 1000 mcg/ml1.2USD ml
Cyanocobalamin 1000 mcg/ml Solution1.03USD ml
Rubesol-1000 mcg/ml vial0.48USD ml
Vitamin B-12 1000 mcg/ml0.47USD ml
Vitamin b-12 2.5 mg tablet sl0.17USD tablet
Cyanocobalamin 1000 mcg tablet0.16USD tablet
Cyanocobalamin 100 mcg tablet0.14USD tablet
Vitamin b-12 1000 mcg tablet sl0.08USD tablet
B12 2500 mcg tablet sl0.07USD tablet
Sm vitamin b-12 500 mcg tablet0.06USD tablet
Vitamin b-12 1000 mcg tablet0.06USD tablet
Vitabee with vit c caplet0.05USD caplet
Vitamin b-12 500 mcg tablet0.05USD tablet
CVS Pharmacy vitamin b-12 1000 mcg tablet0.04USD tablet
CVS Pharmacy vitamin b-12 500 mcg tablet0.04USD tablet
Vitamin b-12 50 mcg tablet0.04USD tablet
CVS Pharmacy vitamin b12 100 mcg tablet0.03USD tablet
Pv vit b-12 1000 mcg tablet sl0.03USD tablet
Ra vitamin b-12 50 mcg tablet0.03USD tablet
Vitamin b-12 250 mcg tablet0.03USD tablet
Pv b-12 250 mcg tablet0.02USD tablet
Vitamin b-12 100 mcg tablet0.02USD tablet
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Patent NumberPediatric ExtensionApprovedExpires (estimated)
US7229636 No2004-08-012024-08-01Us
US7879349 No2004-08-012024-08-01Us
US8003353 No2004-08-012024-08-01Us
US8940714 No2004-02-262024-02-26Us
US7404489 No2004-03-122024-03-12Us
US9415007 No2004-07-282024-07-28Us
Experimental Properties
melting point (°C)> 300 °CPhysProp
water solubility1.25E+004 mg/LMERCK INDEX (1996)
Predicted Properties
pKa (Strongest Acidic)1.82ChemAxon
pKa (Strongest Basic)-0.55ChemAxon
Physiological Charge0ChemAxon
Hydrogen Acceptor Count14ChemAxon
Hydrogen Donor Count9ChemAxon
Polar Surface Area440.79 Å2ChemAxon
Rotatable Bond Count16ChemAxon
Refractivity344.12 m3·mol-1ChemAxon
Polarizability134.61 Å3ChemAxon
Number of Rings12ChemAxon
Rule of FiveNoChemAxon
Ghose FilterNoChemAxon
Veber's RuleNoChemAxon
MDDR-like RuleYesChemAxon
Predicted ADMET features
Human Intestinal Absorption+0.9574
Blood Brain Barrier-0.7447
Caco-2 permeable-0.6455
P-glycoprotein substrateSubstrate0.8341
P-glycoprotein inhibitor INon-inhibitor0.5082
P-glycoprotein inhibitor IIInhibitor0.6369
Renal organic cation transporterNon-inhibitor0.898
CYP450 2C9 substrateNon-substrate0.8104
CYP450 2D6 substrateNon-substrate0.8085
CYP450 3A4 substrateSubstrate0.65
CYP450 1A2 substrateNon-inhibitor0.8775
CYP450 2C9 inhibitorNon-inhibitor0.8775
CYP450 2D6 inhibitorNon-inhibitor0.8737
CYP450 2C19 inhibitorNon-inhibitor0.7076
CYP450 3A4 inhibitorInhibitor0.7118
CYP450 inhibitory promiscuityLow CYP Inhibitory Promiscuity0.8125
Ames testNon AMES toxic0.5707
BiodegradationNot ready biodegradable0.9972
Rat acute toxicity2.6731 LD50, mol/kg Not applicable
hERG inhibition (predictor I)Weak inhibitor0.8988
hERG inhibition (predictor II)Non-inhibitor0.682
ADMET data is predicted using admetSAR, a free tool for evaluating chemical ADMET properties. (23092397 )
Mass Spec (NIST)Not Available
SpectraNot Available
DescriptionThis compound belongs to the class of chemical entities known as cobalamin derivatives. These are organic compounds containing a corrin ring, a cobalt atom, an a nucleotide moiety. Cobalamin Derivatives are actually derived from vitamin B12.
KingdomChemical entities
Super ClassOrganic compounds
ClassOrganoheterocyclic compounds
Sub ClassTetrapyrroles and derivatives
Direct ParentCobalamin derivatives
Alternative ParentsMetallotetrapyrroles / Benzimidazole ribonucleosides and ribonucleotides / Pentose phosphates / Glycosylamines / Monosaccharide phosphates / Benzimidazoles / Phosphoethanolamines / Dialkyl phosphates / Benzenoids / Fatty amides
SubstituentsCobalamin / Metallotetrapyrrole skeleton / 1-ribofuranosylbenzimidazole / Pentose phosphate / Glycosyl compound / N-glycosyl compound / Pentose monosaccharide / Monosaccharide phosphate / Benzimidazole / Phosphoethanolamine
Molecular FrameworkAromatic heteropolycyclic compounds
External Descriptorscob(III)alamins (CHEBI:17439 )


Pharmacological action
General Function:
Zinc ion binding
Specific Function:
Catalyzes the transfer of a methyl group from methyl-cobalamin to homocysteine, yielding enzyme-bound cob(I)alamin and methionine. Subsequently, remethylates the cofactor using methyltetrahydrofolate (By similarity).
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Methionine synthase
Molecular Weight:
140525.91 Da
  1. Stover PJ: Vitamin B12 and older adults. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2010 Jan;13(1):24-7. doi: 10.1097/MCO.0b013e328333d157. [PubMed:19904199 ]
  2. Allen LH: Causes of vitamin B12 and folate deficiency. Food Nutr Bull. 2008 Jun;29(2 Suppl):S20-34; discussion S35-7. [PubMed:18709879 ]
Pharmacological action
General Function:
Modified amino acid binding
Specific Function:
Involved in the degradation of several amino acids, odd-chain fatty acids and cholesterol via propionyl-CoA to the tricarboxylic acid cycle. MCM has different functions in other species.
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase, mitochondrial
Molecular Weight:
83133.755 Da
  1. Worgan LC, Niles K, Tirone JC, Hofmann A, Verner A, Sammak A, Kucic T, Lepage P, Rosenblatt DS: Spectrum of mutations in mut methylmalonic acidemia and identification of a common Hispanic mutation and haplotype. Hum Mutat. 2006 Jan;27(1):31-43. [PubMed:16281286 ]
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Pharmacological action
General Function:
Oxidoreductase activity, oxidizing metal ions, nad or nadp as acceptor
Specific Function:
Involved in the reductive regeneration of cob(I)alamin (vitamin B12) cofactor required for the maintenance of methionine synthase in a functional state. Necessary for utilization of methylgroups from the folate cycle, thereby affecting transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. Folate pathway donates methyl groups necessary for cellular methylation and affects different pathways such as DNA meth...
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Methionine synthase reductase
Molecular Weight:
80409.22 Da
  1. O'Leary VB, Mills JL, Pangilinan F, Kirke PN, Cox C, Conley M, Weiler A, Peng K, Shane B, Scott JM, Parle-McDermott A, Molloy AM, Brody LC: Analysis of methionine synthase reductase polymorphisms for neural tube defects risk association. Mol Genet Metab. 2005 Jul;85(3):220-7. Epub 2005 Mar 17. [PubMed:15979034 ]
  2. Gueant-Rodriguez RM, Juilliere Y, Candito M, Adjalla CE, Gibelin P, Herbeth B, Van Obberghen E, Gueant JL: Association of MTRRA66G polymorphism (but not of MTHFR C677T and A1298C, MTRA2756G, TCN C776G) with homocysteine and coronary artery disease in the French population. Thromb Haemost. 2005 Sep;94(3):510-5. [PubMed:16268464 ]
  3. Miriuka SG, Langman LJ, Evrovski J, Miner SE, D'Mello N, Delgado DH, Wong BY, Ross HJ, Cole DE: Genetic polymorphisms predisposing to hyperhomocysteinemia in cardiac transplant patients. Transpl Int. 2005 Jan;18(1):29-35. [PubMed:15612980 ]
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  5. van der Linden IJ, den Heijer M, Afman LA, Gellekink H, Vermeulen SH, Kluijtmans LA, Blom HJ: The methionine synthase reductase 66A>G polymorphism is a maternal risk factor for spina bifida. J Mol Med (Berl). 2006 Dec;84(12):1047-54. Epub 2006 Oct 6. [PubMed:17024475 ]
Pharmacological action
General Function:
Hydrolase activity
Specific Function:
Probable GTPase. May function as chaperone. May be involved in the transport of cobalamin (Cbl) into mitochondria for the final steps of adenosylcobalamin (AdoCbl) synthesis.
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Methylmalonic aciduria type A protein, mitochondrial
Molecular Weight:
46537.865 Da
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Pharmacological action
General Function:
Cobalamin binding
Specific Function:
May be involved in the binding and intracellular trafficking of cobalamin (vitamin B12).
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Methylmalonic aciduria and homocystinuria type C protein
Molecular Weight:
31728.095 Da
  1. Chandler RJ, Aswani V, Tsai MS, Falk M, Wehrli N, Stabler S, Allen R, Sedensky M, Kazazian HH, Venditti CP: Propionyl-CoA and adenosylcobalamin metabolism in Caenorhabditis elegans: evidence for a role of methylmalonyl-CoA epimerase in intermediary metabolism. Mol Genet Metab. 2006 Sep-Oct;89(1-2):64-73. Epub 2006 Jul 14. [PubMed:16843692 ]
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Pharmacological action
General Function:
Protein complex binding
Specific Function:
Catalyzes the conversion of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to 5-methyltetrahydrofolate, a co-substrate for homocysteine remethylation to methionine.
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase
Molecular Weight:
74595.895 Da
  1. Nakamura T, Saionji K, Hiejima Y, Hirayama H, Tago K, Takano H, Tajiri M, Hayashi K, Kawabata M, Funamizu M, Makita Y, Hata A: Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase genotype, vitamin B12, and folate influence plasma homocysteine in hemodialysis patients. Am J Kidney Dis. 2002 May;39(5):1032-9. [PubMed:11979347 ]
  2. Erdogan MO, Yildiz SH, Solak M, Eser O, Cosar E, Eser B, Koken R, Buyukbas S: C677T polymorphism of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene does not affect folic acid, vitamin B12, and homocysteine serum levels in Turkish children with neural tube defects. Genet Mol Res. 2010 Jun 22;9(2):1197-203. doi: 10.4238/vol9-2gmr816. [PubMed:20589617 ]


Pharmacological action
General Function:
Cob(i)yrinic acid a,c-diamide adenosyltransferase activity
Specific Function:
Not Available
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Cob(I)yrinic acid a,c-diamide adenosyltransferase, mitochondrial
Molecular Weight:
27387.975 Da
  1. Zhang J, Dobson CM, Wu X, Lerner-Ellis J, Rosenblatt DS, Gravel RA: Impact of cblB mutations on the function of ATP:cob(I)alamin adenosyltransferase in disorders of vitamin B12 metabolism. Mol Genet Metab. 2006 Apr;87(4):315-22. Epub 2006 Jan 24. [PubMed:16439175 ]
  2. Lerner-Ellis JP, Gradinger AB, Watkins D, Tirone JC, Villeneuve A, Dobson CM, Montpetit A, Lepage P, Gravel RA, Rosenblatt DS: Mutation and biochemical analysis of patients belonging to the cblB complementation class of vitamin B12-dependent methylmalonic aciduria. Mol Genet Metab. 2006 Mar;87(3):219-25. Epub 2006 Jan 10. [PubMed:16410054 ]


Pharmacological action
General Function:
Receptor binding
Specific Function:
Necessary for efficient absorption of vitamin B12. May direct the production of trunk mesoderm during development by modulating a bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling pathway in the underlying visceral endoderm (By similarity).
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Protein amnionless
Molecular Weight:
47753.91 Da
  1. Al-Alami JR, Tanner SM, Tayeh MK, de la Chapelle A, El-Shanti H: Homozygous AMN mutation in hereditary selective intestinal malabsorption of vitamin B12 in Jordan. Saudi Med J. 2005 Jul;26(7):1061-4. [PubMed:16047053 ]
Pharmacological action
General Function:
Cobalamin binding
Specific Function:
Binds vitamin B12 with femtomolar affinity and protects it from the acidic environment of the stomach.
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Molecular Weight:
48206.32 Da
  1. Carmel R: Haptocorrin (transcobalamin I) and cobalamin deficiencies. Clin Chem. 2007 Feb;53(2):367-8; author reply 368-9. [PubMed:17259255 ]
  2. Al-Alami JR, Tanner SM, Tayeh MK, de la Chapelle A, El-Shanti H: Homozygous AMN mutation in hereditary selective intestinal malabsorption of vitamin B12 in Jordan. Saudi Med J. 2005 Jul;26(7):1061-4. [PubMed:16047053 ]
Pharmacological action
General Function:
Metal ion binding
Specific Function:
Primary vitamin B12-binding and transport protein. Delivers cobalamin to cells.
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Molecular Weight:
47534.54 Da
  1. Chen X, Remacha AF, Sarda MP, Carmel R: Influence of cobalamin deficiency compared with that of cobalamin absorption on serum holo-transcobalamin II. Am J Clin Nutr. 2005 Jan;81(1):110-4. [PubMed:15640468 ]
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  3. Bowen RA, Drake SK, Vanjani R, Huey ED, Grafman J, Horne MK 3rd: Markedly increased vitamin B12 concentrations attributable to IgG-IgM-vitamin B12 immune complexes. Clin Chem. 2006 Nov;52(11):2107-14. [PubMed:17068171 ]
  4. Bosco P, Gueant-Rodriguez RM, Anello G, Spada R, Romano A, Fajardo A, Caraci F, Ferri R, Gueant JL: Association of homocysteine (but not of MTHFR 677 C>T, MTR 2756 A>G, MTRR 66 A>G and TCN2 776 C>G) with ischaemic cerebrovascular disease in Sicily. Thromb Haemost. 2006 Aug;96(2):154-9. [PubMed:16894458 ]
  5. Al-Alami JR, Tanner SM, Tayeh MK, de la Chapelle A, El-Shanti H: Homozygous AMN mutation in hereditary selective intestinal malabsorption of vitamin B12 in Jordan. Saudi Med J. 2005 Jul;26(7):1061-4. [PubMed:16047053 ]
Pharmacological action
General Function:
Cobalamin binding
Specific Function:
Promotes absorption of the essential vitamin cobalamin (Cbl) in the ileum. After interaction with CUBN, the GIF-cobalamin complex is internalized via receptor-mediated endocytosis.
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Gastric intrinsic factor
Molecular Weight:
45415.67 Da
  1. Fedosov SN, Fedosova NU, Berglund L, Moestrup SK, Nexo E, Petersen TE: Composite organization of the cobalamin binding and cubilin recognition sites of intrinsic factor. Biochemistry. 2005 Mar 8;44(9):3604-14. [PubMed:15736970 ]
  2. He Q, Madsen M, Kilkenney A, Gregory B, Christensen EI, Vorum H, Hojrup P, Schaffer AA, Kirkness EF, Tanner SM, de la Chapelle A, Giger U, Moestrup SK, Fyfe JC: Amnionless function is required for cubilin brush-border expression and intrinsic factor-cobalamin (vitamin B12) absorption in vivo. Blood. 2005 Aug 15;106(4):1447-53. Epub 2005 Apr 21. [PubMed:15845892 ]
  3. Moestrup SK: New insights into carrier binding and epithelial uptake of the erythropoietic nutrients cobalamin and folate. Curr Opin Hematol. 2006 May;13(3):119-23. [PubMed:16567952 ]
Pharmacological action
General Function:
Transporter activity
Specific Function:
Cotransporter which plays a role in lipoprotein, vitamin and iron metabolism, by facilitating their uptake. Binds to ALB, MB, Kappa and lambda-light chains, TF, hemoglobin, GC, SCGB1A1, APOA1, high density lipoprotein, and the GIF-cobalamin complex. The binding of all ligands requires calcium. Serves as important transporter in several absorptive epithelia, including intestine, renal proximal t...
Gene Name:
Uniprot ID:
Uniprot Name:
Molecular Weight:
398732.93 Da
  1. Fedosov SN, Fedosova NU, Berglund L, Moestrup SK, Nexo E, Petersen TE: Composite organization of the cobalamin binding and cubilin recognition sites of intrinsic factor. Biochemistry. 2005 Mar 8;44(9):3604-14. [PubMed:15736970 ]
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  3. Moestrup SK: New insights into carrier binding and epithelial uptake of the erythropoietic nutrients cobalamin and folate. Curr Opin Hematol. 2006 May;13(3):119-23. [PubMed:16567952 ]
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