Muscle Cramps

Also known as: Cramping / Cramp / Muscle Cramp / Cramps / Cramp muscle / Muscular spasm / Muscle spasms / Spasm of muscle / Muscle spasm / Spasms / Spasm muscle / Spasm

DrugDrug NameDrug Description
DB06774CapsaicinCapsaicin is most often used as a topical analgesic and exists in many formulations of cream, liquid, and patch preparations of various strengths; however, it may also be found in some dietary supplements. Capsaicin is a naturally-occurring botanical irritant in chili peppers, synthetically derived for pharmaceutical formulations. The most recent capsaicin FDA approval was Qutenza, an 8% capsaicin patch dermal-delivery system, indicated for neuropathic pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia.
DB11201Menthyl salicylateMenthyl salicylate is an ester of menthol and salicylic acid [L2808]. This product is used to treat minor aches and pains of the muscles/joints (e.g., arthritis, backache, sprains) [L2810].
DrugDrug NamePhaseStatusCount
DB06264Tolperisone2Active Not Recruiting1
DB00268Ropinirole4Enrolling by Invitation1
DB00163Vitamin E4Enrolling by Invitation1
DB00181BaclofenNot AvailableUnknown Status1
DB00470DronabinolNot AvailableCompleted1
DB00153ErgocalciferolNot AvailableTerminated1
DB04465LactoseNot AvailableTerminated1
DB11094Vitamin DNot AvailableTerminated1