Iron Compounds

Organic and inorganic compounds that contain iron as an integral part of the molecule.
DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB09147Ferric pyrophosphateFerric pyrophosphate is intended to be indicated for the treatment of iron loss or iron deficiency as a formulation with a milder gastrointestinal effect.[L1423, L1433] Iron deficiency appears when the dietary intake does not meet the body's requirement or when there is chronic external blood loss. During acute blood loss, body iron stores are sufficient for accelerated erythropoiesis and restoration of iron homeostasis. But when the altered homeostasis remains for weeks to months then some supplement is needed. Some causes of iron deficiency include ectoparasitism, endoparasitism, hematuria, epistaxis, hemorrhagic skin, coagulopathy, thrombocytopenia, thrombocytopathia and gastrointestinal hemorrhage.[A31984]
DB00325NitroprussideFor immediate reduction of blood pressure of patients in hypertensive crises, reduce bleeding during surgery, and for the treatment of acute congestive heart failure
DB00893Iron DextranFor treatment of patients with documented iron deficiency in whom oral administration is unsatisfactory or impossible. Also used to replenish body iron stores in Non-Dialysis Dependent-Chronic Kidney Disease (NDD-CKD) patients receiving or not receiving erythropoietin and in Hemodialysis Dependent (HDD-CKD) and Peritoneal Dialysis Dependent (PDD-CKD) - Chronic Kidney Disease patients receiving an erythropoietin.
DB01592IronUsed in preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia.
DB06215FerumoxytolThis drug is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in adult patients who have experienced intolerance to oral iron or have experienced an unsatisfactory response to oral iron or who have chronic kidney disease (CKD) [FDA label].
DB06783Prussian blueIndicated for treatment of patients with known or suspected internal contamination with radioactive cesium and/or radioactive or non-radioactive thallium to increase their rates of elimination.
DB08917Ferric carboxymaltoseFerric carboxymaltose is a iron replacement product indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in adult patients who have intolerance to oral iron or have had unsatisfactory response to oral iron or those who have non-dialysis dependent chronic kidney disease.
DB09146Iron sucroseIron sucrose is elemental iron as an injection. It replenishes body iron stores in patients with iron deficiency.
DB09501Ferric ammonium citrateNot Available
DB09507FerumoxsilNot Available
DB09508FerumoxidesNot Available
DB11171Ferric sulfateFerric sulfate was first used in dermatology as part of the Monsel's solution. This solution is an antihemorrhagic agent used in skin and mucosal biopsies. The use of ferric sulfate in dermatology is under review as ferric sulfate is corrosive and injurious and it can cause degenerative changes that are not observed with other alternatives like collagen.[A32357] Ferric sulfate is also used as a coagulative and hemostatic agent. It is a mechanic hemostatic agent used directly on the damaged tissue.[A32355] In dentistry, ferric sulfate is used as a pulpotomy medicament to control pulpal bleeding, as an antibacterial agent and as a hemostatic reagent for restorative dentistry, for postextraction hemorrhage and for periradicular and endodontic surgery.[A32356]
DB11210Ferrous bisglycinateNot Available
DB11417GleptoferronNot Available
DB11576Ferric oxideNot Available
DB12208Iron isomaltoside 1000Not Available
DB12821PerflubutaneNot Available
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousFor the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia [L2252].
DB13381Sodium feredetateNot Available
DB13423Ferric hydroxideNot Available
DB13569Ferrous chlorideNot Available
DB13885Ferric subsulfateNot Available
DB13949Ferric cationFor the control of serum phosphorus levels in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis, as ferric citrate.
DB14488Ferrous gluconateUsed in preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia.
DB14489Ferrous succinateUsed in preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia.
DB14491Ferrous fumarateUsed in preventing and treating iron-deficiency anemia.
DB14520Tetraferric tricitrate decahydrateFor the control of serum phosphorus levels in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis, as ferric citrate.
DB14695Ferric oxyhydroxideNot Available
DrugDrug NameTargetType
DB09147Ferric pyrophosphateFerritin light chaintarget
DB09147Ferric pyrophosphateHemoglobin subunit alphatarget
DB09147Ferric pyrophosphateHemoglobin subunit betatarget
DB00325NitroprussideAtrial natriuretic peptide receptor 1target
DB00325NitroprussideCytochrome P450 1A1enzyme
DB00893Iron DextranHemoglobin subunit betatarget
DB00893Iron DextranHemoglobin subunit alphatarget
DB00893Iron DextranFerritin heavy chaintarget
DB00893Iron DextranFerritin light chaintarget
DB00893Iron DextranSerotransferrincarrier
DB01592IronTransferrin receptor protein 1target
DB01592IronEgl nine homolog 1target
DB01592IronHistone deacetylase 8target
DB01592IronAlpha-hemoglobin-stabilizing proteintarget
DB01592IronHemoglobin subunit alphatarget
DB01592IronFrataxin, mitochondrialtarget
DB01592IronFerritin heavy chaintarget
DB01592IronFlap endonuclease 1target
DB01592IronEndonuclease 8-like 1target
DB01592IronEndonuclease 8-like 2target
DB01592IronDNA polymerase betatarget
DB06215FerumoxytolFerritin light chaintransporter
DB06215FerumoxytolFerritin heavy chaintransporter
DB09146Iron sucroseHemoglobin subunit alphatarget
DB09146Iron sucroseSerotransferrincarrier
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousSerotransferrintransporter
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousFerritin light chaintransporter
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousFerritin heavy chaintransporter
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousDivalent metal ion transporter 1transporter
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousIron binding protein FbpAtransporter
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousNADH dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] iron-sulfur protein 8, mitochondrialenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousSuccinate dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] flavoprotein subunit, mitochondrialenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousXanthine dehydrogenase/oxidaseenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousAconitate hydratase, mitochondrialenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousCytochrome P450 4A11enzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousSulfite oxidase, mitochondrialenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousMyeloperoxidaseenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousCatalaseenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousNitric oxide synthase, inducibleenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousProstaglandin G/H synthase 1enzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousProstaglandin G/H synthase 2enzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousTryptophan 5-hydroxylase 1enzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousProlyl 4-hydroxylase subunit alpha-1enzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousRibonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large subunitenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousPterin-4-alpha-carbinolamine dehydrataseenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousTrimethyllysine dioxygenase, mitochondrialenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousCeruloplasminenzyme
DB13257Ferrous sulfate anhydrousFree radicalstarget
DB13949Ferric cationSerotransferrincarrier
DB13949Ferric cationIron(3+)-hydroxamate-binding protein FhuDtarget
DB13949Ferric cationIntegrin beta-3carrier
DB13949Ferric cationCalreticulincarrier
DB13949Ferric cationTransferrin receptor protein 1target
DB14488Ferrous gluconateTransferrin receptor protein 1target
DB14488Ferrous gluconateEgl nine homolog 1target
DB14488Ferrous gluconateHistone deacetylase 8target
DB14488Ferrous gluconateAlpha-hemoglobin-stabilizing proteintarget
DB14488Ferrous gluconateHemoglobin subunit alphatarget
DB14488Ferrous gluconateFrataxin, mitochondrialtarget
DB14488Ferrous gluconateFerritin heavy chaintarget
DB14488Ferrous gluconateFlap endonuclease 1target
DB14488Ferrous gluconateEndonuclease 8-like 1target
DB14488Ferrous gluconateEndonuclease 8-like 2target
DB14488Ferrous gluconateDNA polymerase betatarget
DB14488Ferrous gluconateCeruloplasmintarget
DB14488Ferrous gluconateSerotransferrintarget
DB14489Ferrous succinateTransferrin receptor protein 1target
DB14489Ferrous succinateEgl nine homolog 1target
DB14489Ferrous succinateHistone deacetylase 8target
DB14489Ferrous succinateAlpha-hemoglobin-stabilizing proteintarget
DB14489Ferrous succinateHemoglobin subunit alphatarget
DB14489Ferrous succinateFrataxin, mitochondrialtarget
DB14489Ferrous succinateFerritin heavy chaintarget
DB14489Ferrous succinateFlap endonuclease 1target
DB14489Ferrous succinateEndonuclease 8-like 1target
DB14489Ferrous succinateEndonuclease 8-like 2target
DB14489Ferrous succinateDNA polymerase betatarget
DB14489Ferrous succinateCeruloplasmintarget
DB14489Ferrous succinateSerotransferrintarget
DB14491Ferrous fumarateTransferrin receptor protein 1target
DB14491Ferrous fumarateEgl nine homolog 1target
DB14491Ferrous fumarateHistone deacetylase 8target
DB14491Ferrous fumarateAlpha-hemoglobin-stabilizing proteintarget
DB14491Ferrous fumarateHemoglobin subunit alphatarget
DB14491Ferrous fumarateFrataxin, mitochondrialtarget
DB14491Ferrous fumarateFerritin heavy chaintarget
DB14491Ferrous fumarateFlap endonuclease 1target
DB14491Ferrous fumarateEndonuclease 8-like 1target
DB14491Ferrous fumarateEndonuclease 8-like 2target
DB14491Ferrous fumarateDNA polymerase betatarget
DB14491Ferrous fumarateCeruloplasmintarget
DB14491Ferrous fumarateSerotransferrintarget
DB14520Tetraferric tricitrate decahydrateSerotransferrincarrier
DB14520Tetraferric tricitrate decahydrateIron(3+)-hydroxamate-binding protein FhuDtarget
DB14520Tetraferric tricitrate decahydrateIntegrin beta-3carrier
DB14520Tetraferric tricitrate decahydrateCalreticulincarrier
DB14520Tetraferric tricitrate decahydrateTransferrin receptor protein 1target