Anti-Infective Agents, Local

Substances used on humans and other animals that destroy harmful microorganisms or inhibit their activity. They are distinguished from DISINFECTANTS, which are used on inanimate objects.
DrugDrug NameDrug Indication
DB11073CetylpyridiniumTypically employed as the cetylpyridinium chloride salt, this compound is commonly used as an active ingredient in various over-the-counter mouthwashes, toothpastes, lozenges, and mouth sprays where it is generally indicated for antiseptic actions, gingivitis and plaque prevention, as well as action or prevention against some other oropharyngeal bacterial infections [A24813, L2754, L2755].
DB11105BenzalkoniumWhen used as an active ingredient in products like antibacterial, antiseptic, or disinfectant soaps, topical sanitizers, or cleaning agents, benzalkonium is primarily implemented in its salt form, benzalkonium chloride, where it may often be the only active ingredient present and indicated for the primary purpose of topical washing to decrease bacteria on skin [L1806]. Conversely, when implemented as an excipient ingredient in a variety of multidose aqueous nose, eye, or ear products, benzalkonium chloride is being used as the antimicrobial preservative of choice to facilitate effective bactericidal and fungicidal actions to help minimize the growth of unwanted organisms in the multidose containers [FDA Label].
DB00756HexachloropheneFor use as a surgical scrub and a bacteriostatic skin cleanser. It may also be used to control an outbreak of gram-positive infection where other infection control procedures have been unsuccessful.
DB11125BenzethoniumIndicated as an antiseptic agent. No therapeutic indications for clinical use.
DB12624OctenidineNot Available
DB00027Gramicidin DFor treatment of skin lesions, surface wounds and eye infections.
DB00257Clotrimazole**Topical preparations** Clotrimazole topical cream is indicated for the topical treatment of the following dermal infections [F3088], [F3121]: Tinea pedis, tinea cruris, and tinea corporis due to _Trichophyton rubrum_, _Trichophyton mentagrophytes_, _Epidermophyton floccosum_ Candidiasis due to _Candida albicans_ Tinea versicolor due to _Malassezia furfur_ Diaper rash infected by _Candida albicans_ In some preparations, clotrimazole may be combined with betamethasone dipropionate, a corticosteroid [F3121]. **Oral preparations** The oral troche preparation is indicated for the local treatment of oropharyngeal candidiasis [FDA label]. It is also indicated as a prophylactic drug to reduce the incidence of oropharyngeal candidiasis in patients immunocompromised by conditions such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or steroid therapy utilized in the treatment of leukemia, solid tumors, or renal transplantation [FDA label]. Troche preparations are not indicated for the treatment of any systemic mycoses [FDA label].
DB00406Gentian violet cationFor the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections inside the mouth (thrush) and skin, also for the prevention of transmission of Chagas' disease (as a blood additive).
DB00614FurazolidoneFor the specific and symptomatic treatment of bacterial or protozoal diarrhea and enteritis caused by susceptible organisms.
DB00626BacitracinFor the treatment of infants with pneumonia and empyema caused by staphylococci shown to be susceptible to the drug. Also used in ointment form for topical treatment of a variety of localized skin and eye infections, as well as for the prevention of wound infections. Used against gram positive bacteria. Bacitracin is also used as an inhibitor of proteases and other enzymes. However, specific activity of bactracin's inhibition of protein disulfide isomerase has been called into question.
DB00634SulfacetamideFor the treatment of bacterial vaginitis, keratitis, acute conjunctivitis, and blepharitis.
DB00826NatamycinFor the treatment of fungal blepharitis, conjunctivitis, and keratitis caused by susceptible organisms including Fusarium solani keratitis.
DB00878ChlorhexidineFor reduction of pocket depth in patients with adult periodontitis, used as an adjunct to scaling and root planing procedures. Also for prevention of dental caries, oropharyngeal decontamination in critically ill patients, hand hygiene in health-care personnel, general skin cleanser, and catheter site preparation and care.
DB00898EthanolFor therapeutic neurolysis of nerves or ganglia for the relief of intractable chronic pain in such conditions as inoperable cancer and trigeminal neuralgia (tic douloureux), in patients for whom neurosurgical procedures are contraindicated.
DB01123ProflavineTopical antiseptic used mainly in wound dressings.
DB01718CetrimoniumNot Available
DB01744CamphorNot Available
DB02513ThymolNot Available
DB03255PhenolPhenol is primarily indicated for minor sore throat pain, sore mouth, minor mouth irritation, and pain associated with canker sores. Additionally, phenol is indicated in the treatment of focal spasticity.
DB03843FormaldehydeUse for drying skin before or after surgical removal of warts or where dryness is required.
DB03895Malachite GreenNot Available
DB04209DequaliniumEffective local treatment as vaginal tablets for infections such as fluor vaginalis, bacterial vaginosis, aerobic vaginitis, vulvo-vaginal candidiasis and trichomoniasis. Used as a topical antimicrobial agent.
DB04339CarbocisteineUsed to help relieve the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) and bronchiectasis.
DB04813BithionolNot Available
DB05245Silver sulfadiazineIndicated as an adjunct for the prevention and treatment of wound sepsis in patients with second- and third-degree burns.
DB06795MafenideIndicated for use as an adjunctive topical antimicrobial agent to control bacterial infection when used under moist dressings over meshed autografts on excised burn wounds.[label]
DB06812Povidone-iodineFor topical application in the treatment and prevention of infection in wounds.
DB08604TriclosanTriclosan is used in a variety of common household products, including soaps, mouthwashes, dish detergents, toothpastes, deodorants, and hand sanitizers. It is also used in health care settings in surgical scrubs and personnel hand washes.
DB08958HexetidineNot Available
DB11080Silver nitrateNot Available
DB11091Hydrogen peroxideIndicated to be used as a disinfectant and sterilizer.
DB11121ChloroxylenolThe predominant medical applications for which chloroxylenol is formally indicated for therapeutic use is as an application to the skin for use in cuts, bites, stings, abrasions, and for use as antiseptic hand cleaner [L1992].
DB11155TriclocarbanTriclocarban (TCC), or 3,4,4'-trichlorocarbanilide, is an antibacterial agent used in bar and liquid soaps and body washes [L2685].
DB11218Tea tree oilIndicated for topical use to help protect against infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. No FDA-approved therapeutic indications.
DB11279Brilliant green cationNot Available
DB11304PhenoxyethanolAntimicrobial agent used as a preservative in cosmetics [L2618], [L2619], [L2625].
DB11561AminacrineNot Available
DB11583CetalkoniumCetalkonium is used as a surfactant, germicide, fungicide, mildew preventive agents in silicone-based water repellents, emulsifier, disinfectant, topical anti-infective, and antiseptic antimicrobial for pharmaceuticals. For its chemical properties and its antiseptical characteristics, cetalkonium can be used in a wide variety of products as part of the formulations and it is also determined to be an active antiseptic ingredient in over-the-counter preparations.[T211]
DB12473TaurolidineNot Available
DB13154ParachlorophenolUsed as an intermediate in organic synthesis of dyes and drugs. Local antibacterial agent in root canal therapy, as topical antiseptic in ointments
DB13282BenzododeciniumNot Available
DB13503TyrothricinTyrothricin is used as an over the counter topical antibiotic.
DB13548DibrompropamidineNot Available
DB13705DecamethoxineNot Available
DB13765Mercuric chlorideNot Available
DB13838NoxytiolinNot Available
DB13960BronopolBronopol as an active ingredient is registered as a commercial biocide and preservative in many industrial processes. Registered biocidal uses include pulp and paper mills, water cooling towers, waste water treatment, evaporative condensers, heat exchangers, food pasteurizing plants, metalworking fluids, and oilfield applications [F2317]. In addition, preservative uses include household products (e.g., dishwashing liquids, laundry products), latex emulsions, polymer lattices, pigments, leather and milk samples for analysis [F2317]. Bronopol is also formulated into granular domestic end-use products in the form of cat litter [F2317].
DB14015Sodium bisulfiteNot Available
DB11254HexylresorcinolHexylresorcinol is predominantly employed as the active ingredient in lotions, sprays, or lozenges indicated as a (a) topical antiseptic to help prevent skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes, or burns, or (b) as an antiseptic and local anesthetic for the relief of a sore throat and its associated pain [L2734, L2735]. In addition, hexylresorcinol is used as an active ingredient in various commercial cosmetic skincare products as an anti-aging cream [L2736] while other studies have looked into whether or not the compound could be used effectively as an anti-inflammatory agent or even as an anti-cancer therapy [L2736].
DB13269Dichlorobenzyl alcoholDichlorobenzyl alcohol in combination with [DB13908] is available in over-the-counter products used for symptomatic relief of acute sore throat and postoperative sore throat.[A27155]
DB13373Acriflavinium chlorideNot Available
DB13697AmbazoneNot Available
DB13774MyristalkoniumNot Available
DB11145OxyquinolineOxyquinoline is used as a biocidal component of several over the counter products. These products are marketed for the purposes of inhibiting abnormal biological growth in the vagina and restoring natural pH.
DB13306ChlorquinaldolChlorquinaldol was used historically as a topical antiseptic agent for skin infections.[F4549] It maintains use in European countries as a combination vaginal tablet with promestriene for use in the treatment of vaginal infections.[F4552]
DB05382IodineInvestigated for use/treatment in breast disorders (unspecified) and pain (acute or chronic).
DB14708TosylchloramideNot Available
DB02192Phenylethyl alcoholNot Available
DB03808HexamidineNot Available
DrugDrug NameTargetType
DB00756HexachloropheneD-lactate dehydrogenasetarget
DB00756HexachloropheneGlutamate dehydrogenase 1, mitochondrialtarget
DB00756HexachloropheneSuccinate dehydrogenase [ubiquinone] cytochrome b small subunit, mitochondrialtarget
DB00756HexachloropheneEstrogen receptor alphatarget
DB00027Gramicidin DMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB00257ClotrimazoleIntermediate conductance calcium-activated potassium channel protein 4target
DB00257ClotrimazoleCytochrome P450 2D6enzyme
DB00257ClotrimazoleCytochrome P450 2C8enzyme
DB00257ClotrimazoleCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB00257ClotrimazoleCytochrome P450 2B6enzyme
DB00257ClotrimazoleMultidrug resistance protein 1transporter
DB00257ClotrimazoleCytochrome P450 2A6enzyme
DB00257ClotrimazoleCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB00257ClotrimazoleCytochrome P450 2E1enzyme
DB00257ClotrimazoleCytochrome P450 3A7enzyme
DB00257ClotrimazoleLanosterol 14-alpha demethylasetarget
DB00257ClotrimazoleNuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 2target
DB00257ClotrimazoleHydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 2target
DB00257ClotrimazoleBile salt export pumptransporter
DB00257ClotrimazoleSolute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B1transporter
DB00257ClotrimazoleSolute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B3transporter
DB00257ClotrimazoleHigh density lipoproteincarrier
DB00406Gentian violet cationDNAtarget
DB00406Gentian violet cationSolute carrier family 22 member 1transporter
DB00614FurazolidoneAmine oxidase [flavin-containing] Benzyme
DB00614FurazolidoneAmine oxidase [flavin-containing] Aenzyme
DB00626BacitracinInsulin-degrading enzymetarget
DB00626BacitracinC55-isoprenyl pyrophosphatetarget
DB00634SulfacetamideDihydropteroate synthasetarget
DB00634SulfacetamideDihydropteroate synthase type-1target
DB00634SulfacetamideFolic acid synthesis protein FOL1target
DB00826NatamycinCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB00878ChlorhexidineBacterial outer membranetarget
DB00878ChlorhexidineHistamine N-methyltransferaseenzyme
DB00878ChlorhexidineChloramphenicol acetyltransferaseenzyme
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-1target
DB00898EthanolGlutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 3Atarget
DB00898EthanolGlycine receptor subunit alpha-1target
DB00898EthanolGlycine receptor subunit alpha-2target
DB00898EthanolCytochrome P450 2E1enzyme
DB00898EthanolCytochrome P450 1A1enzyme
DB00898EthanolCytochrome P450 1A2enzyme
DB00898EthanolCytochrome P450 2B6enzyme
DB00898EthanolCytochrome P450 2C19enzyme
DB00898EthanolCytochrome P450 2C9enzyme
DB00898EthanolCytochrome P450 3A4enzyme
DB00898EthanolCytochrome P450 4A11enzyme
DB00898EthanolAlcohol dehydrogenase 1Aenzyme
DB00898EthanolAlcohol dehydrogenase 1Benzyme
DB00898EthanolAlcohol dehydrogenase 1Cenzyme
DB00898EthanolAlcohol dehydrogenase class-3enzyme
DB00898EthanolVoltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit beta-1target
DB00898Ethanol5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3Atarget
DB00898EthanolAlcohol dehydrogenase 4enzyme
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-2target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-10target
DB00898EthanolVoltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1Ctarget
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-5target
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-4target
DB00898EthanolAlcohol dehydrogenase class 4 mu/sigma chainenzyme
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-3target
DB00898EthanolGlutamate receptor 1target
DB00898EthanolVoltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-1 subunittarget
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-2target
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-6target
DB00898EthanolGlutamate receptor 2target
DB00898EthanolGlutamate receptor 4target
DB00898EthanolGlutamate receptor 3target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-4target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit beta-2target
DB00898EthanolG protein-activated inward rectifier potassium channel 1target
DB00898EthanolG protein-activated inward rectifier potassium channel 2target
DB00898EthanolVascular cell adhesion protein 1target
DB00898EthanolEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 1target
DB00898EthanolG protein-activated inward rectifier potassium channel 4target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-7target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-9target
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit beta-1target
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit beta-3target
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit beta-2target
DB00898EthanolVoltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1Starget
DB00898EthanolVoltage-dependent L-type calcium channel subunit alpha-1Dtarget
DB00898EthanolAlcohol dehydrogenase 6enzyme
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit beta-4target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-3target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-5target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit alpha-6target
DB00898EthanolNeuronal acetylcholine receptor subunit beta-3target
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit gamma-1target
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit gamma-3target
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit epsilontarget
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit pitarget
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit thetatarget
DB00898EthanolGamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit deltatarget
DB00898EthanolAlcohol dehydrogenase [NADP(+)]enzyme
DB00898EthanolEquilibrative nucleoside transporter 2target
DB00898Ethanol5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3Etarget
DB00898Ethanol5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3Btarget
DB00898Ethanol5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3Dtarget
DB00898Ethanol5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 3Ctarget
DB00898EthanolVoltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-2 subunittarget
DB00898EthanolG protein-activated inward rectifier potassium channel 3target
DB00898EthanolNeural cell adhesion molecule L1target
DB01123ProflavineHTH-type transcriptional regulator QacRtarget
DB01123ProflavineTetR family transcriptional repressor LfrRtarget
DB01718CetrimoniumCyclopropane mycolic acid synthase MmaA2target
DB01718CetrimoniumCyclopropane mycolic acid synthase 1target
DB01744CamphorCamphor 5-monooxygenasetarget
DB01744CamphorTransient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1target
DB01744CamphorTransient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 3target
DB01744CamphorTransient receptor potential cation channel subfamily A member 1target
DB01744CamphorTransient receptor potential cation channel subfamily M member 8target
DB03255PhenolNicotinate-nucleotide--dimethylbenzimidazole phosphoribosyltransferasetarget
DB03255PhenolSerum albumintarget
DB03843FormaldehydeD-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidasetarget
DB03895Malachite GreenHTH-type transcriptional regulator QacRtarget
DB04209DequaliniumHTH-type transcriptional regulator QacRtarget
DB04209DequaliniumAcriflavine resistance protein Btarget
DB04209DequaliniumE3 ubiquitin-protein ligase XIAPtarget
DB04209DequaliniumcGMP-gated cation channel alpha-1target
DB04209DequaliniumCalcium-activated potassium channel subunit alpha-1target
DB04339CarbocisteineGlutathione S-transferase Ptarget
DB05245Silver sulfadiazineDNAtarget
DB06795MafenideCarbonic anhydrase 6target
DB08604TriclosanEnoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADH] FabItarget
DB08604TriclosanEnoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADH]target
DB08604TriclosanEnoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADH] FabItarget
DB08604TriclosanEnoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADH]target
DB08604TriclosanEnoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADPH] FabItarget
DB08604TriclosanNuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 2target
DB08604TriclosanAndrogen receptortarget
DB08604TriclosanNuclear receptor subfamily 1 group I member 3target
DB08604TriclosanPeroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gammatarget
DB08604TriclosanThyroid peroxidasetarget
DB11091Hydrogen peroxideGlutathione peroxidase 1enzyme
DB11091Hydrogen peroxideCatalaseenzyme
DB11091Hydrogen peroxideAlkaline phosphatase, placental-likeenzyme
DB11155TriclocarbanEnoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADPH] FabItarget
DB11155TriclocarbanCytochrome P450 1A1enzyme
DB11155TriclocarbanCytochrome P450 1B1enzyme
DB13154ParachlorophenolSolute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B3transporter
DB13154ParachlorophenolSodium channel protein type 4 subunit alphatarget
DB13503TyrothricinPhospholipid membranetarget
DB13960BronopolThiol groupstarget
DB11254HexylresorcinolDNA topoisomerase 1target
DB11254HexylresorcinolProtein-glutamine gamma-glutamyltransferase 2target
DB13269Dichlorobenzyl alcoholSodium channel proteintarget
DB05382IodineNADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 5target
DB02192Phenylethyl alcoholParathion hydrolasetarget
DB03808HexamidineHTH-type transcriptional regulator QacRtarget
DB03808HexamidineHTH-type transcriptional regulator QacRtarget