Bone Metastases

Also known as: Bone metastases / Bony secondaries / Bone cancer metastatic / Bony metastases / Osteolytic bone metastases / Metastases to bone / Metastasis to bone / Secondary malignant neoplasm of bone / Secondary malignant neoplasm of bone and bone marrow

DrugDrug NameDrug Description
DB06643DenosumabDenosumab is a novel, fully human IgG2 monoclonal antibody specific to receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand (RANKL), suppresses bone resorption markers in patients with a variety of metastatic tumors and is being investigated in multiple clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of bone metastases. Chemically, it consists of 2 heavy and 2 light chains. Each light chain consists of 215 amino acids. Each heavy chain consists of 448 amino acids with 4 intramolecular disulfides. FDA approved on June 1, 2010.
DB00710IbandronateIbandronate is a nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate in the same class as alendronate and risedronate. Ibandronate inhibits osteoclast-mediated bone resorption. All of the bisphosphonates prevent the breakdown of bone by bone cells called osteoclasts. In persons who are at high risk for osteoporosis, bisphosphonates not only result in increased amounts of bone and bone strength, they also reduce the risk of hip fractures and other bone fractures.
DrugDrug NamePhaseStatusCount
DB12381Merestinib1Not Yet Recruiting1
DB00399Zoledronic acid1Completed1
DB01254Dasatinib1 / 2Active Not Recruiting1
DB01248Docetaxel1 / 2Completed1
DB08913Radium Ra 223 Dichloride1 / 2Active Not Recruiting1
DB09566Radium Ra 223 Dichloride1 / 2Active Not Recruiting1
DB08913Radium Ra 223 Dichloride1 / 2Completed1
DB09566Radium Ra 223 Dichloride1 / 2Completed1
DB00399Zoledronic acid1 / 2Active Not Recruiting1
DB00630Alendronic acid2Terminated1
DB01128Bicalutamide2Active Not Recruiting1
DB05153Cabozantinib2Active Not Recruiting1
DB08875Cabozantinib2Active Not Recruiting1
DB01101Capecitabine2Unknown Status1
DB08899Enzalutamide2Not Yet Recruiting1
DB08913Radium Ra 223 Dichloride2Completed2
DB06688Sipuleucel-T2Active Not Recruiting1
DB12546Strontium chloride Sr-892Completed1
DB00399Zoledronic acid2Not Yet Recruiting1
DB00399Zoledronic acid2 / 3Completed1
DB06643Denosumab3Active Not Recruiting1
DB08913Radium Ra 223 Dichloride3Completed1
DB09566Radium Ra 223 Dichloride3Completed1
DB00399Zoledronic acid3Active Not Recruiting1
DB00399Zoledronic acid3Completed3
DB00399Zoledronic acid4Completed1
DB00945Acetylsalicylic acidNot AvailableCompleted1
DB01225EnoxaparinNot AvailableCompleted1
DB08913Radium Ra 223 DichlorideNot AvailableRecruiting1
DB00243RanolazineNot AvailableActive Not Recruiting1
DB00072TrastuzumabNot AvailableActive Not Recruiting1
DB05773Trastuzumab emtansineNot AvailableActive Not Recruiting1